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September 25, 2006



It's interesting that the city feels that these crowds can't be asked to disperse. Why is this being brought to the Multicultural Council to find a solution? These people are gathering in large numbers, illegally, and they should be asked to move in. I know that when teen-agers gather at parks they're asked all the time to 'move on', and when large groups of all ages gather in public spaces they're required to obtain a permit and have a police detail. Why are these people being treated differently? They're gathering in a public space, and it's becoming hazardous, and the city has every right, and every obligation, to ask them to move. You may worry about their Civil Rights now, but when something happens and I or someone in my family is hurt, the city will be liable, because they're aware of the problem and have chosen to ignore it. How can the Police Chief say 'noone is in imminent danger'? How does he know that? Does this mean that my son and his friends can go back to 'hanging' at the park without worrying about being told to leave? They can just tell the officers that they're 'looking for work' and that will mean it's OK!!

your right

I agree with you, your exactly right, civil rights are being violated but ours the taxpayers and hard working citizens of Somerville. So when something does happen and it will, by allowing this circus to continue then we can sue the City and Dunkin Donuts and don't forget that Foss Park is state control.
The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has a law already on the books, its illegal in Massachusetts to hire illegals period, the police department would do wise to make sure the law that exist already is carried out and the contractors,and all others that are hiring should be fined and arrested.
We don't need a new law, just the balls from the Chief, Mayor and Alderman along with State officials to enforse it.

A vote for Deval Patrick will make the immigrant problem worse.

A vote for Deval Patrick will make the immigrant problem worse. I hope that people can see through this guy. If Deval Patrick is elected get ready to witness all the handouts this state gives immigrants. Why work, when we can all quit our JOBS and get everything for free.

Multicultural this!

Who the hell is this Manrique guy to make the assanine statement that we all live here like were supposed to have a freakin group hug or something. Does he know where these day workers live? Where they come from? If so, then why doesn't he assist the local authorities including the ward alderman Bill Roche who is at least trying to get this horror show under control and votes for him in his current job? Why are we coddeling these people? Hey, here's a suggestion, their loitering on public property. Where's the problem with civil rights there? Boot them out. When I was a kid when we hung out at a park for a wile, the cops would come along and move us along and if we didnt go, they'd give us a swift kick in the ass. You want me to name names of guys who did that and whom I have the uppermost respect for today? I can. Dont werry though, if the cops dont get moving and figure out a soulution, the teamsters will The scab contractors will be number one on the list to. Like Duval is going to try and actualy do something about this. Ya, right.

Newman's probation officer

I say it again! Throw a fence around Foss Park and give them all 3-5!

City Hall human Resource Department

I say we hire them all! Train them! And replace the Board of Alderman with them! See how they like their jobs taken away!

Are we now blaming Patrick for the existing........

immigrant problem???? It seems that the Republicans have been in the corner office for the past 16 years. What has the Governors Office done about this has been getting worse for years.

At least Patrick wants to document these illegal immigrants so we know who the hell they are. Get real....they will never go away. There is no hope in the countries they come what do they have to lose?

If the IRS could bring down Al Capone......

then I'm sure a few contractors won't be a problem!

who's in charge

How many Representatives are Democrats, How Many Senators are Democrats in Massachusetts? The Massachusetts law on hiring illegal aliens is enforced by who? The Democratic Attorney General? The Democratic state Treasurer? The Democratic Speaker of House? The Democratic President of the Senate? The Democratic Congressional Deligation? Or the Republican Governorship? Either get real or at least read civic's on how our form of government should run. We shouldn't be voting for any candidate advocating taking away any jobs never mind Union jobs from law abiding citizens that pay taxes.


"The Massachusetts law on hiring illegal aliens is enforced by who?"

That would fall under that loser Reilly....but if he refuses do do his job then it is up to the Governor to make sure he does.

