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September 15, 2006


The Mole

Thank you Mr. Lynch for that fine piece of information on where the funds go. But don’t forget that there is more wasted money that is tagged along with the nixing of the Revitalization of Magoun Square.

What about the fees paid to Design consultants to re-do what they originally were hired to do? Where is this money coming from? Another Grant block! How free does this Administration use all this block grant money? I think someone on the BOA should ask for an “Independent Audit” of the books of SPCD.

And what private donations were made? Doesn’t the BOA always have to accept funds outside the ship when the ship is paying funds? Does this ship sail in the night without any lights on Mr. Lynch? I ask you since you are the pivotal point to the group and shows extreme interest in getting this project up and running.

I hope you can cast some light on the high seas for this ship to continue to sail or blow it out of the water and let a real vessel take its place.

The Mole

yes Mole

Yes, where does the money come from to fix the hidden oil tanks,the drainage sewage backup issues, and the pay to have the city officials hide all of these messes? Why would small businesses get the money and not the residents anyway?

Curt and Tony

Who gives a shit about Magoun Square except this guy. Joe's friend O'Donovan and his friends that own businesses there don't seem to mind that nothings happened. Besides, when you do the math, Joey gets a bucketfull of money from his friends at Palmer and Dodge. What does he get from this poor business district?

Maybe Lynch should start sending some $$$$ the Mayor's way. That's the American way to get things done.

Bill Shelton

In my admittedly partisan opinion, I think that Joe Lynch is right on target. A little more information will help explain why:

1. Mystic View Task Force said to the Court, "We need to get A.S. development moving, so we'll agree to all of the facts alleged by the city. We just want you to rule on the legality of the zoning that Palmer and Dodge wrote." Because of this "summary judgement," the Court found the zoning to be invalid WITHOUT A TRIAL. Prior to the judge's ruling, Palmer and Dodge made exatly one appearance in court, lasting less than two hours. The kindest way to describe Tom Champion's allegation that the Palmer and Dodge bills were run up in defending Mystic View's appeal is "disingenuous."

2. When, after five months, the city responded to the Freedom of Information Act request (the law says that the city must respond in ten days),the Palmer and Dodge invoices were "redacted." What Palmer and Dodge actually did for the hours they billed was blacked out. Also blacked out were the city accounts that these funds were paid from. If city officals want us to believe them, then they shouldn't conceal the evidence.

3. The FRIT/Ikea plan as it is currently presented will take at least a decade before it generates more tax revenue than city expenses. In that sense, the city will subsidize it.

4. If the CDBG funds paid to Palmer and Dodge were invested in Magoun Square, they would increase business activity and tax revenues without increasing costs to the city's general fund.

Even assuming that city hall's intentions are good and motivations are pure, I can't think of a plausible reason why the city would sleight Magoun Square while subsidizing a development that will do nothing to resolve our fiscal crisis.

Planet Somerville

Shelton actually agreeing with someone?

Stop the presses. Call out the National Guard. The world is coming to an end. Armeggedon. The sky is falling.

What's this world coming to?

Cambriville News


Welcome to the Poets Corner..........


And the money kept rollin in from every side,
Joe's smooth hands reach out and they reach very wide.

Now you may feel it's a voluntary cause
But that's not the point my friends
When the money keeps rollin in you don't ask how.
Think of all the people guaranteed a good time now.

Joey scored big my friends
There's never been a better one like the Foundation Curtatone.

Rollin on in, rollin on in, rollin on in.

Would you like to try a football education,
Or sell your house for a four year vacation?
Joe and his blessed fund can make all your dreams come true.

Here's all you have to do my friends,
Write your name on a pad or on a ticket.
Throw it high in the air and should our Mayor pick it,
He will change your way of life for a week or maybe two,
Name me anyone who cares as much as Joe Curtatone.

Rollin on out, rollin on out, rollin on out.

And the money kept rollin out in all directions,
To the poor, to the weak, to the destitute of all complections.

Now cynics claim a little of the cash has gone astray,
But that's not the point my friends.
When the money keeps rolling out you can't keep books,
You can tell he's done well by the happy, grateful looks.

Accountants only slow things down
And the figures just get in the way,
Never been a Mayor as much loved as Mayor Curtaone.

Rollin on out, rollin on out, rollin on out.

And the money keeps rollin out...........

(Thank you Weber and Rice, a perfect fit)

Ward 2

Yes, Development and corporate subsidies like free reaoining bring to fruition specific projects, some of which are pretty nice, create jobs, and offer valuable things. The issue is what we don’t see. Developers act as if nothing would be built on the spot had they not built it. or that the steal and cab companies were providing real jobs or taxes at low cost in city services. Well maybe the steel company provided jobs while the cab company made money. I am pretty sure they figured out how to squeze their pod people drivers for all they got. Anyway this is a ludicrous argument here in Somerville, where land is 1.5 miles from boston's financial center and right off a main highway. Something good, even better than the current projects, would certainly have been built in here if the market been left to its own devices from the start.

While development should be more about tax revenue than job creation. Officials look for reasons to create a project. Then the whole economic well-being of the community rests on the shoulders of that project. Those who criticize the project are indeed deemed reactionaries who don’t care about the future of the community. Years later, no one examines whether the project actually did as promised, and by then a new Mayor and Aldermen are in on another great idea.

If fewer regulations and lower taxes cause an economic boom, why not simply reduce regulations and taxes across the board? How about reducing my home taxes. All this assembly square talk, especially the creation of big box high traffic areas, actually slows down neighborhood improvement. Think how nice ten hills could be on the water fron there. Those houses are big with big yards yet sell for less than most somerville homes. Once an area is deemed a redevelopment area like this, property owners stop investing in their properties because they are not sure that they will ultimately reap the benefit of the investment. They become subjects of the central planners who will make the main decisions that affect the economic vitality of the area. Who do you think are the real reactionaries and obstructionists here

When cities insert themselves into the economic development game, either with carrots or sticks, they:
1 Shift decision-making from individuals to governments;
2 Take money from taxpayers and redistribute it to individuals and companies;
3 Undermine property rights and other freedoms;
4 Encourage a class of rent-seekers, who learn to lobby city officials for favors and special financial benefits;
5 Put unfavored businesses at a competitive disadvantage with those who are favored; and
6 Stifle political dissent, as companies that are dependent on the city for lucrative work become reluctant to speak their minds about any number of city issues.

The mole's mole

Is it true that the newest high-paid football coach/Recreation Department Director 'has left the building'????

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