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August 20, 2006


Somerville Republicans

The fall of the Someday Cafe is another example of the incompetence of the liberal elected officials running our City. Rather than reaching out to business leaders and encouraging them to make improvements to their shops, our elected officials are more interested in debating "sanctuary city" resolutions.

The City of Somerville, just recently, extended its hand to the business community by promoting its business assistance programs. Prior to this promotion, most business owners were unaware that the City of Somerville had the funding and the man power to assist them in creating jobs in the City and increasing the City’s tax revenue. One can only hope that the City of Somerville will continue down this path of pro-business policy.

Learn more about the Somerville Republicans at


"Somerville Republicans"? If that's not an oxymoron I don't know what is.

In regards to the "Someday Cafe" I went in there once since the establishment opened. I felt like I needed a shower after coming out if that pigsty!

Nice new look by Brickbottom


Nice new look for this web site/blog......keep up the good work!

Somerville Republicans

According to a 1994 Report by the Massachusetts Secretary of State (latest report), Republicans represent 6.4 percent (2,005 voters) of the total number of registered voters in the City of Somerville.

In the recent State Senate race, Bill White, a Republican, received 3,115 votes in the Wards and Precincts of the City of Somerville that are included in the 2nd Middlesex District.

Republicans represent a significant voting force in local elections. If Republicans organize in the City, we could one day see a Republican Mayor. If you are interested in being part of Somerville's Future, visit


"Republicans represent a significant voting force in local elections."

You have got to be kidding me!

Let's be honest here, although Mr. White is a decent and honorable man he didn't exactly "yell it from the rooftops" that he was a Republican when he first ran for office. He slipped under the radar screen.

Now that people know him they don't look at him as a Republican or Demeocrat, but as a person who looks out for the best interest of this city.

Just remember his first election, even though a lot of people didn't realize that he was a Republican he only won by ONE vote!



I guess you were a customer of the Someday Cafe....if not why delete my post?

It is my opinion, simple as that.

Ron Newman

Bill White is a fine alderman whom I am happy to support whenever he is on the city ballot. But his Republican affiliation is hardly an asset to his campaign. It reflects a loyalty to what the Republican party used to be, before the religious right hijacked it nationally. If he is someday elected Mayor of Somerville, it won't be thanks to the Republican party.

You won't hear many nice words from Bill White about Mitt Romney or George Bush.

Read David Slavitt's book Blue State Blues to get some idea what it's like for someone to actually run as a Republican in Somerville (and Cambridge).

My recollection is that Bill White's one-vote margin came on a subsequent re-election campaign, not his first election. It involved a recount and a court case between White and the fifth-place finisher, Bruce Desmond.


we regret that lost along with the someday cafe is the square's last link to steve's ice cream. gus was a proud alum of that little shop that shook the ice cream world and made ben and jerry's and all the others possible.

also, didn't the ward 1 democratic committee endorse the republican bill white? hardly a good sign for the party of the people.


Be very cautious Bill White when Ron Newman says he'll support you for public office.

Ask Jack Connolly if Newman ever said the exact same words to him last year.

Ron Newman

I have voted for Bill White in every alderman-at-large election since he was first on the ballot. I did not vote for him for State Senator.

Somerville Republicans


I think that you would agree (being a long time watcher of Somerville politics) that a Republican could win an At-large seat on the Board of Aldermen. There are enough Republican voters in each Ward (possibily with the exception of Ward 7) that could be mobilized to elect a Republican candidate.

To be part of this movement, visit


Somerville Republican,

Please name me ONE Republican in this city who could unseat a sitting Alderman whether it be Ward or At-Large. Just ONE.



I believe you are correct about the White/Desmond election.

What do you think about Desmond running against Sullivan for the Clerk of Courts position. Do you think Desmond has a snowballs chance in hell beating Sullivan?

The elder Sullivan was clerk for almost 50 years....there must be a lot of favors to call in for the younger Sullivan.

Martini Edin

Ask Jack Connolly if Newman ever said the exact same words to him last year.

This time it is written in a public forum.

Thats different.


Newman, You and I both know that if the Progressives ever put up three pod people for the at-large seats, you would drop White in a New York minute.

Just like you dropped Jack Connolly as soon as the Jehlen spawn Gewirtz announced for his seat.

Am I wrong?

Somerville Republican

Ron Newman is a strong and true progressive Democrat who cares about the City of Somerville. I would hope that he would vote for a progressive Democrat over a Republican.

I further hope that if a Republican were running in the same race, enough Republicans would mobilize and elect that person to the seat.

