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October 12, 2006


Congratulations Mortadella Head!!!

Congratulations to the losing ward 3 alderman candidate Lawrence Paolella on his brand spanking new mini-van. We love you!!!


MM buying a house in Ward 5? So he can run for alderman there? Hey, there's an idea. More likely a 3-way trade deal is being brokered, with SOD moving into Denise's vacated BOA at-large seat and the vacancy being filled by a "true community activist."

Curt and Tony, you can say you heard it here first.

I caught the bit on cable last night with the Ward 6 alderman asking for a one minute recess after finding out, in front of the cameras, that the committee had already met regarding the Middlesex Savings Bank sign in the Square. I don't know why she's so up in arms about this. It uses less energy than the Somerville Theater marquee and can serve as a commuunity asset. The bank is entitled to an advertisement or two on it. She's such a Commie sometimes. It must be killing her to see the DTA (or as we always called it, the Welfare Dept.) leaving the square to be replaced by an actual for-profit private enterprise.

And what the heck is so bad about Sessa's being allowed to sell selected Italian wines? The guys there know their stuff and are more likely to pick a good Chianti to accompany their fabulous selection of Italian prosciuttos and mortadellas than any of the local packies.

Speaking of mortadella..... Lawrence is crowding 70. If he wants to buy himself a nice new ride, then let him dammit! The guy just might be the next mayor.

I wish this BOA would stick to issues and never mind these silly resolutions. The only one who spoke with any degree of sense was, as usual, Dennis Sullivan.

Also, SOD, please lay off the stupid desk pounding about booting the republicans. Bill White is, as usual, correct. It isn't about Dems. vs. Republicans. It's about cities vs. suburbs.

Friday the 13th is here and I need to head to Contessa's. Have a nice weekend everyone.

More $$$ from Mortadella!!!

That's great news about LP getting a new car. It means we'll be hitting him up for $500 or $600 in excise taxes vs. the $45 we were getting from him for his old car. This is good for the city. More tax revenues means better schools, fire and police and maybe even some jobs for the mayor's friends and supporters. Too bad there weren't more people like Lawrence Paolella in Somerville. We need all the money we can get!

Compensation Task force

I say we put together a task force that studies how much compensation our cozy friends really get first. Becoming mayor opens the door for you to help developers and then recieve a cushy job later for taken care of the right people. It also gives you the opportunity to get your family and friends employed and provides white envoolpes filled with gooodies around christmass. Until this whole process is studied and brought to light I say we hold off on these raises. I want my tax dollars to be totally transparent.

Curt and Tony


now you've got both of us scratching our heads. Who exactly is the "true community activist"? The carpetbagger Martinez or the alderman from Florida? We don't mind being scooped, but what the hell are you talking about, a three way deal?

Help us to understand please.

New City Manager

As Somerville expands social services and assumes more debt, a city manager government seems to offer the promise of greater efficiency and economy in the conduct of our municipal affairs. Business principles could replace partisan politics as the mainspring of our city government. Such a prospect appeals to many citizens here who are seemingly caught in a spoils system of partisan ward politics that divided a predominantly native-born constituency from a rising Progressive Democratic Party increasingly ethnic, Barney, and immigrant in its makeup. . .

Even our corrupt politicians aren't what they used to be. Corruption once involved a complex, if feudal, set of quid pro quos; today our corrupt politicians rarely even tithe to the people. . . But in throwing out the machines we can also toss out a philosophy and an art of politics that connects to people. It is as though, in seeking to destroy the Mafia, we had determined that family values and personal loyalty are somehow by association criminal as well.

Tammany Hall, at its height, had 32,000 committeemen and was forced to use Madison Square Garden for its meetings. In contrast, when the Democratic National Committee decided to send a mailing to all its workers a few years ago, it found that no one had kept a list. The party had come to care only about its donors. . .

It is assumed by many - particularly in academia and the media - that we are well rid of old-style ethnic urban government and its corruption, replacing it with such modern and progressive tools as city managers and urban planning. The truth is that in the old days one could buy favors, but today you can buy the whole city for the benefit of a few developers and other big businesses. The truth is that many of these corrupt ethnic politicians did more to help the underclasses of their cities than the reformers who replaced them.

