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October 17, 2006


Bill White (D-Somerville)

To quote Capuano, "finally!"

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Mother of all that is Holy in the Heavens!!!!

It's about damn time William! I was getting tired of covering the pictures of FDR and JFK in the living room everytime I voted for you by absentee ballot.

Now let's see, who's more aggitated by this news, Joey"Tickets"Curtatone or Patty"Progressive"Jehlen...............

Time will tell.

Welcome to the Peoples Party Bill!

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

stinky bill

Billy must realize he is gone ... and is hoping to get a state job

Say it ain't so!!!

The picture looks like a couple of old-time thugs who dragged him to City Hall and 'held his hand' (twisted his arm) while he filled out the form. 'Radical Republicans'.....are they kidding? Deval, Pat, Hillary, et al are pretty radical if you ask me! I think it's more a case of the democrats looking for credibility and they know that Bill White has it. It's a sad day, indeed.

The Mole

You talk about getting in line, more changes coming out of City Hall. White gets in line under the Dems hoping Patrick gets in. Joe’s right up his ass for whatever he can get. Reorganization of the Recreation Department puts MIS Director back in the seat of Youth Services under the Recreation Department. Didn’t Halloran have position before? Two-times a charm I guess.

Along with this announcement comes the new reorganization of Buildings & Grounds. Halloran becomes the Director of Recreation and is awarded an assistant and the Dilboy Stadium. My money goes with the “NO SHOW” Project Manager, JO’D as the new assistant. Remember, Dilboy is only seasonal unless the City decides to use it as a snow dump. Then we can have snowboarding and slalom races.

The Parks Department, if approved by the “puppet” Union E-Board, will transfer under Recreation. Why not transfer the Sewer Department too Joe. There’s a lot of shit going around. Was that Alderman Desmonds’ son I saw walking the halls of the School today? Gez us, first Roach, then Koty now Desmond sending the family in for the kill jobs.

How Sweet It IS…

The Mole

Is Bill White a Chameleon or an opportunist?

Truth being said, I'm really not sure how Bill White has managed to keep his political reputation as a republican intact. Throughout his political life, White has demonstrated a willingness to shed his morality if it suits him politically. Everybody in Somerville knows this, but sometimes we need to be reminded: Pay attention to what a political whore says, but pay more attention to what he does. Bill White is a nice guy, but what he has done is cast his supposed sense of ethics aside for political gain. Some people might say its bipartisanship. I call Bill White a Chameleon, better yet an opportunist. Who does Bill White think he is? Big deal, he changed his political party! I am so sick of hearing people say that Bill White is a smart guy. What makes him so smart? As far as I am concerned, his personality sucks.

Remember one thing: "I leapord can't change its spots"

Planet Somerville

It's leopard, Sean, L E O P A R D.

The voters have the right to know!!!!!

Billy Boy just lost all credibility with me. Is this some sad attempt at trying to secure a judgeship if Patrick gets in? I am calling on Mr. White to articulate what caused his change of heart and how he can go from a Republican to the endorser of a progressive liberal like turning on a light switch. Is it because the Republican Party abandoned him in the Senate race? The voters have the right to know!!!!!!

Ron Newman

Bill White is an intelligent man and an independent thinker. He was the first person to raise the issue of Assembly Square on the Board of Aldermen.

He has always drawn significant support from progressives, despite his Republican party affiliation. If you spend even five minutes with him, it is quite obvious that he has little in common with Mitt Romney or George Bush. His party change today is a long-overdue concession to local reality.

Ron Newman

by the way, the former Republican governor's last name is spelled Sargent. Both you and the Farm Team paper got it wrong!

long overdue

Well, it's about time we started calling a spade a spade. On every litmus test issue I can think of, Bill has supported the traditionally Democratic (and correct) position. For example:

- he's against the income tax rollback in order to stabilize property taxes and provide better services.

- He supports gay marriage

- He's in favor of the greenline coming to Somerville, better public transportation, and clean air.

Welcome to the party, Bill. I think you'll fit in just fine.

Welcome Bill

Well done Bill - I guess that this means that you are running for Mayor!!!

Dominic Santos

Oh my, what a sad day.

Bill White stated:

"I admire Mr. Patrick’s courageous stand on the state income tax rollback issue. The average taxpayer in a city like Somerville would receive only $150 a year from the rollback. But the cost to taxpayers from increases in property taxes, fees, and reductions in services is much more than $150."

Translation: Despite the fact that voters voiced their will to roll back the income tax to 5%; as a Democrat, Bill White must protect these voters from themselves and defy their will by opposing the roll back. The biggest problem with Democrats is their belief that as elected officials they are given superior god-like intelligence that authorizes them to choose how voters ought to live their lives. I submit to readers of this blog that such a philosophy bears a striking resemblance to that of a monarchy or a dictatorship.

