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September 28, 2006


The Mole

Sudden pull-out of the Amendment SOD filed leaves a distasteful aroma in the air today. SOD is closed mouth about the sudden withdrawal and some of us wonder why. Could others have predisposed this decision of the Alderman from Ward 5?

I wonder!

There is a group of citizens that have been assembled by the Mayor known as the MaxPaK Committee. A certain individual has been given a “Silver Spoon” invite to all big money fundraisers of the Mayors. This individual also has strapping ties to Boss Hog as well as SOD. There have been sightings of Boss Hog frequenting the home of this individual during the day. A short visit to this individuals home and out with a smile comes Boss Hog. It must have been a good day at the toll booth.

Private invites to the recent fundraiser aboard, no, not the “Naughty Girl”, but a more respectable flotilla, Herb Chambers Yacht, makes me wonder WHY. WHY would this individual have an open door to the Mayors’ office whenever this individual wanted too? Why would this individual never have to fork over the price of a ticket to any fundraiser? A lot of questions arise out of the appointment of this individual to the independent committee to better the Community that all of a sudden has flipped.

My personal conclusions drag this through an avenue traveled over 30 years ago. The same player keeps on popping up. It may not be Assembly Square but it has to do with Developers and payoffs, or lack of, just as it did in the 70’s. SOD is the key, the Mayor is the lock and Boss Hog is the locksmith. Others should be asking the same questions.

I wonder!

The Mole

Brick Bottom Village


I don't know if Herb Chambers was just renting his yacht or donating its use, but let me tell you one thing about Herb. he doesn't spend ten cents on something if he can't make ten million back on it. He's a shrewd businessman. Just look at how he started out in the car dealership business.

The swath of land from the artists comunity on Fitchburg Street all the way to Washington Street and then from McGrath (which is slated for extensive reconstruction in the relatively near future) all the way to Sullivan Square is ripe for development of smart growth with maximum density. I would even go so far as to say it puts Assembly Square to shame in terms of potential for nearer term use. I'm talking biotech, hi-tech, higher-end housing and small scale retail (no big box foolishness) and all contiguous with North Point and Lechmere.

N-Star can be easily relocated almost anywhere as can every other business there currently.

Herb is about the biggest and best-capitalized person with a toehold there now. He was looking into obtaining the new and still-empty office building there on Inner Belt a while back, and may still be interested in it as his corporate headquarters. And he has his luxury car dealership there and has for years.

Also, the site offers the potential for at least two commuter rail stops, and a Green Line stop. There is nowhere near the degree of challenge involved in zoning and consolidation of ownership there.

Mole, if you take a casual look at the assessor's records and see who owns what there, I think you'll see what I mean.

This will be good for Somerville in every way, and even better for those who invest there. And the best part is, no MVTF, no Lanny Everett, no nothing to get in the way.

You help Herb, and Herb will help you (at 10 cents on the $Million). If he gets into real estate development, like everything else he gets into, it will turn to gold.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Muthahra Gawd............

You slugs just can't give me a moments rest now can you? It's not bad enough that I got the crap kicked out of me in the primaries, now I've got to come back here and help you dimwits figure out what even a 6 year old could answer in a New York minute.

Oh boo-fucking-hoo. SOD pulled the zoning and now everyone wants to know "Why?" You all sound even worse than the big ice princess cry baby Nancy Kerrigan........WWhhyyyyyyyyyyyyy?


You really don't think for a second that Sean is gonna sit through a months worth of hearings listening to the likes of "Butters" Newman talk about the freakin bike path, Russo whinning about traffic, and Lynch trying to extort money for Magoun Square do you? Not in the month of October anyway.

I got my invitation to the big day and after the initial shock of my less than satisfactory showing in the primary wore off, I've been out shopping at Neimies for a new ensemble. I never knew ostrich feathers could be dyed so many different colours.

Well I hope this puts to bed the big mystery of the Alderman's action and subsequent silence. The Big Day is draining the poor boy's energy(to say nothing of the wallet). He's concentrating on the most important speech he will ever give. "I do".

Now for the love of God, leave me alone for awhile. The next time you have one of these "why" sessions, it had better be about the meaning of life. Anything less and Jamie gets a swift kick in the nutz.

Got the Wedding Bell Blues,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

City Hall Nose

Well, with each day passing the power struggle for City control seems to grow and grow. It seems Boss Hog threw his hunky weight around at a meeting yesterday with several top City Officials being in attendance. Evidently, Boss Hog may have been caught in a few, no so true information he supplied to this group. When confronted, the chunky leader of the DPW threatens two Civil Servants of their jobs.

These individuals should files complaints of harassment with the DPW top man. The only way to corral this person is to start chopping his height down to size.

Knowing this persons’ MO, why does this Administration put up with all the foul language and threats he puts out? What skeletons does Boss Hog have on all these people in high places? He is arrogant, obnoxious and down right blatant in his wheeling and dealing within the City.

If you want something done, it goes through Boss Hog first or it doesn’t get done. And if it does get done, it gets done HIS way. This isn’t New York Stanley. You can't ALWAYS have it "YOUR WAY".

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