It has been a favorite myth of political scientists and historians that corrupt ethnic machines of the Tweed or Curley variety were replaced by progress. A similar myth can surround our own urban gentrification if we are not carerfull. In fact, much of the change may merely transferre the power to corrupt from one ethnic group or economic class to another. The term corruption, of course, is no longer used, but rather revitalization. And it is already happening all over urban America.


Curt and Tony,

First off, I don't think for even one second that the PDS are going to allow to be surrendered even one of their seats on the BOA. MM was a fairly close 5th in the last election, so he rightly should be considered for an opening if one is created. I can personally see SOD wanting out of the BOA ward seat. Too much aggravation from constituents. At-Large aldermen don't have as much of that to deal with. Things like KSS are in the bag, so MM for example wouldn't do much to mess that up.

As far as Denise cutting back room deals goes....... why would anyone expect these progressives to be any different from anyone else. All that social justice and ethics crap that PDS spews out ends when there are seats to be had on Somerville's legislative body. It's about P-O-W-E-R.

I'm telling you, watch wards 2, 3 and 5 next year. All will be solidly in play, and there will be well over $150K spent on these three seats and when it's over, none will be held by people who were born in Somerville or who have been here most of their lives. Just look at how much more aldermanic the Ward 3 alderman has been getting lately. Do you think he's doing that for the fun of it? He's hearing footsteps.

With a BOA composed of a majority of progressives or progressive leaning allies, it won't matter who runs for mayor.

And by the way brickbottom, you'll be happy to hear that I beat the beluga to the lemon squares again today. I'm on a roll!!!

Bill Shelton

City Manager,

That's an interesting analysis, and it's outside of the worn grooves that most of us speak from. I get the feeling that there's more to it. Why don't you call George Hassett and propose working it into a column or two?

Curt and Tony

Person davis

So Martinez takes 5, Sod takes an at large seat.

Who takes 2 and 3?



The body of the Beluga is rotund, particularly when well-fed so if you keep beating him to the lemon squares he might start looking like Flipper!

BTW: Your post was very educational but I think out of all the Wards it would be Ward 3 that would be the most difficult for anyone to unseat the incumbent. But then again he has sold his soul to the Mayor to get re-elected the last time around and his survival will exist on the popularity of the Mayor in the next election.

As for Ward 5 I think a homegrown candidate could win that seat not a "progressive" if they had a shred of intelligence and honesty, but that person would have to start his/her campaign very early. Ward 5 is a hard Ward to figure out.

Have a great weekend!

Yorktown Street

"New City Manager," I have only one bone to pick with you. Expand City services??? To whom? Certainly not to youth, whose department is now a desk in the Rec Department. And there used to be a whole Mayor's Office of Human Services. It disbanded four years ago, and what remains of it is lodged in the Health Department. We are getting fewer services for our dollars, not more.

more rumors

I heard that SOD does not want to alderman anymore and asked MM if he will take his place. I also was told that SOD will not run for an at-large seat and that SOD has already told Bill White that he will support him if he runs for Mayor.


more rumors,

You said: "SOD has already told Bill White that he will support him if he runs for Mayor."

Was that scenario in a dream you had last night? SOD and the Mayor are tight, so don't believe everything you hear or want to make up.

Carl Williams

Just saw on the morning news there was a fire in Ball Sq. ? What happened ? Didnt hear a thing out here in the 'burbs.


I heard that there was a fire overnight at the Urban Gourmet restaurant in Ball Square. Not sure if Engine 4 was in service, my guess is that it was probably wasn't because the mayor continues to keep it out of service for some stupid reason that he doesn't care to share. Hopefully no one was hurt and I really hope that the owners of Urban rebuild because they actually had good food.


another Engine 4....gee, I hope the DPW gets a new lawnmower instead.



You said, "BTW: Your post was very educational but I think out of all the Wards it would be Ward 3 that would be the most difficult for anyone to unseat the incumbent. But then again he has sold his soul to the Mayor to get re-elected the last time around and his survival will exist on the popularity of the Mayor in the next election."

