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October 27, 2006



so this of course begs the question...who will run for this seat? I am sure the pols are licking their chops to get a more aligned and in tow alderman. I am sure 3 or 4 different camps are meeting this weekend to get their bum ready to go!


Isn't it nice that denise resigned right now, she could have waited ten more days and the next person could have been appointed. Instead there will have to be another election that will cost the city $30.000 each election times two-primary and final. Glad she's looking out for the people of Somerville.


Hey, haven't you heard? This city is drowning in money. DPW gets over $1,000,000.00 for new toys and Joey and the Gang all get pay raises. And you're bitching about a lousy $60grand to hold an election?

Teachers, police and fire personnel, youth programs, drug prevention, educational enhncements, senior assistance programs, tax relief, water and sewer assistance, low income housing, small business assistance programs, community development funds and the rest of you will just have to get in line.

DPW toys and the salaries of the elected officials of the City comes first. And don't you forget it.

Like to Vote

spoilsport: Hey why don't we just cancel all our elections and make all offices appointed? That way we won't spend a dime! Are you with me?

If you're serious about saving money, let's use Instant Runoff Voting so we collapse out preliminary and general elections into one. That way we can save money AND keep our power in the voting booth.

Curt and Tony

We were out and about last night and the watering holes, coffee shops and whole food stores across the city were buzzing with the news about Provost. One of the previous posters hit the nail on the head. We saw at least 5 factions plotting their next move for the Provost chair around the horseshoe in the chamber. We can't confirm any of this but the word is that Martinez will get the nod from Provost and Jehlen to fill the vacancy.

The other camps are frantically trying to get any hack they can to commit to running against him. So far no takers. Even Jack Connolly isn't ready to spend a bundle faced with an almost certain defeat. Seems as though Joe and Stan are losing that golden touch.

Do we see the beginning of the end?


After seeing the debacle involving Trant and BC, I wouldn't touch any of the Joe/Stank candidates. I'm going going to back good old Marty because he is going to come aboard and do the right thing. To think that none of these members of the BOA have stepped in and saved the Mayor from himself is unbelievable. They're like the Do Nothing Congress of 1948. The only difference is that the things they do are rubber stamp the Mayor's program's. One program for the Mayor, one job for my wife/kid/brother/ etc.

What a disgrace! Oh yeah, guess who's close with Marty?

Starting to get just a bit stuffy inside these walls...

the whole truth

you have to be none other than the failure of a communications/press employee of DKG... SF. Everyone else in town (including their fellow officers) can't stand SW or ST. They are/were two of the laziest weasels in the SPD. The officers I speak to are glad that ST is gone - even those using him to their bitching advantage

Hate Monger

Will there be a haunted house at halloween for the kids at the SPD ? That "House of Hate" is one scary place !! BOO

Relatively Speaking

whole truth, You must be a relative of Joe's or one of those select few whp pony up to the mayor's ass. Who do you know on SPD? People wouldn't talk to you. Tell me about your work ethic.


Dear Hate Monger,
Wrong again. But by this time you're a pro at that. Get used to the disappointment! Maybe I'm Fergal O'T.

You may be the same clown I addressed before solet me say it again: Leave your name and I'll have straw poll to see who's more popular, you or the other two. No honest cops talk to you.

I haven't heard one person say they were gladhe was gone. Again, where's the proof?


Hey Like to Vote, I'm not against holding elections. I've voted in everyone that's been held since I was eligible.
Why did Denise wait until now is all I'm saying? She's representing Somerville and she feels the need to wait until a week before someone could legally be appointed to that office for the year. Then we'd have an all new regularly scheduled election that wouldn't cost an extra 60 grand. She's mad they wouldn't appoint who she wanted.



I know who is close to Marty, but there is just something about that guy that gives me the willies. I personally couldn't trust him as far as I could throw him. He is an opportunists who I believe would forget all that anyone who voted for him, why in the first place they voted for him.

