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September 15, 2006


Ron Newman

Why is this a 'problem' ?

Ronny Newmint

You know your showing your true socialistic point of view when you make these dumb statements, Ron. Just because your grandmother was illegal, you don't have to brag about it. Maybe the police should have them move to Day Street and Davis Square, would you then be happy? There illegal, they are breaking the law, they don't contribute to society and the make a legal immagrants think twice about going through the procedures. The Bailey Road & Temple Road location is now having over 50 every morning, with trucks parked double and triple. Neighbors can't get out to go to work. Forget about Dunkin Donuts, i and my family will never go in there again at McGrath & Broadway.

Ron Newman

People who are looking for (and finding) work are not 'contributing to society'?

Later you go on to identify a real problem involving traffic, but the original article failed to do so.

Clean Government

There is no doubt that this will be resolved through a 'nationwide search' that results in one of Bill Roche's family members being hired to move the laborers along. Just like his brother the inspector, what a joke!


Thease Somerville politicians really make me laugh. One minute, their holding ceramonies at Foss Park for thease people, and the next minute they want to get rid of them. It was ok, when the Mayor and the board of Alderman were all celebrating their independece a few months ago enjoying the publicity they were getting! Hello everybody, its been a disaster at Foss Park for the past few years. Foss Park is State Property, Call the State let them handle the problem. ITs not like all those looking for work their are Somerville Residents. Somerville is the melting pot for the state. While were discussing the issue, PEARL ST is a mess also. They have been hanging down their for the last year also.

I love it!!!!

I love the Mexicans at the park. Where else can you find someone to paint your house in 95 degree heat for $80 a day and a slice of pizza. Let's face it, they are not going anywhere so you might as well take advantage of them.

Ward 2

I am the biggest "Socialist" around yet I will tell you illegal immigration is not good for America. If America wants to allow immigrants in, then make it legal and treat Americans and other people with dignity. The real injustice here is the way they are treated and paid by the illegal hiring practices of greedy people. This practice that we allow is in the proccess a building a permanent underclass here that hurts middle and lower class citezens by pulling wages and human rights expectation into the gutters. We are bringing the third world home to profit off lower human rights.

Now the problem is getting too big to ignore and we blame those in society who are unable to protect themselves, the immigrants. We hardly ever go after the people trafficing and lying to these folks. What about the guest worker plans where labor agents post ads in foriegn countries telling people they are going to make tons of money in overtime? Like they are really going to pay overtime! Please, they would not be looking for guest workers to help foreign countries! They do it to save money.

Getting work off the books does not pay workmans comp or health benifits. Federal law requires that if they are hurt they are treated but the emplyoyers don't pay, the taxpayers do. Lets start extracting these tolls from the illegal hiring employers who have been cheating us all.

Here is the Kicker:
These illegal immigrants gather to sell their labor by the hour or the day, for $7 to $11 an hour. That’s far below what full-time construction workers earn, and for good reason. Unlike the previous generations of immigrants who built America’s railroads or great infrastructure projects like New York’s bridges and tunnels, these day laborers mostly do home-improvement projects. So when longtime Somerville Residents can not afford to live here because their pay is so low. If you are not willing to do something about this problem and go after the people who are hiring them then don't expect me to subsidize Somerville 's construction resident's housing with a condo ordinance.

Big debate

There is a big debate on whether or not illegal immigrants contribute to our economy. The experts spend hours arguing the fine points and still get no-where with this. But let me give it to you like it is.

Illegal immigrants help rich people and hurt regular and poor people. That is it, plain and simple.

People get rich off of hiring cheap labor, esppecially when they sell that condo they just converted doing it for half a million.

People who own rental property raise prices when more people come into the area (supply and demand)

Stores make more money when there are more people to sell to. Whether they have jobs, or they are on wealfare it is all the same to a store owner.

Companies that sell hand picked fruit benifit off of cheap labor.

So yes the rich get richer and the poor have to struggle to compete for jobs and housing. So when someone tells you that illegal immigrants add to the economy it may be true but that does nothing for you unless you have a half a million in a 401k invested in produce companies or you own your own business that exploits these slaves I mean immigrants. Wake up people, you don't have to know a lot to know the Truth.

ward 4

And evening drive down Pearl Street or Marshall Street even Walnut Street you see the overcrowded houses filled with Illegals that are being taken by greedy property owners charging them 100.00 each a week some 4-5 to a room. Where is the officials on the house at the end of Walnuts Street, huge 6 family filled with many. The interesting one is the small former Vets place, some say the owner rented to anywhere from 8 to 10 illegals in 2 rooms.
All this being done under the noses of Alderman Walter Pero's ward 4 and Alderman Bill Roaches ward 1, they could care less.

On my way to foss

On my way to foss park to pick up a couple Brazilians. I hope Bill Roache doesn't mind. Hope to see you there Wild Bill!

