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September 20, 2006


Dilboy staff

I'm glad to see Rick Wilette is getting the job for maintaining Dilboy. He has a lot of facility maintenance experience from the MDC and the guys at DPW will like working with him. I think he will hire good people to work with him as well. This is a good score for the city in my opinion.

And coming soon to a house near you.......

....and coming soon to a house near you....
There are definitely pockets of 'day workers' turning up in neighborhoods. A whole houseful is picked up very early every morning and dropped off late at night on Robinson Street, a very quiet, lovely little street of familes, waking up the neighbors with honks and loud voices! ISD has already been down there once I hear but no change yet, despite the large numbers of people who seem to be living in each apartment!

Bill for Boss

That's great news that Bill White might be running for mayor. He's about the smartest person on the BOA and can get things done. I don't care what party he's with, he's a good person and a good leader. It would be great having Bill White as mayor. His integrity is beyond reapproach.

Planet Somerville


Ya, Willette running Dilboy, great idea.
Free Coke for everyone.

Illegals all over the City occupying city employee owned housing stock. Check out who owns the Robinson Street house and the one on Nashua Street(last count - 15 illegals)

Bill White for Mayor? In a heartbeat. Hell I'd even vote for Kevin White at this point.

wacko town

This administration better wake up along with all the alderman, check out Marshall Street on the illegals, one time i counted 22 coming out one morning. Another absentee landlord.
The Democratic nominee is for giving drivers licenses to illegals? he's for free college for illegals? Read carefully what these candidates stand for, read there own words on there web sites. Again we managed as Democrats to vote for another Dukakis clone, you remember him, tax and spend us into the poor house, Taxachusetts all over.


All I know is that the same people who said Tony would not be a good mayor now tell me that Curtatone is a disaster. Bill White is qualified, but at least Tony accept his bright, shiny dome. The city needs a passionate leader, who can lead the city back to where we once belonged. That man is Tony LaFuente. Besides, you can't comb over a personality vacuum.

Bill White Has No Organization.

Bill White = Nice Guy

Bill White & No Organization = Loser

Save yourself the time and the energy, don't even bother. Why ruin what you currently have? I vote for Bill White every election, and the truth is that he has no shot.

Planet Somerville

The previous post brought to you courtesy of the same folks that said Deval Patrick had no chance.

50% of the votes cast. Read it and weep.


Glad to see Trane back in action.

Bob, those that are follically challenged should not throw combs.


Bill White for MAYOR - I'm In..........


Unfortunately, Kevin White meets new friends every day and can hide his own Easter eggs.

Bill for Boss

To "Bill White has no organization" above I say, so what? Can you name another person, other than the present mayor, who is as qualified to run the city? I can't. Even Tony LaFuente as successful as he is in private industry doesn't have the intimate internal knowledge of finances of the city or the union agreements to take charge. But Bill White does. Denise Provos has the highest vote count in the city for the alderman's seats and was higher than Joe C., but Joe C. still came out and won the mayor's seat. What makes you think another alderman at large couldn't do the same thing? And wasn't there something like 30-35% of the population that voted last time with blank or nobody for mayor? That should tell you something that there's a lot of discension out there among the voters. The only place that Joe C. beats Bill White is in the fundraising arena where he has a lot of loyal supporters and money coming in from different sources and he has a lot of lawyer friends, but I think if Bill worked at it he could overcome that too. I think your selling Bill White short without any good reasons. I hope he decides to throw his hat in the ring. Baldness or hair doesn't make any difference to me. I'm not hiring a magazine model, I'm hiring a mayor.

Judge Joe

If Joe Cutrateone is going to be a judge when Deval Patrick is governor, wouldn't we want to start looking now for someone capable of replacing him for mayor? Or can he hold both seats at the same time, mayor and judge?

grand total

doesn't have the intimate internal knowledge of finances of the city or the union agreements to take charge.

Well we are tired of the Same old, same old, it is time for a change of the finances with somebody new and fresh who can bring new ideas in and think out ot the box that has us going nowhere fast.

Former Lt. Gov. Candidate Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Thursday September 21, 2006

Erection News Follow-Up...............

Curtatone Avenue for the Performing Arts

It has been announced today from McCarthy Headquarters that Dr. Mrs. Mary McCarthy has conceeded in the race for Lt. Governor.

Manny Gonsalves, spokesperson for the campaign, spoke on behalf of McCarthy after morning Mass from the steps of the Little Sisters of the Poor. "She's one pissed off dame today. I would'nt go near her for the next week or so if I was you guys." he said.