Solh Zendeh

Wait a minute, this is not a big problem. Post a cruiser at the park and arrest any contractor that picks up an illegal. How long until contractors stop risking picking up at the park? Once that stops people will stop gathering. I understand that may not solve the larger problem, but jeez, talk about any easy first step.

From the "ACTING" Chiefs office...

As was quoted above:

“There is no individual in imminent danger. We’re going to take our time and work with other departments like the Multicultural Council to solve this problem. It’s a sensitive issue and we want to do it right.

His job is on the ropes as it is, he doesn't want to step on anyone else's toes.
He is a damn coward and can't make a decision until it comes from city hall!

Ward 2

Fact is, I know a lot of Brazilians that get Canadian Visas to come here thru Canada because they have work lined up before they even get here. Almost none of them would come back if the illegal hiring stops. Even less enforced than immigration laws are laws that preven people from hiring illegal immigrants.

When you have crowds of people coming over on a regular basis , on a similar circumstances many of them start bringing over their families, pregnent wives, and children and start staying longer because they can find work and a place to live. This is how the problem grows.

The source of the problem is the work that they all know they will find. In most cases they get the job before they get the visa to america or canada and mexico. illegal hiring is the third rail nobody want to touch. No one wants to let their cheap house keeper or nanny go or admit that they broke the law themselves by hiring some of these good people to finish the addition to their house. No rich business man wants to give up all of that cheap labor. Our entire crop picking industry is totally depended on guset workers and I am sure it is rought with illegal workers as well. Many rich republicans run businesses by using this labor force. These industries and busineses lobby heavily to keep the edge that they have. The country would go broke without it. But it is getting out of controll. Unions can not compete with it becuase it is so easy to hire these guys. We need this labor force in the crop fields in the fields in the south and west on a guest worker basis that can be trully monitored and tracked. But we don't illegal hiring and people getting taken advangtage of.

If Somerville is not going to help legal contractors and painters retain their jobs at decent living wages they are going to hurt blue collar working people. If Somerville allows the illegal hirring the city is actaully contributing to the degradedation of humans that work at super-low wages without medical and retirement benifits.

Normally if a business has difficulty attracting workers it offers a better deal. With legal low-wage day labor, that process is more than short-circuited. When workers can be made to work for lower wages, less benifits , and in poor work conditions an underclass workforce is created. When you create an underclass in society you will contribute to poverty and everything it brings. Health issues, crime and gang violence cost good people a lot of time an effort to overcome. Why don't we start overcoming these issues by trully enforcing laws against illegal hiring? We enforce wage laws and union contracts for US citizens. But gaining a foot here only to loose a mile when illegals are hired by cheaters makes no sense.

It *is* funny

Saying Deval Patrick is going to make things worse here is just plain ignorant. I have read his positions on illegal immigration and had my own concerns about giving drivers' licenses to these guys -- BUT I believe him when he says it's a way to track and monitor a pretty unknown population right now. Illegals don't come for a drivers' license, they come for a job, and that's where the action needs to take place. Crack down on the contractors hiring these guys and send a message that Somerville doesn't roll over and wring its hands at a tough problem. And I think it's absolutely true that if this was going on in Davis or up near Tufts, someone would do something about it.

Let's Crack Down

Some of them come for a job, some of them come here illegally for illegal purposes! And both groups are still here ILLEGALLY. Tracking is one thing, giving them a state-authorized form of identification which can be used for housing, government aid, etc. is another. Having a government issued ID card is one more step toward acceptance, and I think that's what some are trying to accomplish. Why are we tracking them, unless it's to send them home, since they're illegal? Crack down on those hiring them, also, no problem there, but they have just become too much of a drain on our society and our finances. It needs to be controlled.

Imigration Man

I say we wrap them all up and send them home with a one way ticket back home. also you think foss park is bad.. check out the sunoco gas station on mcgrath highway they are lined up there too. so this imigration man says GO HOME GET LOST DO NOT PASS GO.


