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September 22, 2006



I agree that that negative add was dumb, but you should pick up the newspaper and read about how this is the only time that real party unity is happening. The fund-raisers for Reilly and Gabrieli are already working with the Deval/Murray campaign. Did you not see Gabrieli at Copley congratulating Deval? I have never seen the party more united behind a candidate. Major republicans have come out in support of the democratic ticket and Gabs and Reilly supporters all of the candidates are currently working together to defeat the republicans. You may feel bad that your candidate lost, but if you want unity, then make it happen and volunteer for the Deval/Murray campaign.


Doh! Ignore "all of the candidates" in the second to last sentence.

And Keeps bighting

You call it 'in fighting', we call it a 'Democratic process'. After all, didn't some General say "If everyone is thinking the same thing, someone is not thinking!". Makes sense, unless you want an army of pod people on your side. Well Hey!, that might be a great way to win an election. Get an army of pod people, put them in front of TV's and have the The Republican “527” front-group Progress for America reemerge, and then pump the Midwest up with xenophobic TV commercials to strike Fear into their hearts.

Maybe, "Vote for us or you will die, and the queers will get your children" will be the slogan for the 2008 campaign.

It is not about Taxes, lets stay on message here.

who's jumping ship?

I don't know what news the person above is reading that talks about all of the Republicans supporting Patrick? The night after the election I saw a handful of democratic legislators on TV criticizing Patrick and his campaign. Which is it, or is it both?

one jumping ship..

I know JN does not like it when we port links, so this is a quote from the Boston Globe story form Thursday's paper...

"Gloria Larson, a lawyer who held a top government post under Governor William F . Weld, has agreed to head a committee of Republicans supporting Patrick, campaign strategists told the Globe yesterday. Two months ago, she changed her voter registration from Republican to unenrolled in order to vote in the Democratic primary. She donated $200 to the campaign of Democrat Thomas F. Reilly in March."

Gloria is a well known Republican and will definately help the Deval/Murray campaign.

Bill Shelton

I think that the public sniping does undermine the Democratic Party’s chances of success, and I believe that it’s inaccurate to bless it as “democratic process.” Here’s why.

Discourse that is truly democratic process aims toward establishing agreement, first on the extent, impact, and causes of the conditions that we want government to deal with; and then on the way that we want government to deal with it and what it will cost us to do so.

The attacks that JN has described are personal. They aren’t aimed at seeking consensus, but at discrediting another Party member. This is corrosive to the democratic process because it diverts attention away from the many pressing issues that we can only resolve through that process.

I believe that the reason for this sniping, and for the Party’s continual snatching of defeat from the jaws of victory, has to do with something that JN wrote a couple of weeks ago. He said that institutional change is needed on every level.

Our institutions have not kept pace with the forces that make life increasingly difficult for so many Americans. In many ways, the institutions have become those forces. The traditional liberal policies are increasingly costly, only mildly effective, and do little or nothing to change the root causes.

Democrats have been unable or unwilling to acknowledge our institutional problems, much less agree on a program to solve them. They are frightened to offer the kind of bold solutions that gave the Party momentum during its ascendance.

The tepid little utterances that Democrats offer as a platform are unpersuasive of their efficacy to many Americans who are living the reality. Since voters can’t believe that Democrats’ are effective in dealing with their needs, they are vulnerable to cultural appeals that stimulate their fears.

Unified Republicans reap the cumulative impact of pounding on themes they have repeated over and over, even though a careful observer will notice that they no longer practice them. And viewed from the perspective of a single voter, or his or her family, Republican solutions offer more in the short run, even though they may be disastrous in the long run.

If Democrats shirk from a tough appraisal of the reality that we all share, then they can only compete by selling or attacking personalities, at the local, state, and national level.


Bill Shelton and Jamie, I could not have characterized it better myself. These Democrats just don't get it (Wait a minute; didn't that guy from Mad Magazine say something like that once?). I suppose that's unfortunate for what once was legitimately called the party of the working people. But when the working people vote to roll back a tax and then a Democratically-controlled legislature completely refuses to enforce the will of the people, can you blame those same people for telling them they can't have every toy in the store?

I took a ride around town last Tuesday to try and get a feel for just who it was that were "volunteering" for the Democratic nominee for governor. Most of the people I saw were out-of-towners and most had attitudes. Carol Moseley Braun would have been embarrassed (read what she has to say about her experiences with Deval sometime).

Patrick's troops achieved their primary objective in topping easily the ticket. And maybe the best hope the Dems have at gathering the rank-and-file and non-aligned folks is with Tim Murray as Lt. Gov. (Sorry Dr. Mrs. McCarthy--it would have been fun to see you debate Reed Hillman).

I still see the corner office staying red come November 7th.

And what's with Slick Willy's tirade?

A lousy $200.00 bucks!


"But when the working people vote to roll back a tax and then a Democratically-controlled legislature completely refuses to enforce the will of the people, can you blame those same people for telling them they can't have every toy in the store?"

Come on!!! What is $200.00 bucks going to do for anyone? People are so goddamn selfish it borders on the ridiculous. This state needs that money more than 99% of the people of this Commonwealth. It is just how it is going to be spent....that's the question.



