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October 14, 2006



Did not your very smart mayor? Give away a almost new police car for just about 6 grand only now having to pay out six times more to now replace it. He should get a pay cut untill he pays for one car.

Smokey The Bear

Thanks for getting that new "forestry" truck for the DPW. "Only you can prevent forest fires". By the way George Hassett, you left out what the Fire Dept. got from the capital bond....They got pen used for signing the bond shoved up their a$$ !!


If the fire department wants engine 4 back in service they should slap a big DPW logo over the fire department logo on the fire can bet your ass it will be in service all the time. Hell, the mayor would probably purchase a new engine 4 if it had a DPW logo on it.

Rodney King

"can't we all just get-a-long" ?

The Mole

To Rodney, do you see a frigg'n pot of gold at the end of this rainbow in Somerville?

We are not a part of your Rainbow Coalition. The old pot of Gold is in the pockets of this Administration. And it is coming from us, the Citizens.

Mole Fan

Lets have some juicey Boss Hogg dirt !!!
The Jobs for Joe wagon rolls on...

Where's Bernie?

Where's Bernie? Does anybody know who Bernie is?


Does the mayor think that buying police cruisers for the police department will give him positive press? Equipment and training is something that the officers need to perform their duties. Big fuckin DEAL! If BoSS HoG needed a dump truck to cart his fat ass around, I'm sure he'd get it. I am starting to think that Joe's jealous of the cops. I am sure he will do the right thing. The last thing he wants is to be weak on public safety.

Bernie works in records, at the SPD

I think when people say Bernie they are refering to that girl that works in records at the SPD. I heard she is real bitter and has a big chip on her shoulder. I also heard she is abusing her position as VP of the Union to push her own agenda. I guess the word is getting around the station that she isn't fooling anybody.


For answers on 'Bernie' see Cop Fired, but why?

Where's Mr. Important when we need him???

This following item was in Brett Arends column in the Herald. It all sounds great, a veretable Utopia for Massachusetts, but what I want to ask is "Who is going to pay for all of this"???
Read this below from Arends to see all the stuff Deval Patrick wants to do but he doesn't say how it all is going to get paid for. All I know is if he gets in and the legislature is on the same side as him and they borrow us into the poor house, we'll all be heading for Vermont to hug our trees since their will probably be a tax on doing that in Taxachusetts Part Two (or Part "dos" since we'll have to speak Spanish).
I wish people with the big Sullivan signs in their yards (he won already) would put up Healey Hillman signs. It sounds great, but I don;t know if I can afford these liberals. Just read what Arends wrote that I clipped below...............

There’s more money for local aid, so towns can cut property taxes.

And for teachers, to provide better pay, a longer school day and smaller classes. For after-school activities, and for pre-school.

And for skills and jobs training - and he’ll borrow hundreds of millions, maybe more, for UMass and community colleges.

More money for preventive health care, immunization, HIV, drug and alcohol abuse programs, cancer screening, even nutrition counseling.

He’ll “guarantee catastrophic coverage” for everyone not yet covered. And expand affordable health care. And the Prescription Advantage program.

More money for subway and rail, bridges and roads. And to replace all the state’s cars and trucks with hybrids, or other green alternatives. (Segways?)

More money for the water system.

He’ll “eliminate homelessness.” Indeed.

That means more money for public and affordable housing, and shelters “with onsite services.”

Subsidies for first time homebuyers, with employers as the bagman.

And another $5 million annually for the “Soft Second Mortgage” program.

A thousand extra cops . . . and “more and better skills training, education and substance abuse programs” for prisoners.

More money for housing, personal attendants and long-term home care for the disabled. More money for the CommonHealth, Home Modifications and Community-Based Housing programs.

And for special needs schools, and community-based care for the elderly.

And for “greater credit counseling” - for those who can’t stop spending, presumably.

It’s quite a list.

There’s just one thing missing. That figure you usually find at the bottom of the invoice.

Deval Patrick hasn’t given us a budget.

Or even a good-faith estimate.

Or even a ballpark figure.

When I pressed them last week, his team could only provide cost for three items - extra cops, more kindergarten and removing school activity fees. These alone totaled $187 million.

It’s astonishing he has come this far without being pressed harder on specifics.

The candidate does, at least, admit that he may not be able to do all of these things all at once. No kidding.

And he says he has “no interest” in raising taxes - but won’t go further.

Instead, he says, the money will come from “economic growth” and $735 million in “cost savings.”

I’ll believe the savings when I see them.

As for growth: After inflation, that’s only going to raise revenues by a few percent a year. And the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation believes most of that is already committed.


Did anyone notice how sneaky this city has become. I woke up one morning and noticed that the street cleaning signs have been changed to now include December and not end in November.

If it snows in December are we still going to get our steets swept? Are we stll going to get a ticket? Another sneaky attack on our citizens to generate more "tax" revenue.

It's bad enough that they have Traffic and Parking meter maids cruising at all hours of the night attaching tickets to cars for some arcane rules like parking "left wheel to the curb" but there has to be a little common sense when it comes to street sweeping in December!

BTW: When was the last time that you saw your nearest sewer being cleaned out? I remember they used to clean them out on a regular basis.

When was the last time that you saw any trees being pruned back from the houses on a street to prevent them from interfering with the power, telephone and cable lines entering your house. I just had to have my powwer line changed because the tree in front of my house cut into it and left us with no power.

It was a disgrace to see number of kids participating in the last kids Track and Field day at Tufts. We used to have that many kids come just from Licoln Park. The parks are now wastelands during the summer because this city saw fit to limit the number of park leaders and activities they brought to each part of the city. That just shows you how much this administration cares about our kids.

When was the last time you saw this city take any interest in the history of our city. Just look at the "Round House', the historic graveyard on Somerville Ave. and of course the Prospect Hill Tower which is such a hazard that it is only opened once a year, that place needs a serious uplift.

I could go on and on. But I guess when Boss Hog controls the city you get what you get!


wicked awesome

use to be with Patrick, voted for him in the primary but not now that i found out he wants to license Illegals and let sex offenders out of jail. D. Patrick is dangerous, go to his web site and ask then call his headquaters and ask if its true.

wicked awesome

use to be with Patrick, voted for him in the primary but not now that i found out he wants to license Illegals and let sex offenders out of jail. D. Patrick is dangerous, go to his web site and ask then call his headquaters and ask if its true.


wicked awsome,

Keep following the sheep over the cliff!
Does your attention span amount to a sound bite?

It *is* funny

The other paper scooped that Bill White has switched parties and become a Democrat. Finally he's come over to the right side -- but what's in it for him? Hmmmm????

Ron Newman

Although I like the reporter for the other paper, she has not lived here long enough to correctly spell the name Frank Sargent.

City Hall Nose

Well, I guess we can figure out WHY the Mayor is giving his aide such an increase. If you have been following the Mayor’s trips to FRIT, 311 Gaeta and all the rest, the Mayor has no funds to pay for these trips. The words coming from the walls here at City Hall were that J.D., the Mayor’s aide had been paying for them on her credit card.

So I ask you, since these trips had to deal with City traveling, receipts must be had to provide reimbursement. Ten to One would show J.D. was reimbursed for all travel expenses. This being the case, all that travel would fall under the “Public Information Act” and subject review from the public. No wonder why she is getting such an increase. You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours.

When was the last time an outside Auditing Firm came into the City to do the books? I guess that wouldn’t work because they wouldn’t be “independent”, they would be contributors to the Mayor’s campaign funds.

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