Will the day ever come when government seeks to simply operate the infrastructure of our society and leave issues of choice (whether it be marriage, family planning, a tax rate, etc.) to the folks it ought to be left to: the people. People are smart and care about the society they live in. I would think that some of the apathy at our polls can be traced to dictatorship philosophy espoused by the Democrats. For example, imagine being a voter and having voted for the income tax roll-back, and, further, hearing that your position carried the day. Despite this direct form of democratic participation, your state Legislature decided not to implement your will. Instead it has focused on spending, spending, spending. One need only look to the pork-barrel Economic Stimulus Bill passed this summer. Despite Gov. Romney’s attempts to veto senseless spending measures, the Legislature, as is custom, overrode those vetoes further dipping into the state’s reserves.

So to Bill White, I say, “Congratulations on exercising your right of party affiliation, but please allow my vote to be heard, allow my will as a citizen of this Commonwealth to be heard, and, please, do not believe that you know what is better for my life.

Somerville Divestment from stupid stocks on Brickbottom is a leadbottom

The people who sold their houses must not have felt too attached to the great community and fabric of old Somerville. Or maybe they really needed the money, they just had to buy the cruise to Jamiaca and the Cadilac car and those season tickets and or a Florida condo time share and the new set of golf clubs just like Raymond owned on "Everybody loves Raymond"? Or maybe they spend a lot of money at the corner store buying liquor?

Actually, if they saved their money they should be way better off than a lot of the people who bought some of these houses. Especially if their house was bought with one of those unreguleated variable intrest rate loans designed to put somebody in debt and boost the economy up at the Home Depot. Now house prices are falling and these rates are going up. double squeez.

But hey lets Blame it all on the Yuppies.

I don't want to see poor people get pushed out of anywhere. We know what it's like to get evicted; it's awful And That's one of the reasons we worked to buy a place, so we wouldn't get evicted. I would love to
see The City offer low-cost loans so that people in Somerville could buy the very houses they're living in.

If the city is smart with its money it could learn some lessons from yuppies, for instance Yale University recently announced a 23 percent return on its investments, swelling its endowment to a whopping $18 billion. The man behind that investment success is David Swensen, one of the most gifted investors in the world. He's made an average 16 percent annual return over 21 years -- better than any portfolio manager at any other university.

Nobody has numbers that good. Not at Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, or any foundation or pension fund or city; Swensen consistently beats them all. And recently, Swensen has become passionate about trying to teach individual investors how best to save for retirement. Somerville should buy his book and we should make real decisions on what the city is invested in.

How is our investment money being stolen I mean managed? I think police would be more accessable if they rode bikes like Ron's instead of Harleys.

make a decision, Bill

The unedited version of the story:

White said he became disillusioned with the Republican Party during his unsuccessful run for state Senate last year against Patricia D. Jehlen. “I would have won if I were a Democrat, the republicans did nothing for me” White is reported as whining to anyone that will listen.

“Last year, in my run as the Republican candidate for state Senate, I realized that there was not much support for ME within the Republican Party. Kerry Healey could not even remember my name”! “If I want to be a judge this is my best route.”

When asked why there were no local top city democratic figures at his ‘coming out’ signing White replied “ I couldn’t make a decision between Helen Corrigan president of the Somerville Democratic Party and Katie Wallace president of the Progressive Democrats of Somerville, and we all know you can not invite them both to the same party.” And then in White’s most famous and often quote on the BOA he said “this needs further study before I make a decision”. When asked why the two top elected city democrats were not invited White needed to ask who they were? Mayor Curtatone and BOA President Heuston refused comment when asked if they felt snubbed by their colleague in government.
White refused to answer whether he will be an old time democrat or a progressive democrat stating “this needs further study before I make a decision”. Looks like Bill White will continue to walk that fine line, but a word of caution, the wind is blowing and you are losing your balance.

Carrot Top

Despite the fact that voters voiced their will to roll back the income tax to 5%

When did this happen? I don't remember this! I guess we just make anything up and that will get the holaback girls to pick up their pom poms and start repeating it.

Dominic Santos

To Carrot Top:


"In November 2000, Massachusetts voters elected to roll back the state income tax over three years from 5.75 percent to 5 percent, its traditional rate before the 1989 tax hike. In 2002, the Legislature overrode that rollback vote and ''froze" the rate at 5.3 percent, where it remains."

Here is the text of Question 4 on the 2000 Massachusetts ballot:

Question 4: Income Tax Rate Reduction

Law Proposed by Initiative Petition


As required by law, summaries are written by the state Attorney General, and the statements describing the effect of a "yes" or "no" vote are written jointly by the State Attorney General and the Secretary of the Commonwealth.

