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September 30, 2006


Hey is that Ron Newman in the pool of Fluff?

Wow that looks like fun! Just think eat while you play! Newman would love that, "Free Fluff"!

No such thing as  a free fluff

The festival was free, but if you wanted to eat Fluff you had to pay.

Newman can't eat there!

So much for that free meal Newmie!

Born Here

How many police details were needed to keep the peace at the "Fluff" festival ?
Brickbottom, where are you ? When are the new Harleys arriving ?


When they get through making the mini Harley for "wee chief" then the rest of the shipment will arrive!

But I hear they might cancel the order in order for the hacks can buy a boat for some booze cruises on the Mystics.


After moving to the West Coast, I was appalled that there was not a Fluff container to be had!! I had to have a shipment delivered, only a dozen plastic tubs of the white stuff!! I want a fluff shirt for my stepdaughter, as she is a big fan and when I went back to Lynn and visited Durkee Mower, I discovered they do not sell shirts. I noticed that you were selling "What the Fluff" t-shirts. How can I get one of those. You sure would make a little girl happy. Thanks!!!!

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