Right, Kerry "Muffy" Healey will come down to Foss Park and arrest all of the illegals herself. Like she cares. Her chauffeur can't find Somerville on a map and I don't think she stops at the Hess to use the washroom. She'll let the laborers stay, just like Mitt does, it will give voters another reason to vote for a Republican governor to "solve the problem" in 2010, 2014, 2018.

It could be legal

Isn't it possible that these people aren't all illegal immigrants? Isn't it possible that some of them are legal immigrants looking for work from these contractors? Not everyone from a foreign country is here illegally.

Another Argument

How come nobody ever talks about the Public Health issues with the Undocument workers. In this day and age with the spread of epidemics one would think that halting these people coming into this country would be a good idea to avoid diseases coming in. Plus, think of the cost they impose on healthcare. I am sure if Deval wins we will see more free healthcare for them. You people are so concerned about local aide, well there is some right there. Government healthcare pays for almost every procedure and who do you think pays, you and I my friend.

On a side not here is a crazy policy from our ahole neighbors next door in NY. Peta got the NYS legislature to pass a law that gives recipients of food stamps free neuders and spades for their pets. That procedure costs on average 400 dollars. Especially in a state of that size think of how much that will cost.

Many supporters of these workers never think about the fact that they are lowering our wages. Think about it, 20 years ago a worker in a meatpacking plant was payed 18 dollars an hour with benefits. Today one of these workers gets paid 6 with no benefits. Its not that American's won't work these jobs, its the fact that they don't pay enough to survive especially in Massachusetts. All we are doing is increasing the labor supply causing wages to go down for blue collar jobs. Now you people wany to give them free college tution at Umass.

Being a Umass graduate I am apauled. The Globe did a very interesting article a few months back about how Umass is becomiong unaffordable to instate students. Someone has to pay for free tuition and I am sure it will eventually be reflected on the Umass price. Is that really fair, the people who paid into the system honestly all those years will lose out. Think of it this way, you increase the labor supply with more educated workers, that will lead to lower wages. Look at the Computer field, tears ago these jobs payed 75,000 to start. The jobs that haven't been outsourced or insourced pay starting out around 45,000.

It is appalling

I guess they don't teach spelling at UMass Boston.


I don't understand why this has to be such a big deal. Everyone is making such a mountain out of a mole hill out of the illegals who stand on Foss Park. The solution is simple:round them up, have them prosecuted for vagrancy and loitering, then have them shipped back or deported from where they came. They are ILLEGAL---that means against the law, for people who don't seem to understand the meaning of the word and defend them.

By the way, how can you defend and respect anyone who so blatantly disrespects and disregards the laws of this country: our immigration laws, and our employment laws; both federal, state and city wide. It is a disgrace!

The illegal immigrants have made a mockery of the laws in this country. In my opinion they are not entitled to rights or benefits of any kind as illegal citizens, nor do they have the right to demand any. Who do they think they are? I'll tell you who they are and what they are CRIMINALS!

Of course these guys came to this country to have a better life--at our expense. This should be discouraged as much as possible too. It is also my understanding that some of them have so called "anchor babies"....a baby baby born in the U.S. is a citizen. They can get a social security number for the child and welfare or housing benefits under the childs name. This is also a problem that has slipped through the cracks.

Did you ever stop to think that this country will go bankrupt if we allow all these illegals to stay here? Think about this...most of them don't speak English, most of them don't have any job skills. If they were allowed to stay and work here, they would be low income and all getting welfare, WIC, low income housing and health benefits at the tax payers expense!

Our hospital costs have risen because of the illegal immigrant too. They have no medical insurance and hospitals cannot refuse them care. We are paying for it with expensive medical costs and insurance. I resent footing the bill for the illegals medical bills, which is what we are all doing. Open your eyes!

Something radical has to be done about the illegal immigrants here. I am sick to death of them. We could not go to another country and live as illegal immigrants, behave this way, and...get away with it...why are the illegal immigrants of this country? The U.S. is allowing them to brow beat us. This has to stop!

