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October 25, 2006



The new Three Musketeers! "All for One, As Long As that One is Me!"

How much do you think we paid for Joe's plasma TV in the background?

Don't forget to thank the Patrolman's Union and the FEW standup Superiors who attended last weeks picket. They caused such a headache for the city that this contract was hammered out overnight to head off the coupe by a sharp sergeant.


I wonder why they all didn't look up and smile for the picture????

CF looks awful comfortable sitting he's been there time and time again.

charlie the Lawyer

you referring to Charlie the lawyer/police captain/developer/asskisser/desk cleaner?
Because if you are he does look very comfortable there doesn't he?

Been There, Done That

He does look like he's been there before. It's probably his first time ABOVE the desk, however. Speaking of desk... no it couldn't be. Could it?

Question Fred

So what does the contract say? How much store did we give away? Anyone have a link to the real information?

City Hall Nose

Sabot, that is one of TWO (2) HD Plazma TV's the city has purchased to the tune of $4,000. Does anyonoe know where the second one is?

Oh, BTW, my water bill and taxes have gone up preventing me from making a luxury purchase such as the Plazma HD TV.

Ear on the Street

The price of plasma is coming down. Just like this house of cards. All jokers too.


Nice flat screen tv joe... Too bad you can't put adequate numbers of patrolmen on the streets, yet you can where lavish suits and buy flatscreens on my tax dollars. Your just like Deval Patrick. Your a tax and spend liberale... people catch on to that.

Yorktown Street

"Head off the coupe": why? Was it driving the wrong way?


Nice job Yorktown Street. I caught it just after I hit Submit.

Lets draw a clear line here


Democrats tax and spend but they spend on programs to help regular people and work to put policies in place to help the majority of the people in this country. Republicans work to put policies in place to help well connected affluent people and work to help businesses become monopolies. Watchdogs vote for democrats while Republican candidates and elected oficials more often become corporate lap dogs that are bought and paid for by one industry or another. I know what you are saying, It does take businesses to make the country run. After all, businesses give jobs to regular people like you and me(or people on work visas who work for less); but does it take Enron like businesses to make things run?

And why are we all making a lot less compared to what everything costs or especially compared to what the upper rich class of people now make? Why are all the Forbes richest people now billionaires instead of millionaires while we are no more better off than we were 20 years ago?

I don't want to see tax dollars wasted any more than an honest Republican but I think the scales are unfairly balanced and more effort is being wasted in helping a group of people have lost touch with what it means to work for living.

And on that thin line stands the middle class

Clear line, you don't have to look far to find out why there has been such a divide created between rich and poor. It's called class warfare, and the Democrats are just as good at creating it as the Republicans are. The casualties in this war, unfortunately, are the middle class.

Every society throughout the course of history that has destroyed its middle class has gone down the tubes. I think we're heading for the same thing if we don't do something soon.

I read an article recently that said that in 1968 there were 64 lobbyists in Washington, DC. Today there are over 30,000. Seems there's something a bit wrong there, even if the higher number is an exageration. The point is, special interests are controlling the agenda.

Just my opinions, but to make it a simple case of "Democrats help the poor and Republicans help the rich" does little to address the real and bigger issue of class warfare that has been going on.

28 men out

thanks for the support. By Joe taking you guys out, is only going to make the rest of us stand stronger. The pickets are gonna get bigger and louder.

Hasnt Ben Soberr

Hey....what is Vinnie Piro's cut of this deal? We wants to know.......

Long Live Howard T. Winter....The only TRUE GANgSTER around......


Take heart, folks! There will be a new mayor soon. Joe will leave with Governor Deval. Plan for the future now and groom your candidates because it's going to be a free for all. And just remeber during the next picket as you look at the people on your left and right, Trant would have had your back. He would be standing there with you.

The Mole

Sabot, you are totally accurate in your presumption about Joe leaving with Deval. I cannot see Deval doing this but politics is politics.

You will see an adjustment once again in the make-up of the BOA come this November. They will once again break the tradition of nominating the current Vice President of the BOA as President for the forthcoming session and slither none other than Roche back in as President so, if and when Joe leaves, Roche is back in the chair.

The BOA has already set the wheels in motion making sure they have the votes needed to screw Alderman Trane. O'Donovan, Roche, Desmond, Taylor, White, Heuston and Sully will cast their votes for the White Haired rat.

The Mole

Sabot, I think this thread would be great to talk politics......

as the above photo is nothing more than a political photo-op to use against the two unions demonstrating for a new contract.

Choo Choo Charlie

Can't solve the Traffic and Parking theft, throws out a desk with MORE THAN $31,000 AND drugs in it, but can find time to negotiate a new contract.

