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October 21, 2006



How many stories can there be about mistake after mistake that Gewritz continues to make before the "progressives" realize that she was not a good choice. I agree that we need to have more open and left leaning officials at city hall but shouldn't they also be competent. As someone who voted for Jehlen and Provost and who always does, I cant understand how Ward 6 can stay with this woman and how progressives can support someone who it is clear is in WAY over her head. Just talkk with her for 2 minutes about any issue and it is obvious that she is oblivious.

news talk uninformed

The Wall of Respect meeting *has* been announced. I've been told by several people and over email lists that it will be held at the Nathan Tufts Field House. Why don't you know? Maybe you don't pay attention. What, you can't even afford a phone call to find out?

Thats a lot better...

Thats a lot better than what most of the other aldermen are doing. In my ward, hardly anything. Other wards around town, Probably not much more.

I can tell you this, many people in our ward have contacted and emailed our alderperson over various issues and have never gotten so much as a peep back. I know several people who have conntacted their alderman and have emailed her while copying the mayor and others and it has been more likely that they hear back from the mayor but not their own alderman.

Why don't we see the other aldermen in the papers. Is there nothing in this town that needs fixing. Is it all working so well we can't shake things up a little to get something done. I doubt it. But hey, if you want to pay me to sit at home and do nothing
I will be a alderman too.

How much do we pay these absantee clowns?

Ron Newman

From the Somerville Arts Council mailing list:

There will be a 2nd meeting about the Wall of Respect to Women mural that was painted over on the side of Brooks Pharmacy. The meeting will be on Wednesday October 25, 2006 at 6:30pm at the Nathan Tufts Field House, which is the structure right on Powderhouse Park by the rotary. All are welcome and encouraged to join in this lively community discussion about next steps in recreating a Wall of Respect.

Kate Cloud, who was very active the first time the wall was painted, will be leading the meeting. Any questions please direct them to either Kate or .

Johnny Protester

Nice to see Maryann is having a party. Where and when is it ? I'm sure many police and firemen would love to show up !

Cambriville News

Sunday October 22, 2006

Cambriville Weather - Liberal Sunshine then Progressively Cloudy

Around Cambriville This Week..............

Condo Ordinance Yanked - Administration spokesperson and 311 voice of doom and gloom, Tom "Manbreasts" Champion, issued this one word press release concerning the withdrawal of the Mayor's condo ordinance change, "Nevermind." No further information was available at press time.

Police and Fire Dept. Firings - In a new tactic employed by the Administration to crush efforts by the Police and Firefighters union for pay raises, the Curtatone Administration today announced that it has terminated without severance all non-officer employees. A citizen advisory panel, co-chaired by DPW Commish Stan Koty, Alderman Bill Roche and Alderman Sean O'Donovan will announce the new hires next week. It is expected that any cost savings by the move will be plowed into much needed new equipment purchases for the much neglected Department of Public Works.

Assembly Square Agreement (B)Reached - The new co-directors of Strategic Planning and Community Development, Wig Zamore and Bill Shelton, have revised the expected revenue increases for the City from the long awaited Assembly Square agreements. Revenues had to be revised due to the following unknown factors at the time of the much ballyhooed agreement. The City must contribute to the new T stop at Assembly($78million), pay off all remaining legal invoices for itself and MVTF($39million) and divert funds ($57million) to the salary accounts to pay for the promised pay raises at City Hall(which now includes Zamore, Shelton, Foy and Tate) and the Bored of Alderman. Residents should not expect to receive any property tax relief until 2058.

Alderman Switches Parties - The move by Alderman Bill White to the Democrats has prompted an outcry from Ward 5 Alderman Sean O'Donovan. When asked why he was so upset by the move, O'Donovan replied, "Listen, I don't understand it and I'm voting against it. I think White should withdraw his registration. Besides, who the hell am I gonna bash at the Alderman meetings when there's no Rebublicans left?" Helen"Doby" Corrigan, chair of the city's Democratic City Committee had this to say about White's move; "Who gives a shit. As long as he's a yeller dog democrat he's welcome. And he's just about my height so it all works out."

