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October 25, 2006


Ron Newman

The art installations on Bow Street are part of the Somerville Arts Council's annual Windows Art Project, which runs until November 3.

Joe Techno

"Informational" Picket.

P.S. How is Dr. Mrs. McCarthy, has she been resting at the Little Sisters ?

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Mr. Techno,

Thank you so much for your concern and yes I have been resting. After my near defeat for the nomination for Lt. Governor, I've been holed up at the LSOP, licking my wounds, planning for my race for Mayor, and fine tuning my very own "enemies list". To say nothing of the fact that I twisted my knee at a recent Deval Patrick gathering when Curtatone shoved me out of the way when he was trying to get the next Governor's attention. That boy will just not give it up.

Even though I've taken a short break from my usual ramblings, I have been paying close attention to the Cambriville News' sister paper, The Gaeta Gazette, oh sorry, the Somerville News.

Poor Brick huh? Relentless in his cause for truth, justice and the Cambriville way. God love you and keep you Brickbottom. So many issues at the Police Dept. and so little time before Officer Bob is "Acting" no more and becomes a permanent fixture here in Cambriville.(at least until retirement that is.)

Speaking of Officer Bob, am I the only one to spy our very own Acting Chief on the tele in the commercial against the grocery store wine sales initiative? There he is front and center(and I think on a stepstool) with "The Sherrif" who both seem to think that it's ok for every pol in town to get shitfaced at all the fundraisers and then drive home, but have raised objections to you and I grabbing a nice bottle of Merlot at DeMoulas to go with our burgers.

What a world, what a world.

Well that's it for now my boy. Until the Librium wears offffffffffffff............

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Champion --- First liar of defense

I'm no political insider, but I do read the papers (and i must say i'm not always in agreement with this one) BUT News Talk is 100% right about this guy Tom Champion. He's probably a nice enough guy but it seems he is under the impression his job is either to lie (as both paper's have caught him doing), decieve or to twist the truth in a very bizarre fashion. Tom, how can anybody believe you now?

Planet Somerville

Nobody does.

Champion Needs to be Fired

The clock is ticking Tommy Boy. You'll be like Mark Horan soon, except Mark wasn't a a dickhead like yourself.

Horan was a bum

Champion neeeds to be fired,
while i agree with much of your post i must disagree with your assertion about horan. he was in fact a dic---ad ---- he wasn't very bright but he also wasn't very nice --- well, natasha may disagree.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Evening All,

Just finished watching the debate. No knockouts tonight. But indulge me here, I have just a few observations.

First, and without explanation, all politicians are full of shit. Now onto the four musky tears.

Kerry - still reminds me of a sales clerk at Neiman Marcus that looks down that long patrician nose and sniffs distainfully at you because you have a $50.00 gift certificate your nephew gave to you for Christmas and you're trying to spend it during the 75% sale in January.

She's a bitch. No other way for a good Christian woman like myself to say it.

Cristy - I would love to see this guy win. And I would love to be on his staff. Can you imagine the Monday morning staff meetings with him in charge? Get the depends.

He's a nut. He constantly looks as though he just farted in an elevator.

Grace - Ok Grace, ok I get it. You're poor, you're pissed and you don't like to be on the bottom. I agree with you Honey, I like to be on top myself. But I think you gotta rethink the whole, "I got plenty of nuthin, and nuthins plenty for me." schtick.

She's green.(with envy)

Deval - Can you say Governor Patrick. But don't get too cocky. You're a hottie, you're getting my vote, and you better perform. Or I'll dump your beautiful black ass in four years!!!!!!!!!!!!

See You All Soon,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


My Dear Dr. Mrs. McCarthy,

Thank you for acknowledging my unyielding quest for truth, justice and the Cambriville way!

Yes, I did see that commercial with the Midget, but I believe he was standing on one of his arse kissers not a foot stool.

You also mentioned our esteemed pols getting as you say "shitfaced" at various fundraisers and then jumping into their cars for their drive either home or to continue on with their partying. They should station a Police Officer outside one of these fundraisers to capture these little buggers but I don't think they would have enough cells for the lot of them!

As always your friend,



Better yet brickbottom, they should get someone with a camera to film them as they stumble to their car. You know, like the cameraman at City Hall during the picketing. You'd see a whole lot more teetotallers then.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Oh Brick, Oh Sabot, you two have no faith in me at all.

How do you know I haven't already got some of them on film? Two can play at that game.

Those little disposable video cameras at Walgreens will sure come in handy during my election run in 07. Don't you think????????

Under the Covers,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

champion's a bum

champion is a wanker, don't you agree dr. mrs. mccarthy?

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Dear Mr. Bum,

I'm not so sure I would want to offend that particular part of the male anatomy by comparing it to Mr. Champion.

I will only state that poor Tom has a very difficult time telling the difference between the truth and a lie.

He should be made to write 1000 times on the greaseboard in his office the word "CREDIBILITY" with its associated definition.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Lilly Baker

The commissioner of internal revenue has ordered his agency to delay collecting back taxes from Hurricane Katrina victims until after the Nov. 7 elections and the holiday season, saying he did so in part to avoid negative publicity.

The commissioner, Mark W. Everson, who has close ties to the White House, said in an interview that postponing collections until after the midterm elections, along with postponing notices to people who failed to file tax returns, was a routine effort to avoid casting the Internal Revenue Service in a bad light. ANd stirring up an hornets nest. We want the people to focus their attention on terrorism. "We don't want people thinking they may get drowned killed by natural disasters and republican policies."

“We are very sensitive to political perceptions,” Mr. Everson said Wednesday, adding that he regularly discussed with his senior staff members when to take actions and make announcements in light of whether they would annoy a powerful member of Congress or get lost in the flow of news.

The tax agency has broad discretion to change filing deadlines in the case of disasters and has traditionally eased off tax collections before the December holidays.

But four former I.R.S. commissioners, who served under presidents of both parties, said that doing so because of an election was improper and indefensible.

Halloween Mask

Hey did everyone see on the front page of the somerville news last week. they was a person on the front page of the somerville posing in front of the knock down buildings in davis square had a rebakah gewirtz halloween outfit on. oh my maybe it was rebakah gewirtz herself. anyways happy halloween

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