And therein lies the crux of the issue. They said the same thing about Jack in Ward 6. More amazing to me is that Jack always seemed to have a decent pulse on what was going on in the ward. From where I sit, it will come down to who gets the FULL backing of the state senator and her merry band of disciples. TT can only lose in this regard. As far as the sale of his soul to the mayor goes, that could well be what does him in. Ironically so, since word has it that the mayor is in line for big things when Patrick gets the corner office.

It may take a half-yard to do it, but an energetic progressive, maybe someone just out of college, could unseat Tom and it seems that Ward 3 is changing at least as much as Ward 6 has. I can't name names as that would be wildly speculative but I doubt it would be an old-time hack or child of one or a townie with city connections. There aren't any of those left that are interested in elective office in W3 that I know of. Have you ever gone to a ward caucus there? If not, check it out and tell me that Taylor can't be beat. His Brutuses are all around the room. Look at how he was treated by the PDS in the last election.

Ward 2 teeters all the time and Mary Ann's continued incumbency is tenuous. Word I'm hearing has it that she spends more time attending to local constituent issues than she does to her day job at CHA. I don't think she can keep that up forever.

Ward 5 isn't that hard to figure out. Like the others, the real estate price boom has caused the old-timers to cash out leaving a steadily growing band of relatively well-monied new people to displace them. Get these people to vote for you and you're a walk in. SOD has never not had the word "incumbent" next to his name on a ballot there as far as I know. He was appointed mid-term to both seats,replacing SK first on the School Committee and then again on the BOA.

I agree with Harry Roache from another post. Bring back Crazy Mary!!! Butchy the ball eater....... geez, that takes me back a few years.



Well, I guess we are just going to have to sit back and see how all this unfolds. It should be very interesting.

Funny you should mention former Alderman "Jack", besides the Mayor showing up for a few minutes to be seen at our last kids Field and Track meet at Tufts there was Jack working the event like he always did. No sighting at all of the new Alderperson though. I guess saving Someday cafe and and her anti neon light crusade are more important than our children of this city.

God.....Butchy the ball eater! Boy, does that bring back memories. That son of a gun deflated three of my basketballs!!

McFly to Biff

A new lawnmower would be very useful, especially with the winter coming up upon us. Gotta keep that grass looking good even if it is buried under a mother-load of snow and rock-salt.



That doesn't surprise me about Jack. And it doesn't surprise me about Rebecca either. For any faults he may have, Jack C. is a community kind of guy. Rebecca is sort of a rebel without a clause kind of person. She must have gone to Brandeis or one of those types of schools.

Curt and Tony


And don't forget that we absolutley need the forestry truck and cement breakout truck for DPW this winter. Because that's when all the forestry and sidwalk work is done in the city. Champion outdid himself on that interview.


Forestry truck??????? I didn't even know that trees grow in Somerville.

Planet Somerville

Very interesting all the speculation about who runs and who does not next year.

One only has to start with one assumption and the rest is up for grabs. You have to assume that Curtatone gets something he wants from a successful Patrick run for the governors office. If that does not pan out(and I agree with something Mrs. McCarthy said a month or so ago, NOT GONNA HAPPEN), then all bets are off for any new faces pentetrating the defenses of the mob from Highland Ave.

If Curtatone is to be unseated next November, every single anti Joe faction has to agree to set aside their differences, back one rock solid mayoral candidate and three or four non-player players for alderman and stick to the game plan.

But then again, it could all fall apart for Joe if Koty wins a $200million lottery pot and flips them all the bird while leaving Logan on the way to his new villa in Barbados.


Koty DID win the lottery...its called the DPW Commissioner job !!

Planet Somerville


Point taken. But with an appetite like Koty's, the DPW commish job is not the end of the rainbow for him. His years of sucking off the public teat has only netted him a house in Winchester(how passe) and free expense house accounts at all the major watering holes in the city. Plus a garage full of empty white legal size envelopes.

Make no mistake about it. Something better comes along, Stanley will grab onto that faster than Champion snatching the last donut off the conference room table after the senior staff laugh fest.


