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September 18, 2006


Going to Die Here

Hmmm...seems like I've seen these endorsements somewhere before.

I have to say you may be confusing Mr. Patrick with some of his supporters. Pat Jehlen or Denise Provost couldn't win outside of 128, that's true. But as a "Barney" who grew up north 'o quabbin (Born Here: "huh? where that be? that's not on my map! huh?") my contacts out west are telling me that Patrick has an operation out there they haven't seen the likes of since Dukakis in '82 and '86. Maybe not an inspiring comparison, but those were the last times the Democrats ran strong statewide campaigns for governor.

Metrowest and Worcester County are certainly more conservative than Cambriville, but they are not exactly the bible belt. My prediction is Patrick wins big tomorrow and then "beats Kerry Healy like a drum" in November (to paraphrase John McCain). The man is too damn smooth to lose, and the Dick Cheney fundraiser is going to KILL Healy (Cheney is rightly despised well beyond Cambriville).

Born Somewhere Else

born here

Another rocket scientist political, hmmmmm hack? Correct me if i am wrong but this paper like all other papers just give opinions on nominations right? After reading the diatrab on the so called other local paper the journal and then these, at least these guys can write and do it and have a little class.
All haters should go back to Church, get rid of the hate it will distroy you, Jesus will save you.


Remember this, Im sure Reilly would like to forget about it!!!!!
January 30, 2006

Chris Gabrieli last night abruptly pulled out of talks to become Attorney General Thomas F. Reilly's running mate in the governor's race, ending the candidate's courtship of the wealthy businessman who was expected to inject millions of his own money into the campaign.

In a statement released last night, Gabrieli said he had spoken with Reilly about joining him on a ticket for the September Democratic primary. ''But those discussions, though extensive, serious and productive, never turned into a formal offer to ticket," Gabrieli said.

''I have decided not to run for Lt. Governor," Gabrieli's statement said.

At one point yesterday, aides were making plans for a news conference today to announce the partnership, but last evening, two Democratic sources said the event was put off to allow Reilly to continue mulling the decision. One Democratic source said Reilly was not ready to decide on a ticket at this point in the campaign. The sources spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the talks.

The development represented a lost opportunity for Reilly, who had hoped to gain momentum, as well as benefit from Gabrieli's policy expertise and wealth, by naming him as a lieutenant governor candidate just before Democratic activists gather in caucuses later this week. He also faces another deadline: Under Democratic Party rules, candidates who want to run statewide must submit a letter to the party chairman by tomorrow.

Four other candidates have declared they are running for lieutenant governor, but Reilly and his advisers came up with their own list including Gabrieli, Senator Mark Montigny, Democrat of New Bedford, and Representative Marie St. Fleur, Democrat of Boston. On Friday, the Globe disclosed that Reilly was in talks with Gabrieli, and Gabrieli told one confidant that he wanted to join Reilly's ticket.

Gabrieli, 45, who was the Democratic nominee for lieutenant governor in 2002, had flirted with running for governor this year but decided not to. He had shown no interest until last week that he would again run for lieutenant governor.

In his statement, Gabrieli stressed his efforts to extend the school day, an area that he has pursued in his role as chairman of the nonprofit Massachusetts 2020. He noted that Reilly and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Deval Patrick, as well as Governor Mitt Romney, have supported that concept.

''The attorney general did ask me to consider whether I could accomplish these and other important goals as part of a ticket," Gabrieli said in his statement. ''I appreciate and am flattered by his interest and, of course, wish both Tom and Deval and the well-qualified field of candidates for lieutenant governor well in the election."

Democratic strategists had hoped Gabrieli's presence on the ticket would lend Reilly a financial boost against what they expect to be a well-funded Republican candidate in the fall. Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey is seeking the GOP nomination and businessman Christy Mihos is weighing whether to run as a Republican or an Independent.

Gabrieli, who made part of his fortune as an investment banker and venture capitalist, had spent $4.8 million when he teamed up with Shannon O'Brien in the Democratic primary in 2002. The two lost to Romney and Healey in the general election. In 1998, he spent $5.8 million but placed sixth in a 10-candidate Democratic race in the Eighth Congressional District.

The negotiations over a Reilly/Gabrieli ticket came just days before Saturday's local party caucus around the state, where Patrick is expected to win a large share of the delegates to be chosen for the Democratic convention in June. The convention will endorse candidates for statewide office.

Reilly's low-key approach to wooing the Democratic rank and file has surprised party leaders. Even Reilly insiders concede that his aim is not to win the Democratic convention endorsement. He has instead concentrated for the past two years on building a large campaign war chest, which tops nearly $3.7 million, six times what Patrick has on hand in his political account.

Patrick, a newcomer to the state political scene and the first black candidate for governor, has gained considerable support among Democratic activists around the state. Patrick has just over $500,000 in his campaign account and has said he will use some of his personal funds to mount his primary campaign.

Kahlil Byrd, campaign spokesman for Patrick, said that Patrick has no intention of choosing a running mate.

Reilly's consideration of Gabrieli was already creating political backlash in some quarters. The field of declared candidates already includes Worcester Mayor Tim Murray; Deborah Goldberg, a former Brookline selectwoman whose family founded Stop & Shop supermarkets; Andrea Silbert of Harwich, cofounder of a nonprofit training center for entrepreneurs; and Sam Kelley, a Cohasset psychiatrist.

When news of a potential coupling of Reilly and Gabrieli on a ticket emerged last week, Murray confronted the attorney general in his State House office. Other Democrats also criticized the move.

Yesterday, US Representative James P. McGovern, a Worcester Democrat who is chairing Patrick's campaign and is backing Murray, ripped Reilly for considering the partnership, rather than waiting for activists and voters to choose the lieutenant governor candidate. McGovern called it a ''backroom deal."