I'll tell you what. They can make it a "voluntary" thing, like it is now with the difference between the "emergency" tax increase and the "temporary" tax increase (5.3% vs. 5.9%) where people can elect to pay the higher amount. Then YOU can elect to pay the higher amount voluntarily just like several hundred other Bay Staters do every year. For me, $200 is probably 10 days worth of heating oil... Yah, you're right. I'll just shut the heat off for the 10 days instead as an act of unilateral unselfishness so the "state" can use the money more efficiently.

Ward 2

You Know, I am seeing headlines in papers that say Silicon valley is the next leader in renewable energy and solar power. I am seeing California as a state make the same claims and intiatives. And I am seeing jobs leave Massachusetts, 14,000 autoworkers laid off because they are not trained to work on hybrids or wind farms. I am seeing stem-cell research going overseas and this state is doing nothing about it. Our governor wants to veto a cape wind project that could bring jobs to our state and help the environment and our Hero Kennedy wants to do the same thing too.

How much is this costing us? A lot more than this silly tax you are talking about. A lot more than just money when your children move out of state to work and find jobs so that friends in government can make deals with each other and leave the people out of their own future.

What good is paying 2 or 3 percent more if 15 % less people are here to pay it?

A Lousy $200.00 bucks!


It averages out to less than 60 cents a day.

Put a cup by your door and I'll deposit 60 cents a day into it.


"Every tax increase is a pay cut and every tax cut is a pay increase".

Ward 2

You have that backwards if you are talking about city employees, police, fire, and teachers.


Ward 2,

Our Republican Governor Mitt Romney vetoed a legislative provision that would have prohibited Massachusetts from outsourcing state jobs. He was supposed to be the "job creator" for Massachusetts?

Also in regards to wind farms:

"FPL Energy, LLC, a subsidiary of FPL Group (NYSE: FPL) said today that it’s wind farms continue to help meet the growing need for pollution-free electricity in Texas while providing new economic opportunities for local communities and the state.

FPL Energy, through its subsidiaries, has invested more than a billion dollars in Texas and currently has eight wind farms in operation in the state. With a net capacity of nearly 1,000 megawatts the plants are capable of generating electricity for close to 300,000 Texas homes. In 2005, the wind farms offset generation emissions totaling nearly 1.5 million tons of carbon dioxide; almost 3,400 tons of sulfur dioxide and more than 1,800 tons of nitrogen oxide that would have otherwise been released into the atmosphere if not for the wind farms."

TEXAS!!! Can you believe it! The oil rich state. Our Republican's in the corner office are against this also. What is wrong with this state.......





Statewide in Texas, there are, AFAIK, about 2500 MW's of wind-powered electric capacity. There are plans for 5 times that amount. To put that in perspective, New England's typical day base-load demand runs around 18,000 MW. Cape Wind is projected to have a max. output of 450MW or thereabouts.

The political dynamic here is weird. We have a US senator who vigorously opposes something, yet backs a gubernatorial candidate who supports it while chastising another gubernatorial candidate who is on the same page as he is, while the president he purports to despise was governor of Texas during the time when much of this generation was being built. Sort of like the old saw "The enemy of my friend is my friend". I can see why JN is so frustrated with the Democratic party in Massachusetts. With me, that frustration extends well beyond just the Democratic party.

FWIW, There are at least two wind farms under construction in Maine. One is in Mars Hill up in Aroostook County. I saw the generators and hubs enroute on flatcars at Ayer a while back. The generator housings are surprisingly large (about the size of an Airstream camper trailer). I think the total output of the Mars Hill project is 40 MW's. Item; New York City's electric power demand increases by 150 MW annually. New England's increases by about 200 MW annually.

In Texas, much of the open land is state-owned. Ranchers lease it and, in exchange for managing it, share in some of the mineral rights. I have only to assume that those rights extend to wind generation.

Nebraska and Wyoming are two other states with sizeable installed wind generation (and the space and wind to accomodate it!) and I reasd recently that a large farm is being proposed for Iowa.

Notwithstanding the obvious operational drawbacks of wind power (calm days), there remains the challenge of placement near load pockets and/or transmission facilities.

Elsewhere on the blog, someone mentioned Denmark's initiative to be fossil fuel-free by 2050. That may happen, but let us not forget that Denmark has made a sizeable chunk of change off its royalties from North Sea gas and petroleum as have Norway and others. Also, there are reportedly large oil and gas deposits in Greenland (which belongs to Denmark).

I stil like the idea of photovoltaic (or wind) powered hydrolisis to make H2 from water. But then, there are the remaining engineering challenges to storing and transporting the H2.

Nothing's easy... Thank God!!!


To: A lousy $200 bucks

'...What is $200.00 bucks going to do for anyone? People are so goddamn selfish it borders on the ridiculous. This state needs that money more than 99% of the people of this Commonwealth. It is just how it is going to be spent...'
IS THIS A JOKE?? I can't believe this is a serious comment. Although you're right about one thing, I'm not sure what it would do for me, either, because first I'd have to decide which bill I'd pay with the $200 bucks! Maybe this year I'll draw straws. And if $200 is such a nonissue, why not make it $300? $400? And as far as the only issue being how the state would use it, have you looked at the Turnpike Authority.......??? And look at how many people pay the voluntary higher tax - very few, including our illustrious Senator, John Kerry!


Brick and others;

I know JN doesn't like links, and I apologize for these, but there was no other way to post these photos. JN, I promise I won't make a habit of it. They are from NERail.

Perhaps some on here will find these of interest.


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