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September 29, 2006


Max Warwick

I'm confused again. If I'm reading the story correctly, this five acre tract has ONLY 11 direct abutters?

Ron Newman, help me here lil buddy. Does this sound right to you?

The Other Ward 5 Residents

Why would Alderman O’Donovan segregate the outside areas of this proposed development from the direct abutters? I understand those 11 will be directly impacted but down the drive chain, so will those on Morrison Ave, Lexington Ave., Alpine Street, Princeton Street, Trull Street, Albion Street, Hudson Street, and many other avenues in the vicinity. Alderman O’Donovan should consider the effects of all these areas since he is the one that represents us ALL.

Eleven votes will not get you re-elected Alderman O’Donovan. It takes the entire Ward 5 constituents to do that.

Ron Newman

If "direct abutters" means properties whose lines actually touch KSS's property -- no streets, railroads, or bike path extensions in betweeen -- I think there are far fewer than 11.

Looking at the Google Maps satellite view...

None on Princeton Street (abandoned rail/bike path extension is in between)

None on Lowell Street (commuter rail tracks are in between)

None on Warwick Street (all houses are across the street)

None on Cylde Street (ditto)

Three or four on Murdock Street

I may be misinterpreting the term "direct abutter", or the article may be in error when using it.

The Candy Man

you mean o'drinkivan actually stopped shoving food and drink down his gullet long enough to utter a semi-senisical statement???? did you get a glimpse of the pull-string????

Max Warwick

Thanks Ron. So let me ask the next question. What if, for example, that direct abutters INCLUDED property owners whose properties were separated by public ways/rr tracks/community paths/bridges etc.

1)How many of those are there around the site and 2)how many are located within the neighborhood(Clyde/Warwick/Murdock) that seems to be objecting to the zoning changes?

Vikki Vale

For the LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY- if your gonna LIE about something SOD, get the layout right first!! Friggin Dipshit.

Grand Total

What are the proposed changes? Do we know?

If they are out somewhere, and since most of the members of this community are not experienced land use attorneys can someone put the terms of the proposed zoning changes into some layman's terms and into a language that most of us could understand so that we can discuss it? Why are we talking about abutters and wondering why the plans were changed, I mean withdrawn at the last minute?

Ron Newman

Google Maps are not a good substitute for walking around the area, but it looks to me like...

Princeton Street -- 10 or 11 houses whose back yards abut the abandoned rail/future bike path extension, which in turn abuts KSS's land

Warwick Street - 4 houses across the street from KSS

Clyde Street - 2, maybe 3 houses across the street from KSS

Murdock Street - 3 or 4 houses whose back yards abut KSS, and 3 or 4 more across the street

Lowell Street - I'd still say zero abutters. The VNA is too far away.

I'm not going to count anything on the north side of the commuter rail as an abutter, since the railroad tracks are an uncrossable barrier.

Ron Newman

On second look, leave out the "3 or 4 across the street" on Murdock.

Max Warwick


Agreed. But I don't understand the "uncrossable barrier" part. Why do you consider the tracks "uncrossable"? What about the bridge? Won't that carry traffic over to those abutters?

Max Warwick

And so one final question: Does anyone know if RR is one of the "eleven" direct abutters?

Ron Newman

By "uncrossable" I meant that you cannot walk directly from any of those properties to MaxPak's property, because the Lowell commuter rail line (and its fences) are in the way. So I'd consider them less affected by KSS's plans than the properties I previously cited on Clyde, Murdock, Warwick, and Princeton streets.

If you still want to count them, looks like there are 7 or 8 houses directly abutting the north side of the tracks, where those tracks in turn abut KSS's property.

Traffic impact goes way beyond direct (or even indirect) abutters.

Ron Newman

If Google's phone book and maps are both correct (20 Warwick Street), the answer is no.

Clyde Murdock

The direct abutters to the property in question are as follows:

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts(bridges)
City of Somerville (land between bridges)
MBTA (unused rail spur)
Guilford Transportation Industries(active rail line)
7 private property owners on Murdock Street

No properties on Warwick or Clyde Street are considered direct property boundary abutters.

Ron Newman

I don't think Guilford still owns any railroad tracks around there; the MBTA bought them from the bankrupt B&M decades ago. Guilford still has rights to run freight trains on the tracks. If John Roderick is reading this, he can correct me.

Clyde Murdock

Guilford Transportation Industries is now known as Pan Am Systems. The name change became effective in 2006.

O'Donovan is a wanker

The real issue here is O'Donovan's wankerhood. That wanker is the biggest wanker i've ever seen -- he doesn't return calls, solicits bribes and basically uses the people of somerville to further his own political career and financial needs. Screw you O'Donovan! You frigging wanker!

Curt and Tony

"O'Donovan Speaks"

Thank you Somerville News, you made my day!

The title of the article is worth the price of admission.

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