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October 30, 2006


What do you expect?

I think this just illustrates how ineffective our representatives are. Including Barrios, Jehlen, Provost, and Sciortino. They're not taken seriously on Beacon Hill and they have no respect and no clout. Also our Administration has no standing with the State. We're quickly returning to previous status as almost a laughing stock. I hope PDS and MVTF are happy now!

Don't worry about nuthin...

Almost a laughing stock??? Are you kidding me? We've been a laughing stock on Beacon Hill for some time now. But don't worry. Once Deaval is up there, all that will change and we'll be taken seriously and the mayor will have the governor's personal cell phone number to call and get these problems straightened out and property taxes will go down and local aid will go up and we'll get things declared a disaster area and the state aid will come flowing in and everything will just be far out. Don't worry about nuthin! Just like the ward 5 alderman said, it's these republican governors that have been messing everything up all this time. Everything's going to work out fine after next Tuesday, you'll see.

Born Here

Lets see, East Somerville has the Union Sq. trash transfer station to the west. Now it will get a sludge plant to the east. Thanks
Can't wait to walk around on a 90 degree day. Now, when everyone flushes their toilets, we all know where its going. Put it next to IKEA at Assy Sq, they'll agree to anything to build thier store....just ask Joe and Stan.

Cambriville News


"All the News That's Unfit to Print."

Cambriville News is following these late breaking news stories:

Mayor Fires Entire Police Force, Will Replace With Former MDC Mounted Police and Middlesex County Jail Prisoners!


Six More Alderpeople Resign, Special Elections For The Next Eight Months! Remainder of Bored Vote Themselves $50,000.00 Salary Increase!


Elections Commissioner Committed to State Mental Facility!


DPW Purchases $2,000,000.00 Bee Keepers Vehicle and $124,000,000.00 Fire Fighting 747 Jumbo Jet! Commish Koty Defends Purchase!


Tricky Fired By Cambriville News Editor! Retatilation Charges Brought By Trickettes!


Senator Jehlen to Begin Book Promotional Tour for New Book: "There is No Good and Evil, Only Power and Those Too Weak To Seek It." Preface by Senator H.R. Clinton


Follow these and other late breaking stories tonight at 7:00 on Cable 16, the Curtatone Channel.

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