By the way...anyone who defends the illegal immigrants can leave the U.S. with them all when they are deported as far as I am concerned. They are traitors to support criminals who are in violation of the laws of this country!


I forgot to mention that Duval Patrick has lousy policies as far as illegal immigrants go.

For one, he wants to give them drivers licenses! Ridiculous!

He also wants to give college tution to illegals! Is this man out of his mind? What about the U.S. Citizens and the Legal immigrants who live in this country and cannot afford to send their kids to college? Yet, we are to foot the bill for illegal immigrant kids to go to college? This is just plain wrong!

As far as drivers licenses go, that is a priviledge, not a right. But, it still should not be extended to criminals. Patrick's argument on this issue is this is how he will track them and know where they are. A bunch of bull if I ever heard it? As if illegal immigrants are going to live/stay in the same place and not move around? How will he track that? How would you track another type of criminal? There is no such way and that is a ridiculous excuse to use as a reason to give them drivers licenses.

Kerry Healy is another moron. She keeps shaking her finger at Duval Patrick, but let's face it, she did a lousy job working in the Romney Administration. She is as much to blame for the illegal immigrant problem as the rest of them. This has been going on for years and nothing has been done, which is unacceptable!

Ron Newman

Waah, waah, did an 'illegal' immigrant spill coffee on you or something this morning?


Oh yeah...the manrique guy you are asking about works at the City Hall in Somerville. He is the person who handles Multi-Cultural affairs. He is supports the illegal immigrants and so does Mayor Curtatone there. The only person with their head on straight that stands up against them all and speaks for the citizens of Somerville who are outraged about the illegal immigrant problem in Somerville is Alderman William Roche. The guy is fair and speaks the truth, straight up.


No one spilled coffee on me. I have been good and damn mad for a long time about the illegal immigrant problem. It has been bottled up and I had a lot to get off my chest. I mean everything I said. It is the God's honest truth.


I wonder how much MORE expensive housing would be if it wasn't for cheap immigrant labor?

Ron Newman

Well then you seem to have a huge grudge against a large group of people who have never done anything whatsoever to hurt you.


Hey Brittan...let's be real here. No one who is a U.S. Citizen or a documented worker is going to hang around on Foss Park looking for work. You know why? Because they have the proper documentation to complete an I-9 form and be hired legally by a reputable employer. Not some crummy dishonest employer, who doesn't want to pay taxes, wages or abide by employment laws and can hire cheap help under the table by driving over to Foss Park.

Which brings up another subject...why has this state and city failed so miserably in prosecuting these employers who hire illegal immigrants? They should be stopped.

Listen, there are a lot of documented workers and U.S. Citizens who cannot find work because the illegals are literally taking work away from them. I have a friend who has been looking for a part-time job and can't find one. Guess why? Because of the illegals.

Deport them all!!

Ron Newman

Somerville Hospital offers rabies shots.


Hey Ron and Fever... can you say do gooders?

You sound like the typical do gooder types that defend the illegals. Why don't you move in with them and join them when they are deported? You guys are traitors.

I can't stand people who are so politically correct. It is sickening!


Ron, you are a dirty dog. And a traitor to your own people for showing support of illegal immigrants.

john doe

Illegals are just that Illegals, what if we all stop paying our taxes? What is the sense of being a law abiding, tax paying citizen if that doesn't work. Shit under Patrick they can get licenses, he says to keep tabs on them. But if you have a license, makes it easier to obtain all sorts of other things doesnt' it? I say illegal or legal doesn't matter, both them and contractors that pick them up should be fined and arrested, and everyone boycott The Dunkin Donuts for allowing it in there parking lot. This is very simple, this activity at Pearl Street, McGrath and Broadway, Robinson Street and Baily Road wouldn't be allowed to happen in Wellselly or Newton even in Davis Square why is it always East Somerville. Arrest them all and ship them home and the slime contractors as well, especially them.