Operation Poseidon

Over here in Cambriville we got a leter from Cambriville City hospital saying they're running Operation poseidon today. This is a drill to plan for what would happen if they attacked the Gangsteria Mall with a dirty bomb.
There's supposed to be all kinds of people from the Homeland Security and immigration. Maybe they can "stumble" upon all the illegals in East Somerville congregated down on McGrath and round them up for decontamination and then deport them. I'm surprised they didn't use Harvard Sq. as Ground Zero, but they probably would have a hard time finding people that didn't look like they were mutated.

Ron Newman

Actually, that drill is tomorrow morning (Sunday).

Ward 2

Most americans don't get anywhere with this issue unless they foccus on the people hiring the immigrants and then work to make these scofflaws pay fair wages, have safe working conditions and ensure they are payng taxes instead of paying cash off of the books. Illegal hiring should be penalized heavily and that is the key to our short term sollution if we are willing to go after the businesses that are cheating us all.

We have about three camps of thought right now that don't come close to a a solution or compromise long term. they are: Republicans who want to keep the poor huddled masses out; Republicans who want to keep them in but keep them poor; and Democrats too weak and anxious to light the way down a better path so I am going to do that now. What we should do is treat them like Americans and send them to Iraq and Afganistan for a couple of years to earn their citizenship. They will do this in the new American Foriegn legion we create. This way, people who want citizenship can earn it through service to our country. Surely we can all agree on that.

The pie man wants in!

Can I put in my order for a few workers online? If so I'll take three Hispanic, two from Elsalvator, one Mexican and two Italians! Charge it to my VISA card!

Who's throwing those pies?

There's got to be a better way!

A question for Alderman Roach, Tom Champion or anybody else with any knowledge on this subject! Can police legally approach one or any of the immigrants at Foss Park without any reason at all? And if so couldn't you just run their name to see if they are legally here or not? What's the big deal? Is there a Ghost Busters or Overstayer Busters out there that we can call? How about Dennis Sullivan? Scratch that! He's only good for getting rid of rats and washing Gabrielle's car!

Love, Snowflake


A better way would be to run their status with immigration. If they find to be illegal or overstayers, ship them back to where they came from. It's easy as that!

Ron Newman

The cops cannot stop people on the street for no reason. That is called a Police State.

Ronny Newmint

What's wrong with a police state?I think its a great idea, and profiling people is also good. Especially profile those lousy irish terroist bastards, there are a lot of them at the various pubs tonight, hopefully the Feds are watching them.

boycott DD

Boycott Dunkin Donuts at McGrath & Broadway. I have a question for everyone out there, are the workers in all the Dunkin Donuts illegal or just stupid and don't want to speak English? Also the Winter Hill Mart and 350 Mart owned by the same guy, how come he gets to bring over all these illegals to work in his stores, not one local works there, WHY? And don't give me the crap Amercian's don't want those jobs. Be honest.

Albert DiSalvo

I think that we should put a wall around Somerville and give everybody 3-5.

Al Silly

Albert, silly that was done a few times before

Call INS & ICE!

Yeh,it may have been done before but not by Disalvo!Put a wall around Foss Park and give everyone 3-5 then deport them! Ha!

Shelton for LT. Governor!

The word is that Bill Shelton was spotted last week near Foss Park and it looked like he was trying to recruit some illegals and persuade them to hold "Shelton for LT. Governor" signs on Broadway during the morning rush hour!

Brazilians Love Steak and Cheese

I got two Brazilians this weekend to clean out my basement, paint my back porch, cut my grass and my mother's grass all for $160 and 2 steak and cheese subs. I like it when they call me "Boss". I think next weekend I will take advantage of two more.

Then who would clean up the Midgets Horse Farm?

If Bradley were to get rid of the illegals the who would clean up all the horse shit in the stalls of his horse farm? He wouldn't want his Goerge Washington suit to get all dirt....know would he.

Seiously folks do you really think that Bradley gives a horses arse about Somerville while he is nestled up in his north shore horse farm? This city just represents a big fat paycheck every Wednesday!

What is the true cost

What is the true and hiddens costs of hiring illegal's or guest workers with E Coli, bedbugs, and other who knows what contagious diseases to pick spinach here? We pay Americans for a reason.

Of course Mexicans are willing to do more for less. 1 dollar is not worth 3000 pesos for nothing. Back home, these guys can buy a decent 3 bedroom house for 100 dollars a month and feed all their extended families for 30 cents a day. Americans can not even rent a house for $2,000 dollars a month. I would pick fruit in the sun all day for for the equivalent of $175,000.00 dollars a year too.

Remember Americans, Our new Motto is "Work harder for less" That is, unless you work for the city of Somerville where your motto is "hardly work and lock the doors 30 minutes before closing time after two hour lunches and 10 20 minute breaks." How about we get some immigrants to work for the city and do their jobs?


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