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October 23, 2006


The Mole

Well I’ll be dipped, more toys for Stankly and Engine 4 is still out of service and these yo-yo's are adding more shit to the fleet so Boss Hog and Joe can add more walking shit to their work force.

Desmond says what he says because the City now employs his son. Roach won't say a word because his entire extended and family are on board. None of the recent hires have their CDL's and are getting paid for the grade of such.

Suck us dry Joe till there isn't anymore left. It is like Halloween around here with all this blood sucking.

The Mole

Time to throw out the rubber stamps

The Board of Aldermen aren't earning their paycheck if they work for the people, but they are if they work for the Mayor and the Head of DPW...and apparently they do.

Half of these board members have relatives on the payroll and they NEVER say No to the Mayor.

Isn't it time we got some More Aldermen like Provost, White and Gewirtz who don't have a conflict of interest due to relatives or significant others on the payroll and who don't kiss the mayor's ring at each Alderman meeting?


Looking at Alderman Desmond's quote I would just like to say this "You and the rest of the Aldermen of this City are doing a disservice to the people of this city because you haven't put in any effort to get Engine 4 back full time." It is time for the Aldermen to get off their asses and get this problem fixed, it has gone on FAR TOO LONG, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!


Desmond is half-right, that it's a small price to pay to make sure that the city is fully equipped. I just wish we could trust the statement put forth by the administration that the city needs these vehicle to be fully-equipped. Unfortunately, I can't. Here's fully equipped.....two weeks ago I stood on the sidewalk and watched a fire truck, an ambulance and ALL SEVEN police crusiers arrive on the scene of a police officer who is on leave and who collapsed in the street for an unknown reason. This was on a friday night, while anything could have been going on in the other wards of the city!

Born Here

Look at the bright side. Now if YOU collapse maybe you'll get 2 DPW trucks and their newly puchased "FORESTRY" truck. Then you can be happy, right ?

Brandy Mcknight

The police never show up when we call. Our neighbor told us that you have to make it sound a lot worse when you call, that you to make something up like telling them you saw somebody with a gun or something in order to get them to respond to something. Our options are plenty, they can just do a report over the phone, or you can just go down to the station and fill out report.

Of course you can do like that story we read about someone having all of their stuff stolen by somebody they acutally knew . Then the Somerville police told them that they should "give it UP" and that "there is nothing you can do about it now." But they hired a PI who was a former boston cop and he recovered their items in like 30 minutes!

If you are not getting the Somerville blowoff then...

It is all self service.

Well Well

Remember the police car your mayor gave away? On the recomendation of Boss who? Was it not just over $5000.00

it *is* funny

We need more cops in the city, not forestry trucks, grafiti removal trucks, and Harleys. A few cops on bikes would be cheaper and from the looks of them, most could use the exercise.

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