This proposed law would repeal the law setting the state personal income tax rate on Part B taxable income (such as wages and salaries), which was 5.95% as of September 1, 1999, and would set the rate at 5.6% for tax year 2001, 5.3% for tax year 2002, and 5% for tax year 2003 and after. If the Legislature set a lower rate for any of those years, that lower rate would apply.

The proposed law states that if any of its parts were declared invalid, the other parts would remain in effect.

What Your Vote Will Do:

A YES VOTE would reduce the state personal income tax rate in steps over three years to 5%.

A NO VOTE would make no change in the state income tax laws.

How did the vote turn out: 59 percent of Massachusetts citizens voted YES; 41 percent margin of Massachusetts citizens voted NO. Question: Why is the tax rate not 5%? Why do Democrats feel that they know what the tax rate should be despite the will of the people?

Carrot Top

What was the reason the Legislature gave for voting to hold it? Perhaps the will of the people changed by then, The demographics may have change or 8% of the yes vote moved to New Hampshire.We need to be flexible and The will of the people can speak again in the governors race. Now that the issue has been discussed furhter and more people understand the shell game the votes may change.
At this point what is at stake for each person 0.39 % of their annual income after deductions?

Besides if you take the 59 % and 41 % and then lower the rates to 5.39 you actually lowered them more than 59 % of the difference from .75 to .0.

So what about the will of the 41% of the people that voted no? I think current rate more closely represents the will of all the people.


Well that was fast. Less than 24 hours after a seemingly insignificant Republican alderman(in the Somerville Democratic leadership minds anyway) changes party affiliation, all of a sudden Bill White is the target of a significant push to discredit him personally and his public service record.

Let's take a guess at who is behind this smear campaign. Could it be the tens of thousands of loyal Somerville Republicans who now feel betrayed by Bill? Nah. At last count, there were only 35 Republicans left in the entire City.

Could it be the radical Progressive wing of the Democrats who think that they have a right to lay claim to City Hall as their next step to world domination? Nah. The Somerville Progressives already have a lock on the delegation that represents us in the State House. And they have Curtatone cowering in the corner of the corner office anyway. Like taking candy from a baby.

That leaves the Curtatoneistas. This merry band of thugs and wanna-be's have feared this day for a long time now. Their own policies, actions and inactions have worn very thin in the last few years. Only a very few of the insiders have financially benefitted from supporting this administration. You know. The ones with big fat paychecks(with more to come), the ones who loaded up the city payrolls with every son, daughter, and third cousin they could convince to take the job because it would mean at the very least decent paid for health care. And the ones who think that someday all their sign holding, leaflet distributing and ass kissing could come in handy on a rainy day.

You decide.

And to Mr. Santos, I voted for the tax rollback. That was then. This is now. Everytime I look at my real estate tax bill I shudder. They can keep my $150.00 rebate if it will help to secure more money from the State coming back to Somerville.

That is why Deval Patrick will get my vote in November.

And if Bill White decides to run for higher office, he'll get my vote too.

Mr. Santos, did you get YOUR preliminary tax bill?

Think about it.

I am a Socialist

I am a socialist but I would vote for Arnold S. of Cali or John Wayne McCain before I would vote for any of these other corrupt Republicans and many of these spineless Democrats.

Why do all the haters and cynics become Republicans? Is that just the party where it is easier to feel paranoid all the time?

jamie vincent

To the Divestment poster>> People continue to degrade anyone who 'sold out' or 'cashed in' and moved out of Somerville in recent years. Yes, many of them did cash in and why not? However, there are many more, especially those on a fixed income who are hurt by the uptick in housing costs. Think about it. If the value of your house goes up, it affects you in 3 ways:
1. If you sell your house, you make some (probably much-needed) cash.
2. The new value creates a new assessment which in turn creates a new property tax bill.
3. If you've owned your property for a while you'll have more equity, on the chance that you'd like to take out an Equity loan.
So, an increase in housing costs can actually COST you money! Many of these people had no choice but to sell - they couldn't afford to stay. And please don't forget, that many of these long-time owners, many now elderly, are the ones who most often rent at below-market levels, because they can afford to, because they don't owe as much on their house.
So, in effect, losing these people (whether they 'made out' on the deal or not) hurts other low-income renters the most, because every time a house is sold for more money, the owner must now charge more rent to make up his costs. Pretty simple math, I think, even for me! So let's stop bashing the people who sold their houses. Many of them didn't want to, and every time we lose another one, the low-income renters of the city lose, too!