Oddly, Republicans and progressive Democrats share a minority position in Somerville politics. Many so-called progressives are not progressive Democrats at all. It is a popular label due to the rise and influence of the Progressive Democrats of Somerville. The fake progressive Democrats show their true colors as good ole' boy Democrats with the votes they cast and the policies they support. The rest of Somerville Democrats are what I call FDR Democrats. They're Democrats, because their parents were Democrats, etc. I wonder if they know what being a Democrat today means on a local, state, and national level.

The future of Somerville politics will be a battle between two small groups: the Republicans and the progressive Democrats. The progressive Democrats, while small in number, garner significant political influence. As the Republicans grow in popularity, this influence will be tested. Issues will be defined and debated. The electorate will be informed and vote accordingly. I look forward to this day, and hope that the progressive Democrats do as well.

Ron Newman

I think that you would agree (being a long time watcher of Somerville politics) that a Republican could win an At-large seat on the Board of Aldermen.

Sure, as long as his name is Bill White. A second one? Very doubtful.

To Somerspeak: I don't expect to see a city election soon with four candidates whom I would prefer over Bill White.

Somerville Republicans

For an article on the multiple personalities of Somerville Democrats, click here.


Somerville Republican,

Please answer my question as to who you would turn to to run for an Alderman's seat as a Republican. WHO?

Martini Edin

Aren't there any other Progressive Republicans out there?


Somerville Republican you say:

"They're Democrats, because their parents were Democrats, etc. I wonder if they know what being a Democrat today means on a local, state, and national level."

As one of my all time favorite Preidents was quoted as saying:

"It's the economy stupid!"

Bottom of the Ninth

You're sounding just a bit trite lately. Your favorite president, whomever that may be, never said "It's the economy stupid!"
See the explanation below from Wikipedia. Democrats have become a party of soundbites and one liners (Like "It's the economy stupid!") and forgot the real issues. You always say you're a successful businessman, so let me ask you this, who are you more in line with, Patsy Jehlen or Mitt Romney. Review the issues, you'll be surprised.

Oh, and turn down the volume, you're starting to sound like a real angry guy.

"The economy, stupid," in American politics was a phrase widely (but usually imprecisely) quoted after Bill Clinton's successful 1992 presidential campaign against George H.W. Bush. It was coined by Democratic Party strategist James Carville. The phrase takes the form of the KISS principle. In order to keep the campaign on message, Carville hung a sign in Bill Clinton's Little Rock campaign headquarters with the following three points, roughly in haiku form:

1. Change vs. more of the same
2. The economy, stupid
3. Don't forget health care.

The phrase is repeated often in American political culture, with commentators sometimes using another word in place of "economy."

Although it is often cited as a Clinton campaign slogan, the phrase was only used internally, and did not become widely known until after the election.

You people just don't get it!

Some of the comments above make me realize why Somerville wallows in irrelevancy.

We have all these whacko representatives in the General Court that play like the Pied Piper to their troops here, but aren't even LISTENED to on Beacon Hill. We're a complete laughing stock.

I have a news flash for you; Duval Patrick MIGHT squeak through and get the party nomination. IF he does, he'll carry Somerville by 65%. The other 35% will be between Healey (33%) and Mihos (2%).

However, Somerville is NOT the rest of Massachusetts. Once you get to the Woburns and the Needhams and then go out to 495 and beyond, the GOP carries the day for Governor. Just like they did in 2002; and with good reason.

The less tony suburbs that represent the REAL modern-day working class (as opposed to this falsely hyped "working poor" b.s. the Progressives try to shove down our throats) where the percentage of people who owe their living to the state as opposed to the private sector is smaller, take one look at places like Somerville and who represents us and realize that if they don't do something about it, they're going to be in the same tax-and-spend boat that they fled from when they left places like Somerville to go to Wilmington, and Tewksbury and Dracut and Reading and Rockland and Bellingham and Ayer. All those people want is for their state tax bill to go down, and they'll get out and VOTE for someone who they even THINK will really try and do that, whether they will or not. That means someone who ISN'T the MWRA, or the MHA or anyone else.

Unfortunately for whoever the Democratic nominee is, those sort of things have been hung around their necks. Even "outsiders" like Patrick. I was amazed at the number of public employees in Somerville I talked to that were holding signs in the primary for Birmingham and O'Brien and so on who told me flat out that it didn't matter to them who got the Democrat's nod. They were STILL voting for Romney. There's a message in that.

Even before that, with Harshbarger and Cellucci, it was places like Quincy that were long-time Democratic strongholds (when they had things like shipyards with large union workforces) that dumped the Democrats. I can still see (Quincy Mayor) Sheets talking to the news media in almost a state of shock because he failed to deliver Quincy to the Dems.