I'm sure "they" could come up with someone else because I am not the only one that feels that way and as you know, I know a ton of people in this city.

Just my opinion.


No doubt. However, look at the possibilities. Are we going to throw another rubber stamp on the BOA? The potential candidates look like a Hogan's Alley of hacks and has beens that are thrown into the mix so the careful equilibrium on Highland Ave. doesn't get to far out of whack.

Personally, I don't think Denise Provost was a particularly effective Alderman. Nonetheless, I don't think she could be bought off. Do we replace her with yet another person who will stand idly by while people get fired in the Star Chamber? That's the only reason I may gor with MM, because he won't be a rubber stamp.

On another matter, did you read Hate Monger's comments? Another FDR who thinks he can speak for all the people. Again trying to drag SW into somehing he doesn't belong in. Just another muck-raker. Did you notice how he didn't even say he was a cop? No, but he 'talks' to cops. Even if he has a badge, he's nothing but a cop groupie. Get out of the bck seat of that cruiser! Interesting how he tries to tash Trant and SW but he won't touch the BC matter. Why? Because it's indefensible, that's why. Just another collaborator.

I'm in on lunch as well.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Sorry to butt in.................

I'm still chuckling about old Provost. You know she really did stick it to Joe and the Boys. They told her in no uncertain terms that they would not support Martinez if she tried to appoint him. So she did the only sensible thing, she shoved a special election right up their asses thus depriving them of sticking one of their own in there.

I could'nt have done it better myself Madam Representative. Bully for you!!!!!!!!

As for the likely candidates, Martinez is a go, Joe and Stan are still out tonight as we speak trying to convince some poor moron that he can beat Martinez and just between you and me, I hear there is at least two non-aligned likely candidates. But I'll never tell.

Sorry, good night all.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


I liked that too, Dr. They played hardball and she showed them why the Progressives are the team to beat around here. Nice job with the TR reference!


whole truth,

Whether you hate ST or not....where's the proof to fire the guy. Hate is not a reason to fire someone, if it was you would have been history a long time ago!


In regards to Joe being "buddies" with the next Governor, Patrick, who do you thing Deval is going to take advice fron Senator Jehlen and Rep. Denise Provost or the Mayor from Somerville?

My bet are on the two ladies on Beacon Hill.

As far as I know Joe can't cast a vote on Beacon Hil. :)


interesting posts about the special. I am glad Denise didnt let the board appoint some other hack that would give the mayor whatever he wanted. I hear that the mayor and his allies on the board were trying to get a guarantee from MM that he be supportive and not get in the way of projects like Provost so they could appoint him. Clearly the answer was no cause now we have a special election coming. No matter what folks think, in a special with no incumbants, the "progressives" will win this race especially if they are all behind MM who just lost to the wannabe clerk of courts by a couple hundred votes last year. I personally will support him cause I think he will do a great job but here is word to those of you who don't want to: get on board cause he is going to win.

A word to the wise...

To the BOA:

If I were you, I would back Trane for President next year with Gewirtz as VP. It is a certainty that Marty Martinez will walk, and I mean WALK, into the At-Large seat in any special election. Denise has seen to it, you can bet. This will give almost a plurality to the progressives who will now aggressively go for the remaining seats they need to seize control of the BOA in 2007. This means wins in Wards 2, 3 and 5 (and maybe even 7) and very possibly at least one more at Large seat. The players are to be named later. The winds of change are blowing. Just wait and see.
Another thing. The progressives would be well-advised to "reconsider" this pay increase for the BOA members. This will allow them to take the high road with the voters. This issue is going to be a pain for the Board to deal with with the voters otherwise. Bad timing on their part. As far as the mayor getting his pay increase, no problem. He runs a $200 million/year operation and should be paid accordingly. He deserves it. Worst case, it will provide an incentive for others with business know-how to run for the seat. You want the best people, you have to pay the best money.