I have a feeling that there was close to $200 million in those "little white envelopes".

Cambriville News

Friday October 13, 2006

Readers Poll................

If the election for Mayor were held today, who would you vote for:

Mayor Joe Curtatone

Tony LaFuente

Alderman________________(fill in the blank)

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

ABC(anyone but Curtatone)

BBM(bring back Mike)

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

The crossing guard at the Kennedy School

Former First Lady Barbara Bush

Jamie Norton

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

One vote per reader please.
This online poll will close at 7:00pm(CCT)

Cambriville News

Friday October 13, 2006

Reader Poll Now Closed................

And the results are in.

By an overwhelming margin, Dr. Mrs. McCarthy has won the Cambriville News readers poll.

Readers of the Cambriville News were asked one question in the poll. McCarthy won the poll with 99.9% of the respondents saying they would vote for her for Mayor if the election were held today. The crossing guard at the Kennedy School came in a distant second.

Saturday in Cambriville Political Poop...........

Muffy Healy On Clean Election Tactics with Special Guest Commentary by Stanley Koty.

Jamie Norton on Dr. Mrs. McCarthy Readers Poll Win

Tricky On Autumn Composting - "Don't Try and Worm Your Way Out of This."

Brickbottom on "The Thin Black and Blue Line."

wicked awesome

Don't you just love Somerville? By the way for all you so called PDS'ers .... In the last 5 years seen a 35% change in population and of that 20% are "Bedroom residents" and don't give a shit about what's going on here. Joe Curtatone is Mayor as long as he wants it, there isn't anyone that can beat the Curtatone/Koty machine, They are not croocked, stop the hate and go to church, Jesus will forgive you PDS"S anti God belivers. Oh, yes I just moved my family here to Somerville 3 years ago in Ward 4.

Where's Bernie?

Where's Bernie? Does anybody know who Bernie is?

Roscoe Conklin

New City Manager, very good analysis on urban politics. I see the movement towards City Managers and Urban Planners as another problem for cities. Granted Irish politicians from Tammany Hall and other machines were corrupt but didn't people have jobs and security. Thats what Technocrats seem to forget. Machines came about as a result of oppression from the ruling class. Ethnic groups like the Irish and Italians used them as a way to provide to their people. Technocrats have no clue on what the people want and need. I remember back in the day when a working class person could own a home and raise a family in a city. Now we have people from Wisconsin who went to Tufts coming in and telling us what to do based on some book they read. Even worse are people who move to a city in order to run for political office to push their ideologies over the people who actually live there. I would take an old school politician over the policy analyst or planner anyday, at least I knew the politician had roots and a stake to the city. They grew up on the streets and knew everyone by their first name. They would sit down at the diner and talk to you and then go out of their way to make sure problems were fixed. These urban planning bozos are concerned about their careers more then the city. What real stake do they have besides collecting a paycheck and build a resume. They are a form of tyranny in their own right.


I liked the comment from Roscoe Conklin, he speaks the truth, these are not people from our neighborhood, they were not brought up here.

somerville resident for 31 yrs

Right on Mr Conklin. I've been reading the comments on this website for a few months now and I completly agree. I've watched Somerville move from a working class neighborhood with some college students to a place where we can barely afford to live. I have nothing against newcomers to Somerville. In the neighboorhood I grew up in we had college students in and out every year. We were just resigned to the fact that the "rude kids" would move in in Sept and move out in May. Now even the college students cant afford to live here. And I would take them over the yuppies we have now. I would rather deal with thier rude and blatant disregard for our community than live in a place where I dont even know my neighbors anymore. At least some of the kids were friendly. I get the feeling that us natives make our prime and proper neighbors a little nervous with our Boston accents and street smarts. Try to say good morning to them, i think they think its a threat or know "Good Mohnin" Maybe they just dont understand the accent. So i agree Mr. Conklin, give me an old school politician over a newbie anytime. Someone who actually gives a shit about this community, or whats left of it. It's too bad, i too rememeber when you could raise a family in Somerville. I was raised here and I would love to raise my son here. But because of the soaring rent increases, I will probably have to move out. Move out or starve. I'm sure that will make my unfriendly neighbors much more comfortable.