to Pat


The country will not go bankrupt over the illegals, unless we loose them. What will happen is that employers will keep payng less and less. This will make a lot of Republicans very rich. Without guest workers (and illegal immigrants), our farms and produce pickers could not compete with vegetble growers in Mexico and other cheaper countires. We would lose tons of business to third world countries. So yes, they have definetly become vital to our economy so nobody is going to stand for throwing them all out, unfortunatly, unless you hire some they won't be doing you any good or guys like you any good whatsoever! NOw you have to compete with them. For housing and jobs!


I love these people who tell me I have a huge gruge against a large group of people.


The large group of people you are talking about happen to be ILLEGAL. They are CRIMINALS.


Yes, I have been boycotting that Duncan Donuts all my life. Because I don't like the location! That will teach them!


Sorry, John. You can't convince me. We did fine in this country for years without illegal immigrants and now it will hurt the enconomy if they leave? I just don't buy it.
It is propoganda invented to support the illegals and try to help them stay in the U.S.

Personally, I feel it is an insult and a slap in the face to the people who are came to this country legally through immigration, with the visas and through all the red tape. How should they feel if we just grant amnesty to the illegal immgrants and let them stay here, even though they broke the law?


I am signing off. Hope I have stirred up some hornets nests and juicy conversation on this blog. Good night.

Ron Newman

Have fun at your Klan meeting.

contractors no what there doing

Contractors are suppose to get permits from Inspectional Services to do jobs in the city. The Board of Alderman can send a message to all contractors to not allow permits for work, if they can't prove all there workers are legals and documented and that taxes are paid. And for the crowd of people hanging in various places, the police should move them along for Loitering just like they would do with teenagers or any other group that gathers in large numbers. And Dunkin Donuts should be sued if anyone gets into and accident in that lot. These politicians that claim to be Democrats and Progressive should be ashamed of themselves and start to worry about the faitful union workers, they just might not vote Democrat. And last of all Ron, lets move the crowd along to in front of your building where you live.

Solh Zendeh

Pat, you are correct that immigration will ruin us. In fact, the problem is plain old over-population. Anyone who thinks that immigration is benefiting this country has not thought through the *long term* problem logically.

Short summary:

- wealth is derived from work.

- currently most "work" in this country is done by machines run on oil.

- thus, our great wealth as a nation is derived from our great wealth in *oil*.

- our domestic oil supplies have peaked and are going down.

- the worlds oil supply growth is slowing, and may peak soon.

- thus, because for us oil=work=wealth, there will be less and less wealth growth in parallel with reduced supplies of oil.

- because of immigration, our population growth will soon exceed our ability to grow our supplies of oil=work=wealth.

Overpopulation will ruin us - guaranteed. It's entropy in action.

Pat, your hatred of a whole group of miserable poor people is ridiculous. Direct your anger at those who deserve it - follow the big money.

disagree with you

Why say crap like that? "Have fun at your Klan meeting"? Why is it that the LEFT when they can't justify there side, they start saying that people who disagree are "Racist"? Why can't you just not say anything, instead of making yoursef sound like the weisal and freeloader that you are Ron? I see you show up at events all over the city, and i've heard you more then once refer to people who disagree with you as Racist, some might think you are Ron. You and your illegal Grandmother might be better off where was that Ron? What Country was that?

Rabbi Joseph

ron you are an embarassment to your own people when you pull our your PDS soap box and start in with the name calling and that i think of it, maybe this divestiture group has a point, only id like to divest from all the illegal immigrants who should be at the very least rounded up and sent back to their respective countries and given a bill for the travel expenses....for those who even remotely break any laws whilst here illegally too, they should be arrested and deported and any of them who commit a felony should be shot or hung to death, period. why stop there...i seriously would support any candidate for any office that proposes deporting anyone who entered the country after 1976 and anyone before then whos mother or grandmother was an illegal immigrant...thats you ron, youre out...maybe israel will take you and use you as a barrier in the gaza strip you whacko so liberal youre almost coming around the other side earthy crunchy backpack wearing socialist puke.