Healey carries the day in November, and in response Somerville picks up still MORE progressives in the following year's local elections... probably Wards 2, 3 and 5 on the BOA. You just watch.


Bottom of the ninth,

Trite, Angry? I don't know where you get that from.

So you had to go to Wikipedia to get a phrase that was attributed to Clinton. So I along with millions of others are wrong. Not the first time.

The sign that was in Clinton's "war room":

1. Change vs. more of the same
2. The economy, stupid
3. Don't forget health care.

Pretty much sums it all up for the incompetant Republican party that does control Capitol Hill. This is how they will lose a ton of seats in the upcoming elections.

BTW: Jehlen

Our side too

Get real people don't get it and your GOP,

These colors don't run
the whole world.

Ron Newman

Speaking of colors ... isn't the current color scheme for The Somerville News blog a bit garish? It reminds me of the IKEA logo.


They're Democrats, because their parents were Democrats, etc. I wonder if they know what being a Democrat today means on a local, state, and national level.

Insulting people's intelligence is always a good first step toward getting them to vote for you.


Nice try Newman. Diversion to another subject seems to be your best route out of answering a direct question.

You supposedly voted for Connelly in the past, continued to tell him what a great job he was doing(in front of the Davis Square Task Force, I was there)and then in the blink of an eye, campaigned hard for Gewirtz and ate all the free food you could scarf at her many "fundraisers".

Why then would you continue to vote for White if another Progressive, blessed by your friend Pat Jehlen, came along?

Newman, as the saying goes, grow a fuckin pair!


Ron Newman,

I don't know why I keep getting you and JN mixed up......must be the koolaid.But the above post about the Desmond-Sullivan race should have been directed to you.

What do you think?


What about white for Mayor?

Ron Newman

Brickbottom: No clue, I haven't followed that race at all. Sullivan seemed like the stronger candidate when both spoke at the Democratic City Committee a few months ago.

brickbottom sucks

I've been reading brickbottom's liberal rantings for a few days now and I think he sucks. Republicans are responsible for a bad economy? It's called 9-11, stupid! The attacks on the WTC shut down the airlines, disrupted the financial capital of this country, and pulled hundreds of thousands of ordinary Americans like me from our jobs and sent us to WAR for "successful businessmen" like him. If the economy is so bad, how come you're not out of business? Because people like me did a year in Afghanistan and 18 mos in Iraq. I no longer live in Somerville and I'm glad I don't with an upstanding citizen like brickbottom. Asshole. Oh yeah, you can take Pat Jehloen and her crew and shove them up your fat ass, there's plenty of room there. And people wonder why New England is becoming politically irrelevant.

brickbottom says Thank You For Serving

If I could have a rational conversation with you I would start by saying that I work for a living and is as blue collar as they get.

For the rest of your uninformed opinions I would be more than happy to have a meaningful conversation on each point that you so elegantly brought up.

I don't know what I said that brought this deep hatred out of you? Because I believe in Democratic priciples over the Christian Right Wing Republicans?

I appreciate your service to our country and after spending so much time overseas wouldn't even be able to guess how you feel.

Good luck healing your wounds whether they be emotional or physical or both.

The Mole

Brickbottom is none other than that fat ass wanna be chief cop named BS (you idiots know my rule about entire names).

The Mole


White for mayor?

You bet your sweet ass.

Intelligence. Independent. Insoluble.

Go for for it White.

Jimmy D. on Nice

That wasn't nice and I don't think that's how you spell her name. She's a good person and a credit to her union. Also, I don't think she's brickbottom.

As for you brickbottom, the kid didn't say anything about wounds or injuries but you threw in "Good luck healing your wounds whether they be emotional or physical or both." I got the message and it was an uncalled for dig at the kid's mental health. I prefer the words you wrote on May 31 in these pages when you said:

"There are still many Policemen and Women serving over in Iraq and I also am grateful for their courage and service to their country."

Goodnight brickbottom, whoever or whomever you are. Slick Willy's on the Vineyard this week, maybe we can sneak down there and get his autograph. Just htink of that: Me the hard-boiled old Republican and you the young fire-brand Democrat. What a pair.

She's All Done

And so after months of reading all of her bullshit, her crap about the worst administration to hit the city in twienty years, we have figured out who this asshole is.

Mrs. \mcCarthy is none other than the one and only CO'D (my god you people don't get it), former bubble gum blowing spokesperson to Dorothy Gay.

Happy now?

The Mole

To: Jimmy D. on nice; D, you know that is not my style. The imposter is only leading you to believe it is I. It you look at other posts at that time a conclusion I can absolutely draw is that it is coming from one of those guys at the DPW who is in the pockets of Boss Hog.

