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August 28, 2006


Born Here

When did the City add "Seawall" Street to the map ?? I'm guessing it was Sewall St.
Did they at least have green cards ? Lets open up our arms to more "guest workers". After they "relieved" themselves, did they head down to Foss Park to get some day work ?


Nah, this is Yuppie behavior, plain and simple...

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


Holy Hannah, glad to see you got back from the Hampton's in one piece. And you can count on me not to breathe a word about your altercation with Martha Stewart at the cookout. I do have one question though. Did you really think that the Deluxe Southern Smoker was going to fit up her ass?

Anyway, glad that your haitus has revved up the old humor engines.
And I agree. This is typical Progressive, yuppie, upper middle class behaviour. Or were they DPW B&G's workers? It's hard to tell? Or not so hard. Either way, BAD FORM, boys, BAD FORM.

There are other ways to save on the water bills.

See you soon Trickster,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Going to Die Here

Dear "Born Here":

We're all glad to know you were "Born Here". That's probably the highlight of your life - and believe me, it's an extremely impressive accomplishment. It takes great talent and dedication to be "Born Here", and you should be commended - nay worshipped - by all for the fact that you were "Born Here".

I'm off to Foss Park to find some work to feed my hungry family. Because I chose to be born in a poor nation like Mexico, unlike "Born Here", who wisely chose to be "Born Here", I actually have to do something to make money - rather than the smart route which would be to get a cushy job at the Somerville DPW office and sit on my ass hurling whiny, cowardly insults anonymously on the Internet. (I know that's a run-on sentence and this message is rife with poor grammar - but don't forget, I wasn't "Born Here"). I should have thought ahead and been "Born Here" instead.

On the way home, if time permits, I may pee off of some balconies.

Born somewhere else

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Going To Die Here,

Nice One!!!!!!!!

Wanna join the Cambriville News? We're in dire need of someone who recognizes run on sentences.

Feel free to join in anytime you want. But no peeing off the back porch. Use a coffee can.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Born Here

Looks like the liberals are online today.
I was going to pee in the desk at the Police station, figuring the evidence would be lost....Time for my afternoon coffee break till 4, then OT for the rest of the day. As far as "Going to Die Here", thats the sad thing. Enjoy your million dollar Davis Sq. condo "Barney".

Going to Die Here

Who's Barney?

And do you honestly believe that someone batting it back and forth with you on this website in the middle of the day would actually have a job that would allow the purchase of a million dollar condo? (that's a run-on question - I continue to dazzle in my audition for staff writer for the Cambriville News).
Other than Dr. Mrs. McCarthy (with her lucrative proctology practice), I'm quite certain none of the comments on this blog come from people who can afford million dollar condos. Besides, I happen to hail from east of McGrath. Oops - I probably just revealed my secret identity: I'm the only one with an internet connection over here!

Born Somewhere Else

Born Here

Going to Die here,
If you dont know "Barney", then you definately WERE NOT born here !!
I was born, raised, live, and work right here for better or currently worse !


There is an issue with people leaving the Abbey Lounge urinating in the surrounding Neighborhoods. One of many issues.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


We regret to inform you that since neither the Alderperson from Ward 2 nor the Mayor really care what goes on at the Abbey Lounge, there is really very little that can be done.

I hope this helps,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Somerville Observer

The Alderman from Ward 2 is the Only one of all the Alderman who has never returned any of my phone calls. Poor Ward 2. Anyone want to run in 2007?


I wasn't born here, I only live here because I was maxed out of Cambridge. Does Barney mean the lord and savior who also wasn't born here "Barney Frank".

Born Here

If you were from Cambridge, then you ARE a Barney !! Go get your napsack, park your bike, and walk your cat.

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