Gewirtz Demands Citywide Illumination Adjustments - Ward 6 Alderperson Rebba Geewhiz has formed a citizens committee, headed by annoying city activist Ron"Butters"Newman, to enact legislation that calls for toning down all illuminations across the city. Geewhiz plans to call for all traffic and crosswalk signals to be replaced by candles by the end of the year. She will also call for all streetlights to be converted back to gaslight. "A much more pleasing effect on the complextion", cited the freshperson Alderperson.

Tune into Cambriville Radio tonight at 7:00 PM when Former First Lady Barbara Bush will discuss her new book "Iraq-Nam: My Son's Finest Hour". Co-hosting tonight's program will be Jamie Norton, Bill O'Reilly and Cardinal Sean O'Malley.


Maybe she just needs some time to settle in to the job or needs a little on-the-job training? I mean, it is alderman, not President of the United States.

White collar prisons

The only prisons we need more of are white collar prisons. Lets put these CEOs away! where is my pension plan?

I saw these republican in those orange suits with the free em all deval signs. Those slimy bastards stold your pension. They get company stocks at last years prices and then dump then, as a result it brings the prices down and the pension holders are not allowed to sell! It is agains the rules for the little guy to have those options. Who is screwing who?

Start with Kerry and her gang of thieves and then Arrest em all Deval!

Union Square dude

What are you talking about? Millions of dollars to tunnel under Prospect Hill in order to get the Green Line from Lechmere to Union Square? Maybe you should look at a map. It's a straight shot from Lechmere down Washington St to Union Square. The Green Line would stop there and not keep going under Prospect Hill. A quick cut-and-cover tunnel down Washington St and into the heart of the square might be cheaper than following the Fitchburg rail line, and it would better serve the square. No one at STEP is proposing tunneling under Prospect Hill. Check your facts.

Planet Somerville

Lechmere to Washington Street to Union Square is a straight shot? I don't know what map you're looking at Dude, but that's the crookedest staight line I've ever seen.

Nevertheless, a tunnel is a tunnel is a tunnel is a tunnel. Ain't gonna happen in our lifetime.

Vikki Vale

Ok- Rebekah, darling, please do not run for re-election. You are making a MOCKERY out of the BOA whenever you step out your front door...another bit of wisdom datling: a. Get over the Someday Cafe- go to Starbucks or Deisel and SUPPORT THEM for once. b. Make a list (like a cheat sheet) to keep in your purse for what you have already voted on and how you voted. Maybe its the age, lack of experience, or lack of genius, but come on Chick-get with the program.

And Joan Batzek, Ms Batzek, I say we commission an artist to do a mural of just YOU. The new meter maids suck- let me show you all my tickets-YOU are the one that should be honored. If I could draw a straight line with a ruler I would do it! Love you Joan!!

And to all the little who's in whoville....have a nice evening!

OH- and gaslites- we all better invest in some friggin mag lites and maybe whack 'Bekky' over the melon. (that was not a threat-just a cute little aside).

Nitie Nite

Ron Newman

The Green Line could go to Union Square via the McGrath Highway and Somerville Avenue (not Washington Street), or it could go along the Fitchburg Line, but in either case, it would not involve a tunnel under Prospect Hill.

That's why two branches are proposed -- one to Union Square, the other along the Lowell Line to Medford.

The Prospect Hill tunnel option was rejected (for obvious cost reasons) very early in the current planning process.

Dump Rebecca

Rebecca do yourself a favor and don't run for re-election next year, your making Sean O'D look smart. Your giving a bad name to us progressives,

To Union Square Dude, please a straight line from Lechmere down Washington Street to Union Square?? Did you go to school with Rebecca?

Wig Zamore

Re-sending this comment which for some reason did not get through/posted yesterday.

Regards, Wig


Regarding the last item in News Talk (quoted at end below):

Several years ago, the City of Somerville's preferred alternative for a new Green Line branch was to go to Union Square first and then to tunnel under Prospect Hill to rejoin the planned extension along the Lowell Line to Medford.