Solh Zendeh

Rabbi Joseph, you must know that the poor miserable masses on this earth are mostly just trying to get by. Have you no empathy? Blame the people who make billions off of pitting these illegals against our working class. I agree that liberals seem to have thier heads in the sky about many subjects - including this one, but at least they are not profiting from taking advantage of the poor. It is the massivly wealthy corperations that profit from cheap labor. Get pissed at them for god's sake.


Blame the corporations/big money? I can guarantee you that all those contractors driving around in beat up trucks are not associated with big corporations. Furthermore, if immigrants weren't given access to work by arresting those contractors we would create a much bigger crime crisis than any immigrant crisis. I suppose deportation/killing them is an option, but that's been tried before and I don't think anyone wants Somervillians to be compared to people like Hitler and Milosevic.

Ward 2

Blame the corporations/big money? I can guarantee you that all those contractors driving around in beat up trucks are not associated with big corporations.

No those guys aren't; but, they are the same ones hiring off the books and driving workman's comp up for the people who do follow the law. And they are not paying the taxes normally paid by for with their workers. If anyone benefits from this, it is only the people doing the hiring as they are not passing those savings on to you. And they are not paying for police, fire, and teachers in our community when they do this.

A Lot of the day labor immigrants come over to send money back home and save up enough to move back, at least initially that is their plan, the same deal goes with guest workers, then they find opportunities and a community of people willing to show them how easy it is to stay. The day labor issue is a growing issue across the country right now. If you end the jobs, most of these folks will go home and will not come back if there is no work. You would put an end to all the people who have not come here yet. What you should do is Google an article called Reclaiming the Issues: "It's an Illegal Employer Problem"
by Thom Hartmann


Finally someone with reason comments on this thread. The Klan members that frequent this thread probably still believe deportation/killing them is still an option but hopefully they are the vocal minority.

I think you got some facts very wrong.

“If anyone benefits from this, it is only the people doing the hiring as they are not passing those savings on to you”
If you go to Walmart the prices prove we benefit from cheap labor. The same concept is true in Somerville, I wonder how much more expensive housing costs / renovations would be if it wasn’t for Brazilians willing to work cheap.

“If you end the jobs, most of these folks will go home and will not come back if there is no work”
Go spend some time in a third world country and I think you’ll quickly realize that things would need to get significantly worse in this country before any of these immigrants choose to go back.

ward 2

If you go to Walmart the prices prove we benefit from cheap labor.

Walmart and Illegal hiring are good comparisons but you have it all wrong. Walmart is efficient at moving goods to people for less cost intially or upfront. But when you look a little closer at what is going on you see that walmart drains and syphons money from local communities and from poor and middle class people and then funnels it all into the hands and pockets of Billionairs. Remember the rich are getting richer, they are all billionairs now.

Money spent in local stores gets spent localy, so if you pay more at a local store that local store may hire a local lawyer or a carpenter for thier home or an advertiser for their business. The local economy thrives. And you too because you are part of it. Taxes are paid and city services are paid for by all of this business. When outside efficient chanis come into a community they suck all this revenue out.And that is what they are trully efficient at doing. Remember, when they can build a robot to take do your job, you are going to loose it.

Did'nt Henry George Talk about this more than a century ago in his essay on "Progress and Poverty" Did'nt JFK speak about us having teh resources we need to end poverty? And the U2 guy Bono keeps going on an on about it. But as it was then in Henry's day, it is in ours... "The association of progress with poverty
is the great enigma of our times"

" The utilization of steam and electricity, the introduction of improved processes and labour-saving machinery, the greater subdivision and grander scale of production, the wonderful facility of exchanges, have multiplied enormously the effectiveness of labour.