Go Dominic

Go Dominic, you rule!
Carrot Top....are you kidding? So, if you take a vote in November and it's not implemented until July, you create a formula for how the 'new populace' would vote and that's what you implement? Is this the New Democracy (kind of like the New Math)??
And would everyone please stop telling me that I'll only get $150 back, so why bother? I need that $150!! To some of us, that's a lot of money - besides, I can spend it better than the State Legislature any day!!


I'm just hoping that Bill White will finally get rid of that STUPID comb-over!!! Hey Bill, shave your head or go to Hair Club For Men, I don't really care, but for the love of God get rid of that STUPID comb-over!!!!!!!!

Divestment Poster

A lot of the people that bought houses from the people who had to sell them have inherited the same problem. We bought a two familly becuase we had to. It was ridiculus for us to pay the rent we had been paying and it cost way too much for us to by a condo or a single familly home. Many people bought condos for the same reason. I absolutely agree with you about not bashing the people who had to sell. I am only trying to bash the people who are bashing the condo buyers and I am trying to bash the people that hate all the new people without understanding that many of them are not the rich soulless careless people they are being made out to be in this whole situation.

The scariest thing, is being hated by people who don't know anything about you.

I understand where their anger is coming from, but the methods are way off-base, This is about finding a scapegoat and making assumptions. I'm not working my way up the corporate ladder. I can't afford to quit my day job. I've taken one vacation in
the last 5 years.

Nothing about Somerville's astronomical home prices or indiscriminate building of condos and strip malls makes any of us happy. We all wish city officials would make affordable housing a real priority, and use care in granting permits and zoning variances, and follow up to see that new condos are and living spaces are occupied by people that have been a real part of this community. But we all know that developers run our city, not us, not the oldtimers and not our own mayor and aldermen. Our town works for money and not for us.

Any real estate in Somerville is overpriced
But people who live here and as well as people who move here and now live in the condos didn't create this.

Scapegoating all of us, presuming we came from the suburbs and that we're all rich, and attacking us as the policy makers that encouraged the developers to cut up your land and sell it at the highest price to community won't solve anything.
Grow a set of brain hemispheres and do something real about it for a change.

Somer, speak for yourself......

Hey Somerspeak, speak for yourself. That tax rollback referendum should have never had to happen since the tax increase was supposedly temporary back in, what?, 1988??? 5% is MORE than enough on top of everything else we get taxed for here.
How is it New Hampshire doesn't have any of these taxes like sales taxes and income taxes and they still have better roads than we do? And don't tell me that NH schools are sub-par. They're among the best in the nation, and the reason is they're not being run by the teacher's unions like they are here.
Joe's doing a good job and you know it. Bill White's a whiner. With the recent developments at Assembly Square, the tax rates are going to stabilize even without the restored state local aid. That's what this whole thing was about and with Mystic View satisfied and all these lawsuits being dropped, I'm confident that things will get better. Joe C. is a walk-in next year no matter who runs against him.
The only people who should be crying are the lawyers who've been dragging this thing out in litagation for 10 years.
I'll take the $150. I earned it, not the state. Why should we let our hard-earned dolars have to be filtered up through Beacon Hill so they can take their cuts for all their pet projects and programs?
And I like Healey's idea of taking the gun licensing process away from the local chiefs of police. Also, I'm voting Yes on 1. Johnny's Foodmasters in Somerville have been selling wines with ZERO problems for over 25 years.

Divestment Poster speaking for himself

I don't need to speak for myself on the tax issue. I am more than happy to have Deval Patrick speak for me on this.

But this is not a tax issue, its just not a real issue anyway. Think about it. How does a 150 dollars become an issue? Let me tell you how. Lets say that I am pro-choice, and if I am pro choice then what does it really matter if I can say that I am actually anti-abortion if it allows me to get ellected? If I get ellected, then I can boost the revenues of everybody in Texas. Since most of my exteded familly and all of my friends and life long colleages are in in the oil business and billions of dollars are riding on who gets ellected and how they can sway environmental foriegn policy then I really don't care that much about the issue between pro-choice and anti-abortion except for the fact that it is the issue that can get me ellected; What I care most about is getting ellected and then taking care of my familly and friends. The sad part is that not everybody is my friend.

So don't give away $150 dollars so that sombody else can take care of their familly and then ignore yours and mine! Its stupid.


"the tax rates are going to stabilize even without the restored local aid."

I'm glad you think so. And I hope you're right.

But neither one of us us going to be very happy NEXT YEAR when your savior will be forced to raise property taxes. So whether you own(like me) or rent(like the Mayor)property in Somerville, save your pennies, the tax increase is going to hurt.


This is one Republican I welcome to the party. The invitation has been out there for some time now and I'm glad that White has come to his senses.

I've got confidence that White will continue to preach fiscal responsibility and continue his sensible approach to social issues.

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