I love how some "born and raised" residents blame the new people or yuppies for changing this city in a bad way. It is the new people who have moved here who have helped to improve this city and make it more desireable. Yes it is true that it is incredibly unaffordable to live in Somerville but its the politicians (95% of which are born and raised here) who have not done enough to make the city more affordable or sustainable. U cannot hope a city stays accessible, u have to work at it. Don't blame folks who have moved here and bought shitty pieces of property and houses for hundreds of thousands of dollars and improved them for the lack of affordability in this city. We can either work together to make it better or just fight over whose fault it is while it never changes!

I Love the New Somervillians

I never thought I would live in Somervile for as long as I have, but I think the new crop of residents are great. I intend to move north of Somerville so my kids can have a yard to play in and the new crop of residents will buy my house for a good sum. Not only that, but they're good people as well.

Thanks for everything!

somerville resident for 31 yrs

I suppose the "new" Somerville would be easier to take if the "new" population didnt act as though the natives here are stupid apes. Just glancing through this website and the comments on it, some of the people making these comments should be ashamed of themsleves. It appears as though you guys have won anyway so everything i say is really a moot point. Have fun with our city, i'm sure you'll all do and say as you please.

somerville resident for 31 yrs

and realitycheck, keep loving it sweetie, i would take dumpy Somerville over yuppie Somerville anyday. At least the people back then were real and there was a sense of neighborhood. I'm not really blaming anyone for anything, just expressing my dismay over the state of the neighborhood I used to love. If you want to make it a debate, go for it. I'm sure you and all youre buddies will have a ball talking shit and acting like youre smarter than everyone else.


I will keep loving Somerville..its why I chose to move here, buy a house here, raise my family here and work to make it a better place than it used to be. There is nothing desirable about a city that was dirty, corrupt, have a lot of racial issues and was at the bottom of most indicators of health or wealth. The city had improved and until people like 31yr residnet understands that and tries to help it, it will only improve without them. I know many "yuppies" who love their neighborhood and their neighbors...they want to live in a city that is supportive and open minded and unfortunately there are too many people in the city who want to blame the new people for every fucked up thing in this city. It just doesn't work that way.

New vs Old

New vs. Old, what does that mean? People are people, we all require the same needs to survive. When people talk about "old Somerville or New Somerville" what are they trying to say? Somervillians should be concentrating on the NOW! Yesterday has come and gone, and tommorow hasn't come. Residents should join together to improve our police department, fire department, educational system, and DPW. The city has to join hands together to be able to see results. Somervillians need to join hands and march toward success.



You stated:

"There is nothing desirable about a city that was dirty, corrupt, have a lot of racial issues and was at the bottom of most indicators of health or wealth."

You sound like you are talking in the present not the past. How long have you lived here?


I was talking abotu the past...been here about 12 yrs....

I'm outta here!!!

I'm moving north... where the air is fresh, the grass is green and the people are white. Good riddens!!!!!!

It *is* funny

Um, actually, it's "good riddance" and yes, you really should go.

somerville resident for 31 yrs

yeah, LATER, leave soon. we don't need youre type around here at all.

Macs are better than PC's?

Can you tell when their is a wolf in sheep's clothing? Can you tell if a cynic and hateful wants to become a progressive and to run for office? Are the greens for a full court or two half courts

Does it matter if Pesticide use keeps on going up, and farm workers are paying the price for the spraying when farm workers can't vote and don't have a voice? Of course it matters if you want to make a profit without elitist liberals getting involved in YOUR business! do you think relations are slowly thawing -- As glaciers and ice shelves melt, the existential danger posed by global warming has become impossible to ignore. "Or has it!" says the Exxon funded think tanks. What is a cradle-to-cradle house, and are you PC or a Mac? Is there now a spread of environmental concern among evangelicals? Can the left steal their vote back? What do you think the true will of the people is when ford loses billions and billions of dollars in sales every day to others?

But really, what is a C2C house?

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