It was natural to expect, and it was expected, that laboursaving inventions would lighten the toil and improve the condition of the labourer; that the enormous increase in the power of producing wealth would make real poverty a thing of the past....

That Political Economy, as at present taught, does not explain the persistence of poverty amid advancing wealth in a manner that accords with the deep-seated perceptions of man; that the unquestionable truths that it does teach are unrelated and disjointed; that it has failed to make progress in popular thought - must be due, it seems to me, not to any inability in the science when properly pursued, but to some false step in its premises, or overlooked factor in its estimates. And as such mistakes are generally concealed by the respect paid to authority, I propose in this inquiry to take nothing for granted. I propose to beg no question, to shrink from no conclusion, but to follow truth wherever it may lead. If the conclusions that we reach run counter to our prejudices, let us not flinch; if they challenge institutions that have long been deemed wise and natural, let us not turn back."

What JFK, Bono,Henry and others misscalculate is greed.

Solh Zendeh

Fever, I have to admit - it didn't really occur to me that just taking away the jobs wouldn't be enough. Of course it's possible that being jobless and illegal in America is better than whatever situation they had back home.

For the 100 years some few people amassed tremendous wealth using up the resources of this land (primarily oil). The rest of the people accepted the trickle down economics because the disparity between the top end and the average guy didn't matter - even the average guy could have a better quality of life now than kings had just several hundred years before.

Now that is ending. Our internal oil supplies are waning, and we've opened our borders so that our wealth flows out (globalization) as the population grows (immigration and birth rate).

If you think we are going to invent our way out of it, I hope you are right. If you think being able to buy crap cheap at Wal-Mart is a net benefit to the average person, I don't agree. Our quality of life is in real jeopardy.


The real purpose of me getting involved with this thread was to dispel the notion that kicking immigrants out of this country/city and or prosecuting their employers was an irrational response to the problem. Sounds like I achieved my goal.

In regards to quality of living and the disparity between rich and poor I would argue that the U.S. is performing much better than any country in improving these conditions. Furthermore, we have the world by the tail economically in light of the fact we are greedy capitalists that embrace free trade and global competition. I find this conversation especially amusing under the context of immigration because if things were so bad here and getting worse why are immigrants risking life and limb to live here.

Georgie Boy

There is nothing wrong with globalization or free trade. The great sinister fact, the one that we must live with, is that we are giving our country away, we are yielding up sovereignty. The nation is no longer comprised of the thirteen original states, nor of the thirty-seven younger sister states, but of the real powers: the cartels, the corporations. Owning the bulk of our productive resources, they are the issue of that concentration of ownership we should be warned against.

These multinationals are not American any more. Transcending nations, they serve not their country's interests, but their own. They manipulate our tax policies to help themselves. They determine our statecraft. They are autonomous. They do not need to coin money or raise armies. They use ours.
And in opposition rise up the labor unions. In the meantime, the bureaucracy, both federal and local, supported by the deadly opposing factions, legislate themselves mounting power never originally intended for our government and exert a ubiquitous influence which can be, and often is, corrupt.

I do not wish to be misunderstood as falling into the trap of being called a socialists or a communists who after all condemn all privately owned business, all factories, all machinery and organizations for producing wealth. There is nothing wrong with private corporations owning the means of producing wealth. We can believe in private enterprise, and in its virtues and incentives to produce at maximum efficiency. It is the insidious linking together of special privilege, the unjust outright private ownership of natural or public resources, monopolies, franchises, that produce unfair domination and autocracy.

The means of producing wealth differ at the root: some is thieved from the people and some is honestly earned. We can differentiate between these two; Marx and communists and socialists did not. The consequences of our failure to discern lie at the heart of our trouble.

This clown civilization is ours. We chose this of our own free will, in our own free democracy, with all the means to legislate intelligently readily at hand. We chose this because it suited a few people to have us do so. They counted on our mental indolence and we freely and obediently conformed. We chose not to think.

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