The picketing unerved Joe and Chalie has an opponent threatening to bump him out of his union gig so Joe settled with those guys. During the 'informational meeting' Charlie had people vote on the contract. To each their own, but Charlie loves Charlie and Joe must keep his pawns in place.

Once upon a time there was an engineer
Choo Choo Charlie was his name, we hear.
He had an engine and he sure had fun
He used GOOD & PLENTY candy to make his career run.
Charlie says "Love my GOOD & PLENTY!"
Charlie says "Really rings my bell!"
Charlie says "Love my GOOD & PLENTY!"
Don't know any other Charlie that I love so well!

Ring your bell, Charlie!

Johnny Protester

Too bad Joey can't parade Deval around town. There are busloads of picketers just waiting. Walk him through Cambridge Joey.!!


The second plasma tv is in the commitee room on the second floor.

chairman of the board, blue eyes

George Bush, Karl Rove and the Republican National Committee start their really dirty tactics next week. You got a taste of it this week when Rush Limbaugh viciously attacked Michael J. Fox -- accusing him of faking the effects of Parkinson's disease. But next week it's going to get much worse. Desperate Republicans will be throwing everything they have at us.

During this last week the Republicans launched a race-baiting ad in Tennessee. Republicans also used a recent New Jersey Supreme Court decision to scare voters away from supporting equal rights for gay and lesbian Americans.

If you thought they were already at the bottom, be prepared: the Republican attack machine will go lower next week.

The goal of these last minute Republican smears is to disgust voters with the whole system and drive down turnout. It's calculated, cynical and undemocratic. But all too often, it works.

The Republicans oppose an increase in the minimum wage. They don't want Congress to check or balance President Bush. And they are terrified of ethics reforms which could cut off their fat cat donors and expose their corruption. So expect the attacks to get worse over the next few days.

The MIDGET doing TV Ads?......I just lost my supper....

and it wasn't pretty. Pro Question One supporters has scraped the bottom of the barrel and are using the ACTING midget in their TV commercials! How low budget can they get? I wonder where they got the booster seat at? I wonder how many people had to beg to allow him to get some exposure to try to mend his abysmal record as ACTING CHIEF!

Our crime rate is at an all time high, the police union is picketing, the deskgate( 31 grand and jewels) and trafficgate( at least ten grand) cases are now but a distant memory with no arrests. The "House of Hate" is an environmental mess with officers getting sicker and sicker with every passing day. The drug use and suicide on his watch by our youth is/was at an all time high. Cops are getting fired for nothing less than being in the way of the powers that be from making money. Officers are getting demoted because of their American right to assemble and picket a corrupt administration.

And I won't even get into this morons personal life!

The police department is in shambles because of this incompetent.

Please, if I am forgetting anything, and I'm sure I am, please feel free to let me know.

Sorry Dear Dr. Mrs. McCarthy I have to vote no on this one if they are going to use this imbecile for their spokeperson.

You have got to be kidding me!!!!!!

The MIDGET doing TV Ads?......I just lost my supper....

In my haste....between barfs...I mistakenly wrote "Pro", make that "Anti" Question One Supporters!

The MIDGET doing TV Ads?......I just lost my supper....

And of course my vote would be YES. So Dear Dr. Mrs. McCarthy not to worry!


The State of New Hampshire sells beer and wine in all of there store except of course at the state controlled liquor stores.

Is there crime rate comparable to ours?

Johnnies Foodmaster on Beacon St. has been selling beer and wine for as long as I can remember.....any problems there?

I hope people forgive me in regards to the above posts but seeing that little weasel on TV is enough to make anyone off balance for a moment!!!

To: Chairman of the Board

Dear Chairman,
Please don't lecture us about Republican smear tactics after the absolutely horrendous remark I heard today from John Kerry. He has once again dissed every service member, veteran, and military family in this country! Also, the correspondence coming to light in a new book regarding Ted Kennedy making plans with the KGB to oust politicians in this country. They are both beyond despicable. How come the major media outlets aren't covering THESE stories???

jamie vincent

I'm afraid I'm going to have to vote against wine in grocery stores - I don't care who's in their commercial. #1, adults work in liquor stores, teenagers work in grocery stores. #2, easy availability is much too much of a temptation for kids. #3, you know that next go-around they'll be back to add beer to the mix. #4, They'll also be back to add to the locations allowed to sell. #5, look at our state's record re: drunk driving. I just don't think it's a good idea, and see no legitimate reason for it.

Curt and Tony

Is the Mayor actually signing the agreement(probably in invisible ink) or is he just gazing at his reflection in the glass top table?

Hog Hannah

Joey is busy with his football job.

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