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October 27, 2006


Everything Old is New Again

Funny, the cable went out just before the vote. Now that hasn't happened before - or has it?? It's the October Surprise!!

Ron Newman

$40,000? Seems more than a bit high. What were the raises for the BoA and the School Committee?


The agenda for last nights meeting did not appear on the City's web site. If it appeared, it was later that usual.

The audio and video broadcast for the meeting was all distorted.

And lo and behold, an after 2:00pm item(they usually don't appear on the published agenda) submitted by the man who will benefit the most,his Dishonor, the Mayor, concerning his very own pay raise. Also voted in was a hefty raise for the Board of Alderman and School Committee.

Don't complain. This is the type of man we have representing our City. Makes me want to puke.

What a JOKE!!!

I heard that the Aldermen approved Curtatone's pay raise to the amount of $110k per year and then Aldermen Taylor decided that $110k wasn't enough so he proposed an additional $15k to bring Joey's salary to $125k. RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!


Let's see Manboobs Chunkman explain THIS!

Freddie Mercury

The Lovely Dr. Mrs. McC.
Daring, I know you love music, so here is a song to ponder.
As sung by mouthpiece TC
"We are the manboobs my friend, and I'll keep on spinning till the end. Oh we're getting pay raises, we're getting pay raises. No time for Koty cause we listen to manboobs"
Send all donations to City Hall to help pay the administration. Hey, they already emptied the T&P and evidence desk....



I'm sure Manboobs ALWAYS has time for Koty.

BTW, when was the last time you think either of them saw their own, uh, feet?


If that's true about Taylor giving Joey an un-asked for bump, I've got one word for him, ASSWIPE!


You have to be kidding!!! I'd like to give myself a raise..


Now can he afford the car payments?

Thanks a LOT Tom!

Thanks for being so free with MY property tax money alderman Taylor. I'm sure you will earn every cent of it.


it is no wonder Taylor gave Joe that pay raise-it probably has nothing to do with payback for defending himand helping him get off of those charges he was investigated for a couple years ago. Another Alderman Bought off by Joe........

Good luck in the civil suit Tommy Boy

Curt and Tony

We disagree. We think Tom Taylor has been very useful to the Mayor's wallet.


Too bad Aldermen Taylor wasn't as concerned with getting Engine 4 back (since it covers his Ward) as he was with getting more $$$ put into Joe's wallet. I'm sure the voters of Ward 3 are just thrilled with all of your efforts Tom. You should give yourself a big pat on the back.

How about a Local Binding Referendum

Is it possible to launch a local binding referendum to roll back the Alderman's pay increases pending a more open process? If they can do it for SDP why can;t itbe done for regular taxpaying jamokes who feel betrayed by people they voted for to represent them who seem only interested in representing themselves and their own wallets.
Lawrence Paolella's plan to revise the City Charter is looking more and more appealing.
Enough is enough!!!

Tiny Tim

Tom Taylor is a coward. I'm sure there was a back room deal and Tommy Boy has a favor coming from Joe. Guess what, Somerville IS NOT Boston. I agree the Mayor deserves an adjustment, but not a 50% increase.

Somerville voters have a right to know!!!

I have always voted for Tom, even last time. I felt bad for him and what he was being put through before which was totally unjustified and ridiculous. But this latest thing is even more preposterous. I feel like he has betrayed us, his long-time supporters. If this is the "price" of politics or having the mayor back you up when you don;t even need it, then maybe it IS time to vote him out. Maybe he's been in there a little too long, just like Jack Conley was. I hope someone, anyone, runs against Tom Taylor next year. They have my vote and Tom will NEVER get it again!


Tom will do anything and I mean anything to keep his position on the board. I would have love to have been there when he begged Joe for help in the last election....that even surprised me. He sold his soul to the devil and will pay for it in the next election. We just need a viable candidate (no not Lawrence P., he doesn't have a chance even though Ward 3 is probably the most liberal in the city) to take a chance and go for it. Lawrence P and his buddie Bill S. = MVTF which equals defeat in Ward 3.

Tom has been what..the Alderman of ward three for the past eighteen years and during that time he was the one that people thought was too liberal and was a progressive before that word was even coined.

But the truth of the matter is this guy is really and truly in it for the money. Do you see the way this guy dresses? He makes chump change in the private sector and he needs that kiss in the mail from the city and the benefits that go along with it. If he is voted out of office he will be stemming down in Union Square!


Mabe he will pay his bills, he must now owe a fortune. But I forget he only really drinks! at Good Times. S.P.D just stop the Red Convertable with the fool behind the wheel

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