My first guess would be the front porch guy on Robinson Street. The second would be the Skipper. In either case, they are the losers dropping to the gutter to fling crap and hope it sticks.

Silence is golden and when it comes time, words will speak just as loud as actions being taken. Time is on my side and time is what I have.

The Mole

Jimmy D. on Mole

You're absolutely right, that's not your style. You give information without being crass about it. The poor spelling should have given it away. My apologies sir.


Poor BS (you idiots know my rule about entire names). With the wonderful reception I've been getting around here lately I feel sorry that people think that I am her.

You people aren't even close.


Jimmy D.,

After what he wrote about me I think I was pretty easy on the kid. I didn't write anything here to warrant a response like that. His tangent was not responded to in kind. I could have been a lot more sarcastic, but bit my tongue and held back.

Sure Jimmy, maybe we could play 18 with Mr. Clinton!



Idiots? That's nice. I was only cut and pasting what some other person wrote.

You sure know how to pick and choose when you want to intercede.

brickbottom to JN on banning


That's fine....if you want to ban me then ban me. I don't know why but that's your call.

Believe me you didn't hurt my feelings.

James Norton

Brick -

Okay there slappy, take a chill pill. You are unbanned - it was a mistake and I hit the wrong button, banning you. By the way, I've been waiting for a couple of weeks now for that email you were going to send so we could clear the air privately...and I got nothing.

For those that might not remember, there was a time when The Mole and I didn't get along too well, and we settled our issues privately and now we get along on here great.

Why don't you send me that email and we can have some private time.

And yeah I said "idiots" to anyone who put an entire name in there - it would have looked kind of silly-ass to make that comment to every other person and then not to you. Obviously you're not a complete idiot (although the mislabelling of initials recently does reinforce the "koolaid" theory even you said so yourself).


Yorktown Street

Just a point of fact here: it wasn't 9/11 that sank the economy. It was the Internet bubble bursting. The economic indicators were already headed south before the planes took off from Logan.

Ron Newman

I notice that, two days later, your SomevilleRepublicans yahoo group still has only one (1) member.

Jimmy D. on 9-11

I'll play your silly game. It's always some leftist fringe economic theorist who jumps into the conversation in an attempt to shift blame. In this case, you. The internet bubble burst in late 1999 and into 2000. George Bush didn't take office until late January 2001. With that being said, even if 9-11 didn't cause the economic downturn and the internet bubble burst did, then the economy went south on Slick Willy's watch, not Bush's.

In any event, if you shut down any major component of our economy for two weeks (such as air travel) and when it reopens people are afraid to use it, the economy is going to tank. We're lucky it wasn't far worse.

On Sept. 12, 2002 Standard and Poor issued a report lauding New York State's response to the unprecedented fiscal challenges presented by 9/11, as well as its preparation for an ECONOMIC DOWNTURN (certainly indicating there had not been one to that point).

Additionally, the AFL-CIO (hardly a bastion of conservatism) blamed their huge drop in numbers on "massive layoffs in
the post-terror-attack economic downturn."

Now you can refute this with any liberal organization's statistics, but I'll stick with the words of Standard and Poor and the AFL-CIO. Save the rhetoric for the PDS collective farm because here, people come armed with facts.

Yorktown Street

Jimmy D,

You're yelling "ouch" when no one is pinching you. I never put the blame on one administration or another, one party or another--and certainly the attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center didn't help matters any! But the fact is that a capitalist economy is cyclical, and the downturn had already started early in 2001.


George Bush goes to a primary school to talk to the kids to get a
little PR.
After his talk he offers question time. One little boy puts up his hand
and George asks him his name.
"Stanley," responds the little boy.
"And what is your question, Sanley?"
"I have 4 questions:
First, why did the USA invade Iraq without the support of the UN?
Second, why are you President when Al Gore got more votes?
Third, whatever happened to Osama Bin Laden?"
Fourth, why are we so worried about gay-marriage when 1/2 of all
Americans don't have health insurance?
Just then, the bell rings for recess. George Bush informs the kiddies
that they will! continue after recess.
When they resume George says, "OK, where were we? Oh, that's right,
question time. Who has a question?" Another little boy puts up his
hand. George points him out and asks him his name.
"Steve," he responds.
"And what is your question, Steve?"
"Actually, I have 6 questions.
First, why did the USA invade Iraq without the support of the UN?
Second, why are you President when Al Gore got more votes?
Third, whatever happened to Osama Bin Laden?
Fourth, why are we so worried about gay marriage when 1/2 of all
Americans don't have health insurance?
Fifth, why did the recess bell go off 20 minutes early?
And sixth, what the hell happened to Stanley?"


In case you guys don't know, we are heading for a recesion now.

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