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August 24, 2006


Improve Union Square

While we're eliminating auto body shops on Somerville Avenue, perhaps we could also eliminate one particular tow lot that preys on Target customers?


That particular tow lot has a contract with Target to eliminate illegal parking. Same as Twin City Plaza.

Are they supposed to refuse business deals beacuse they are paid to tow illegally parked cars on private property?

Blame Target or the Management Company of Twin City not the tow company. If this particular tow company refused this contract these companies would just hire another willing company to tow cars.


In regards to Union Square you have got to admit that whoever designed the traffic pattern there had to be doing some large tabs of LSD!

I believe it was during the Ralph Admistration when this plan was initiatited.
They should have left well enough alone, the traffic nightmare going around the SCAT building is a joke.

If the promised Green Line extension ever makes it through Union (I doubt in my lifetime) then someone with some common sense will have to reconfigure this mess.

Also whenever they remove the cancerous building they call the police station in the square, and destroy it they will. It would be nice to make that area a "green area", parks, playground, picnic area to soften up the brick, mortar, cement look of the square. But in doing so they would have to spend a considerable amout of money to clean up the soil in that area because of the years it was used as a mechanic shop for the MBTA. Maybe we could get some federal funds working with the State House and our stae Reps. and Senators if a democratic governor is elected, either Patrick or Gabrieli.

I just Thank God that there isn't a decent Italian Bakery in Union Sq.

Then we would never get rid of "FP".

Another story that the Farm Team gets wrong!

Another story that the Farm Team (Journal) gets wrong! First the Joe Volture story! All wrong! Now This! What a cheep shot on the Journals part for doing such a negative jealous retaliation so called story on Pat's! The lady told the police, the tow company and Target that "She never left the shopping center"! In the Journal's story it even says the lady left the property! What does she expect? So what is the story about? Unless she must have been looking for Pearl vision center to miss that many no parking signs. Lol,lol. Could the Journal be Targeting Pat's for a Bias reason or something like that? Is it because a Member of The Somerville News has an affiliation with Pat's? Ummmmmm!Maybe the Journal is mad at the Somerville News for writing about the Journal photographer a while back that was stocking children at the schools! Or maybe they are just mad that they are losing most of their customers and advertisers to the Somerville News! Ummmmm! You can't play with my ball"! I'm going home! Cry Babies!




I think he left because he had some issues. But regardless the Journal got the story wrong, I agree. I also think that they are tossing bombs at the tow company because they have not enough spine to go after The Somerville News! Hey competition is good for business.

The Urinal Sucks!!!

Hey, what do you expect? The Urinal SUCKS out loud. Their blog is almost barren while the blog on here rich and fertile and is THE place to go for inside info and good, thought-provoking discourse on real, grass roots issues that Somerville people old and new, liberal and conservative, are thinking and talking about.
Keep up the great work JN, BT, GH and others!!!


Still Wondering,

I have not been spending much time wondering about the demise of poor Votour.

He did'nt have the evidence to make his charges stick to Koty. End of story.

I did have a blast through the nether regions of my brain however, when recently I thought how funny it will be when the recipients of Koty's "charitable fundraising efforts" discover that a good portion of the checkless contributions never made it to their political campaign coffers.

Think about it. Does anyone(inluding Koty's "friends") really think that Koty gave them every last dollar he raised on their behalf?

That one hits the old funny bone.

Painful but funny.

Curt and Tony

Sorry Mrs. MCCarthy, somerspeak winns for best post this week.

Now that is funny.


i have a better comment than somerspeak Koty is GAY

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