''This is politics at its worst," McGovern said, in an interview before the talks broke down. ''People in Worcester who were with Reilly are now saying they are going to flip (to Patrick)."

Lt. Gov. Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Hello from the Campaign Trail.............

I'm so sorry I haven't been in touch lately but everyone from Deval to Chris to Christy to Michael and yes even the Big Kahoona, Uncle Teddy, has been after me to make appearances with them before the polls open in the AM.

The campaigns are in a fever pitch right now so I can't spend a lot of time with you. Let me just say that Deval is thinking of me as his running mate, Chris has offered me a spot on the Board of Directors of any of his companies and Christy even offered me a lifetime supply of Slurpies.

Haven't heard a peep from Tom. Can't imagine why. Alhough Marie St. Fleur called me AGAIN looking for a loan and said she thought she saw Reilly thumbing on the Mass Turnpike in Watertown. Heading west.

As much as I adore my little pumpkin Jamie and have mucho admiration for the Mother of all News in Cambriville, Gabrielli just ain't gonna cut it this time.(either)

Gotta go fellow aliens.

See you at the polish, Polish, polls, psol, Aw shit,

See you around town,

Lt. Gov. Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

PS - Jamie, look it up and see if I can stay Lt. Gov. and be elected Mayor next year. Thanks Cupcake.


Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

I think you'll make a lovely sloppy Seconds Lady.

Best Wishes for November.

Charlie on the MTA

Lt. Gov. Dr. Mrs McCarty,
Can you promise us a new Green, Orange, Blue and Silver line MBTA stops.....ALL in Davis Square ??

Lt. Gov. Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


You betcha! And a new Heliport smack dab in the middle of the new Dilboy Field!

I might even have the Black Falcon Cruise Terminal moved down to the Mystic River.

(Now let me see.......any unused land in Somerville down by the river???????)


Lt. Gov. Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Together we Can

Together We Can

Loving Life in NH

I grew up in Somerville and recently moved to the Granite State where the air is fresh and men still marry women. When I read about all you wack jobs working your asses off for Patrick all I can say is, "You get what you deserve". Let the rap music begin.

Patrick is my choice

I am voting for Deval Patrick. I am very impressed with the way he speaks. It's not that often you find a colored guy that is as smart as him. I think it's a step in the right direction for the blacks.


And the Boston Herald endorses Tom Reilly. Big shocka there.

In related news:

Recent reports have indicated that in a bid to gain additional power for Cambriville, Mayor Joe Curtatone is requiring all Aldermen and School Committee members to follow in the footsteps of Bruce Desmond, Tim Toomey, Denise Provost and a cast of a million predecessors and run for additional office.

Cambriville News has reported that Ward 6 Alderman Rebekah Gewirtz has filed for the planned vacancy of Denise Provost's house seat, once Provost is promoted to Pat Jehlen's Senate seat when the coup d'etat to install Jehlen as Governor of Cambrichusetts is successful.

In a possible blow to the Most Rev. Lt. Gov. Dr. Mrs. McCarthy's bid for political office, Bill White will be running for Lieutenant Governor as a Republican.

The Cambriville News has also discovered Bill Roche filed for Middlesex County Dogcatcher, and Ward 5 Alderman Sean O'Donovan has pulled paper to run for Mayor of Tampa, Florida.

Also, Bruce Desmond was seen trying to steal outgoing Clerk of Courts Edward Sullivan's desk chair and two paperweights. Desmond was later seen headed towards jury duty and could not be reached for comment.

- - -

There will be a standout for Lt. Gov. Dr. Mrs. McCarthy tomorrow morning in the Market Basket parking lot on Somerville Avenue.

Lt. Gov. Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


I love you man. So glad you escaped the box. Can't stay long. Deb Goldberg was caught trying to light my digs on fire with fireplace matches she smuggled into Mass at the chapel. You gotta love Lottie Dugan. She noticed that Goldberg did'nt have a clue about when to kneel, stand and sit. She smoked that bitch out before Communion.

We're all waiting in the Day Room for the a-thor-a-tays to arrive.

Trickster, I miss you lots but I gotta run.


Lt. Gov. Dr. Mrs. McCarthy
(drop off your campaign contribution at the front door or leave it under the mat at the service entrance of the Curtatone Center across the street. And no cash, you cheekey monkey)


Cambriville News
Erection Day
September 19, 2006

Tampa Fla.....................

In what promises to be a nail biting day for the O'Donovan for Mayor campaign here in Tampa, our latest Cambriville poll shows O'Donovan with a slight lead over his opponent, Max the Seagull.

You might remember that Max the Seagull has been dogging the ward 5 Alderman since last year's insurection here in Cambriville. With the help of the "Dolphin Brigade" and the ever powerful "Manatee Marauders", Max the Seagull has assembled a formidable team in their efforts to thawart O'Donovan's quest for Mayor of Tampa.

We'll bring you more erection results as they become available(or at least when we finish lunch at the Beach Club)............

Tomorrow in Cambriville News.........Where do old campaign signs go after the defeat?

Born Here

"Going to Die Here",
Your a funny guy, one thing to need to learn as a "Barney".....don't push your luck using your smart-ass mouth !! Ya, I know where the Quabbin is, what it was, and how far I could throw you in it ! Your a typical loud mouth liberal, back pack wearing, DINK (you know what that is?)
So go walk your cat, lock up your bike, and hug a tree.

brickbottom newman

We heard today a certain bald republican alderman has pledged to switch sides -- wait a couple weeks and tell me i'm lying JN.


I'm so happy!


Switch parties? You mean Bill White will become a Republican?

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