Mabe we can get rid of TAYLOR at the same time or mabe he likes Marty?

Planet Somerville

Thank you for those "words of wisdom" Bob Trane. We never realized that you got up this early on a Sunday.

And as for the "progressives taking the high road" when it comes to the pay raises? Don't count on it. Provost and Geewhiz both voted FOR the pay raise.

Can someone confirm that White was the only one to vote AGAINST his own pay raise. If that is true, it's a mystery why this guy does'nt fall forward on his face since he has bigger balls than the entire male members of the board combined.

Chuck Sillari for at large

Rumor has it Chuck Sillari is going to make a run for the At-Large seat!!!


Interesting week around the square with the old landmarks leaving. It's strange seeing Park-Snowe's gone. As much of a monstrosity as the thing was, like the twin towers in Manhattan it had become a part of the square. The plans I saw for the new building at the meeting looked okay. More glass and less brick walls along the sidewalk.
So, it looks like the local political season is getting started early with Denise cashing in. Good for her. She's doing it the right way in at least giving the voters a chance to pick a replacement instead of the other aldermen. After the pay increase they voted themselves, the last thing they're going to need is another inside appointment. It will be interesting to see who runs. When I saw that remark about the mayor not being able to get a promise from MM that he would not stand in the way, the value of integrity struck me. MM doesn't need to sell out to anyone.
Speaking of the alderman's pay increases, was Rebecca among those who voted for it? If so, I find that hard to believe since she strikes me as a straight shooter. Maybe she's gone over to the other side. It happens. Maybe it was the dinner with Rocco?
Bill White voting against it doesn't surprise me. I know he's a straight shooter. That bought him a ton of political capital and NOT to run for mayor.
I'll be interested to see what SK pulls out of his bag of tricks to keep the mayor's people firmly in control of the BOA. It seems to me that this influence is slipping away.
Let's see....... If the state senator decides to run for mayor next term, who is Gov. Patrick going to back. Her or the current mayor who got behind him early on? That should make for some fun reading. Someone is going to get tossed under the 88 bus.
Off to 420. Have a nice day everyone.

Born Here

Rebecca voted for the payraise, she just doesn't remember it !

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Born Here,

GOOD ONE. A gold star for you today!

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


I though everyone voted YEA to the pay raise?!?!? Was I misinformed?

Born Here

I would like to accept this Mrs McCarthy Gold Star on behalf of all the little people !!

City Hall Nose

Evidence of a special election gets solidified when Mary Jo Rossetti, current School Committee Ward 7 asks questions regarding a special election to be held for the vacant seat of Alderman-at-Large Prvost.

Does this Administration think they can throw just anyone into the mix to keep MM from winning? We saw what happened when HF’s daughter sought the seat and this Administration put her to the curb. She lost and moved out of town. Why would the current School Committee woman put herself through this anguish?

-- Oh yeah, I forgot, hubby already works for the City. She probably wants him to make more $$$$.

city hall knows

city hall nose, MJR daughter also works at city hall in communications

city hall nose nothing

keep reaching... MJR has been talking about that seat for years. It's a great opportunity for her. My school committee rep is an idiot and I am thankful that MJR is there to make the right decisions. Once again you show you are a lying moron.

Born Here

Ah, the beloved school system....Its about time they got into the mix. The only union that can hold your kids hostage ! When does their contract expire ? You want to talk about crying. They could be sitting pretty, I'm sure Joey and Deval will hug them all.

No Provost

Yahoo provost is finally gone from the boa. perhaps we can have cake at a local school. also perhaps we can have a bake sale and charge for a slice of cake.

Everyone should run

I think the entire school committee should run for the At Large seat. Every single member. I also think the existing Ward Aldermen should all run for it as well. There should be at least 15 names on the ballot when we go into the voting booth for the Alderman at large. Now that would be a REAL election!


They city charter should be changed to eliminate the "At-Large" seats all together. No need for them in 2006.






A-Ha !!


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