Asked by reporters why he walked with a cane and appeared to be nursing his groin area during the two minute press conference, Gonsalves tersely replied, "Take a wild guess asshole."

McCarthy remains in seclusion and has not returned any of our calls.

Friday in the Cambriville News............

"Does Cambriville Need More Hearing Officers or are the Deaf Ones Doing Just Fine?".


It's amazing that if something goes right Stan and the Mayor get credit for it. If something goes wrong watch out! There are other reasons for your dislike of Nick Salerno you need to work on that. The Election Department works very hard making sure everyone who legally has the right to vote gets their vote counted. They are not responsible for getting people out to vote. Do you want them to come to your house and take you by the hand to the poll? Give me a break! Why don't you run more articles on why people should vote? Anyone who reads a newspaper, listens to a radio, or watches tv knows when election day is, the polling places are listed in the newspaper and you can call the election department at any time to find out where you are supposed to go to vote. What exactly is controversial about this voting process?

spinach and Bedbugs

Who has touched your spinach and where do you thing there are working and what crop are they picking while the spinach factory is closed?

90% of these workers and pickers are poor immigrants with little access to clean facilities or health monitoring. Do you think Natural selection foods should be held responsible for cutting corners and making money at the countries expense? Why is'nt the national media talking about health care for guest workers?

Who pays for those Bed Bugs? who threw those pies?


Joe Curtatone is not going to be a judge, unless it is for Miss Assembly Square. I can hear it now: "Could the contestants tell us their plans for a new village and world-class biotech research park? You go first, Natasha."

To Esmerelda lets faceit Nick Salerno is a hack if there ever was one!

To Esmerelda lets face it, Nick Salerno is a hack if there ever was one! He was appointed by Dotty Gay. He doesn't give two shits about Joe Curtatone at all because Joe cant do a thing to him until his soon to be useless appointment comes to an end. Then Joe would be a darn fool to reappoint him. All Nick was is Dotty's spy for a while until he fed her all the JC administration lowdown's information she wanted. Then she dumped him like a hot (rat bastard potato). Nick used to call Dotty on every little detail like a Maxwell Smart sort of think. Ya, Maxwell Not-so-smart- Salerno. Not to worry though because JC knows all about it!

Truth Fan

Bill Shelton's column "There are none so deaf as those who will not listen" was the most eloquent thing that I've read on the war in Iraq. Shelton can get on his high horse sometimes, but that piece was humble and full of heart, maybe because of his time in Vietnam.

I've been waiting for it on the website, so that I could send the link to friends around the country. I'm sorry to post in the Newstalk space, but I haven't seen Shelton's column for a few weeks now. Are you going to post the one about the deaf who won't listen?

Bill Shelton

Truth Fan,

I'm emailing you an electronic copy of the column. If anyone else wants copies of past columns, please email me directly, rather than posting to the website. And please identify the column by name rather than date.




Why have you stopped your stories on how sex, drugs and rock and roll have hindered economic development in Assembly Square and the entire city? You're killing me! You still haven't given us any justification as to why we all should listen to you. Tell me who's funding those berets, and in the words of one of my favorite posters, who's throwing those pies?!


I would like to comment on this week's letter to the Editor from Todd Kaplan. Mr. Kaplan should get his facts straight before placing blame where it doesn't belong.He wants to blame former mayor Larry Bretta for the Police Station problems as well as the need to rebuild some of our schools. Bretta sure has much to be blamed for, but the "reformers" Mr. Kaplan refers to are to blame for those issues. the Brune administration made the obviously unwise decision to build the Police Station out of the MBTA's old car barns.And the administration of another "reformer" S.Lester Ralph built the Community Schools that are now in need of rebuilding. Mr. Kaplan wants to take the easy way and blame every bad decision former administrations have made on a guy who isn't around to defend himself. That's a real cheap shot.

Special Report: Desk missing aboard Battleship USS Missouri!

I was just watching the Discovery Channel featuring a documentary about the Battleship Missouri. Did you know that the original desk that the Japanese unconditional Surrender was signed on by General McGarther and the Emperor of Japan aboard the Missouri was misplaced and lost. I wonder if Captain Femino had any relatives that were stationed aboard that battle ship as well?
Who's throwing those Pies?


hey bill, i have a question to ask u:
do u know who's the author of the following quote: " there are none so deaf as those who will not hear" ?
i need to find out the real author of this quote, the book where this quote is found and the paragraph + the link where the answer is.
thanx a bunch

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