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September 23, 2006


Grand Total

Who cares, you should only be focused on making money with these funds, if not you will be giving the dough away to me.

You guys should think about divesting from energy and start moving your money back into some tech stocks. Also with globalization coming around you should invest in global market companies like WalMex the walmart in mexico which has cornered the market and has more produce and other buying powers than you can imangine. McDonalds is another Global player that will be increasing significantly with the global market. As the world economy gets stronger, the US economy has to slow down in some areas to equal out. Expect a recession here. And now with the Babyboomers retiring you should look at trends there, brand names and luxury goods will be increasing over the longer 5 year markets too.
Quit losing our money!


This divestment/non-divestment issue is as far as I can see rooted in religious differences and only that. Jews vs. Muslims. And since when does our Constitution allow for joining of church and state? The founders of this great nation knew that religious-based debates had no winners since they usually transcend logic and rationalty and instead involve rote and ingrained differences that can not and should not be decided by the tyranny of the majority. The whole thing should be thrown out based on those grounds alone. I'm leaving it blank in protest. There should be an option 3 on the referendum ballot saying "no preference" or "do not care" or "do not want to see this as a voter issue". This one would definitely go to the third choice.
Another thig. No nation has a "right to exist". A nation's existence is based on its willingness to do, by whatever means, whatever it takes to retain its sovereignty. And that includes fighting, lying, bullying, cheating, diplomacy and any other means.
Keep church and state separate!

SDP is crazy

I once saw an sdp person follow a political candidate up and down a street yelling and harassing him. I think this organization is nuts!


SDP is crazy, I saw the same thing. Threats, harassment and intimdation are no way to make allies for your cause. These SDP people need to adopt a different tactic.

News flash for the SDP; lots of countries use Caterpillar power equipment, and some of them have much worse human rights records than Israel. Staring a holy war ain't gonna make it.

From what I've read of Rep. Denise Provost's position (and I believe she was the only sympathetic ear they had on the BOA last time), this will basicaly go nowhere once it gets to the legislature, assuming it makes it that far.

Ron Newman

Somerville Divestment Project did not make many friends last year when they failed to follow proper procedure in collecting signatures for their proposed citywide referendum.

Surrounding a Progressive Democrats of Somerville meeting place with banners and signs attacking Elizabeth Moroney was not exactly a class act, either. PDS had many issues to consider when deciding on an endorsement in that election, but this was not one of them.

And I love the JUDAISM REJECTS ZIONISM banner that you unfurled outside Somerville City Hall. I don't think you will be able to fool many Somerville residents into thinking that Neturei Karta is in the mainstream of Judaism (Orthodox or otherwise).

Please go away. Find some other city or town to harass. Leave Somerville in peace.

Yorktown Street

It is not a religious issue, however. There are a small number of progressive Jews who support divestment because they think everything else that's been tried to end the occupation has failed--and they see the occupation as bad for both Jews and Muslims. There are also many Christians on both sides of the issue. It only becomes a religious issue when all Jews or all Muslims are blamed for the actions of a few.

Ron Newman

I understand that, and under different circumstances I might be inclined to support a more broadly focused resolution in favor of socially conscious public investing.

But I do not want to reward SDP for their obnoxious behavior in our city, so I'm voting against both of their proposals.

Ronny is right

I hate to say it but old ronald is right. All righteous causes aside, SDP conducts themselves like raving lunatics every time i see them. To be honest, as an aadult I feel embarrased for them when I witness their shouting matches. Get outta town sdp!


I love the idea of divestment from Caterpillar! Of course, they should also divest from GE (they make parts for jet engines) and from GM and Ford (Israeli police uses their cars). Certainly, they should divest from Intel and Microsoft (computers are used in planning and tracking human rights violations, and besides that both companies have huge development and production departments in Israel). Since these companies make up part of DOW and SP500, divest from those as well. And from the majority of mutual funds. Ah, almost forgot - please also divest from US Treasuries! US federal government gives loans to Israel, and therefore anybody buying US treasuries is profiting from the illegal occupation!

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