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September 28, 2006


$5000. Reward! Who was that man in the "YELLOW JACKET"?

Who was that man in the "YELLOW JACKET"? Was it Brickbotton? Was it Somerspeak? Was it Dr. Mrs. McCarty in drag? Was it the Newmanator? Or could it of been Dennis Sullivan in his Halloween costume? Only his hairdresser knows for sure! The hunt is on for the "MAN IN THE YELLOW JACKET"!

Who's throwing those pies!

Ward 2

Our neighbors and I have recently, (or over the last couple of years) , have called in and gotten parking enforced on our streets that right off of Beacon. I have noticed that many cars that use to park on our street were now using the parking on Beacon, making it even more crowded. So, I am sure the problem on Beacon has been gotten worse as result. It makes sense to enforce the laws evenly, otherwise the problem just moves from one area to another.

I am sure the businesses on that street won't be too happy about loosing their free patron parking. But, since the area is zoned more residential than anything else, and it has always been that way when these businesses were originally opened they really can't complain. Especially since there is so much more foot and bike traffic in the area now. I see a lot more young people walking around spending money too. Businesses must have known the risk they were taking when they opened. Many, I am sure, will do better now if the cater to the local community anyway. I sure hope these businesses don't try to change the zoning so that they can have more parking and create more traffic in our neighborhood. Instead, I would rather see some of these places put some benches, trees, tables, and bike racks out front and build a better and wider sidewalk. Beacon street is already one of the main Bike routes into the city, and into the biotech area from west Cambridge and Somerville.

Most people that park on Beacon overnight do not even bother to get the required residential permits. Somerville is probably losing the equivalent of a couple of firemen's or policemen's salaries each year by not enforcing the parking laws in areas like this. I think to be fair, they should put in a few meters for the day time and convert the rest to residential. At night, it should all be residential parking. Right now it is just a free for all, And all means mostly not the area residents.

Ron Newman

If I recall correctly, this part of Beacon Street is not permit-only, it is 2-hour except by permit. That should be sufficient for most customers of the small-scale businesses there.

ward 2

I think it is only 2 hour parking during the day too, it ends at like 8 or something. But throw in a few parking meters spots except by permit, if you have permit no need to pay the meter.... Let the city earn some dough from the busines parking. Someone needs to pay for new drainage and sewer systems and other city services anyway, unless the city starts giving out free rain barrels. Actually free rain barrels would help a lot if everyone used them.

Born Here

when is the Somerville News going to "break" the story of the cop that got fired ?? And NO it wasnt your boy Capo.
The farm team got you on that one, keep up the important discussion about the Mural....Gotta go punch out, another 8 hours OT on the City !!

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