I have NEVER heard anyone from STEP argue for this as it would, indeed, be too expensive. Nor have I recently heard anyone from the City of Somerville argue for it - certainly not since the project became more of a reality. No one complained when this tunnel idea was left out of the Beyond Lechmere recommendations.

Many people would, however, like to see an alternative route to Union Square studied, in the upcoming EIR, that would get the Green Line to the heart of Union Square. But that alternative is a no brainer for anyone who understands the connections between land use, economic revitalization and transit. Most effective urban transit follows pre-existing commercial corridors or at least has stations in the heart of historic commercial nodes.

For corridor examples, one can look to the Red Line on Mass. Ave in Cambridge, the Orange Line on Washington Street in Boston or the Green Line branches in Downtown and Back Bay. For good integration of commerce and transit nodes, one can look to Davis Square, Central Square, Harvard Square, Downtown Crossing, Back Bay stations etc.

For out of state examples one can look at the enormous success of transit oriented revitalization along the historic commercial corridors in Arlington, Virginia. Disaster there was averted by local resistance to the hair-brained earlier Federal idea of putting Arlington's Metro connections along pre-existing transportation routes in Arlington that had no commercial history - simply because it would have made those projects a bit cheaper.

As it is exceedingly difficult (and naive) to think that one can easily move a commercial corridor onto a new transit corridor that is poorly chosen, it is fortunate that Arlington prevailed. The spectacular economic development results there speak for themselves. Arlington has completely revitalized its commercial districts and tax base. They now have 3 of the 4 best high schools in Virginia and much more ample funds than before for park space, affordable housing and public safety.

Although they have had intense development of mixed use in designated transit adjacent areas – including new housing – Arlington started with a very public planning process that set aside and protected 89% of their land area and neighborhoods from this scale of new development. Citizens there were much more comfortable with new development once they understood the extent of the areas to be protected.

In Somerville also we will need a very public planning process and extensive community discussion - if we expect to use the Green Line extensions to succeed at both maximizing economic development and protecting quality of life for all of our residents.


"Seems like the group in Union Square, “STEP”, can’t take no for an answer - they keep insisting on having the Green Line go right up under Union Square and the T has been saying now for two years that it’s not going to happen…that would mean many millions of additional dollars to tunnel under Prospect Hill and we all know the success rate on tunnels lately here in the Boston area in both safety and cost factor."

Floormaster Squeeze

Thanks Ron and Wig for posting the facts instead of misinformation.

Planet Somerville

For those of you who can interpret for yourselves what was said at the most recent Green Line hearing, tune into Cable 16 the next time it plays and listen carefully to what some of the STEP representatives had to say about what the T is proposing for a stop in Union Square and what these folks from STEP now want.

I was at the meeting and I watched the replay. There were at least 3 people who identified themselves being from STEP and all three used the words "cut and cover tunnel."

Now that "tunnel" may not be going through Prospect Hill, but it's still a tunnel in my book.

But thanks for the spin anyway Wig.

Ron Newman

They mean possibly a tunnel under Somerville Avenue starting around Target, or maybe even just one from the Fitchburg Line a few yards into the center of Union Square. Big difference from a tunnel under Prospect Hill!

Curt and Tony

Hey Newman, Halloween is coming. Do us a big favor and wear a mask so you won't scare the kids.

Ron Newman


The Mole

A picture is worth your job. Office BC who was attached to the Alcohol Licensing Board that is until after the Police & Fire picket demonstration last week. I guess you could say “Political Retaliation” is definitely part of this Administration as we have seen it in the past 3 years. Office BC was told to go back to the rank and file this week since he was on the picket line. My deduction is that “Welcome Back Cuz” Office AC will be sitting in the chair soon.

Eyes are wandering over to the City Retirement Board as well. Some people on the board aren’t playing “Joey Ball”. E-Board member, Fireman JM, might be out soon and replaced with none other than Skidda from the Highway Department.

Payback’s a bitch guys just watch and see….

The Mole

Eagle Eye

I think the Retirement board job is safe. Good thing its Halloween, all the picketers at Ald. MH party are wearing their masks so Joey cant recognize them. I going as Boss Hogg, as a matter of fact I hear the picketers all bought pig masks...oink oink

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