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August 29, 2006


Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

And as good Christian, a woman of compassion, one who feels for the inmates that are incarcerated because they were arrested, I too think that a new jail with better conditions is called for.


What kind of A-holes does Curtatone and DiPaola take us for?

You want a new jail Toomey?


You want a new jail Progressives?


Jesus Christ. Are we all out of out minds?

Just My Humble Opinion,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Was Ciampa ever a scuba diver?

Is it true that former Rep Vincent Ciampa works now for the sheriff and he has his head stuck up the Sheriff's ars wiping it all day long? How does he breath? He must have been a scuba diver at one time!


DiPayola is scum. Tell him to build the prison in Meffa!


Early morning homicide just outside the doors of the Somerville Police Station this morning.

Suspect is known to victim and is not a ramdom shooting. Just outside the doors of the Police Station on Mariam Street? Now that is close to home.

Get a grip

There has to be a new prison somewhere, why not Somerville? Although I agree with the Representative who wants to restore mental health and substance abuse funding to solve the problem, lets realize that we do not live in Pleasantville with unicorns and rainbows. If you really think that restoring mental heath and substance abuse programs will solve the problem, think again. Isn't that the Representative's responsibility anyway? Why doesn't he do his own job and the let the Sheriff take care of this matter. That way...we can have a two prong solution. Anyway, I always thought Progressives were against the NIMBY approach. I wish I was as naive and fickle as a progressive. I could then skip down the streets of Somerville in total harmony, completely oblivious to any sort of reality. Wake up you idiots. Your views are so out of touch with the rest of the nation. I like living in this crack pot area! These crunchy people make me laugh!

Bang Bang

Is SOMERVILLE starting to get like ROXBURY. Oh My

Bang Bang

The Flash

Where is the mole? The anti mole called his bluff and he disappeared faster than a piece of cake on a fat kids plate. He promised dirt on everyone and delivered nothing as usual. Good riddance to that lying piece of crap!

To: JN,

I thought you said you didn’t ban people for having a difference of opinion. You responded to my post (That I dared you to leave) Then in a weasel like fashion tried yet again to ban me. Foolish boy, YOU CANNOT BAN ME! Be a baby and delete my post’s. but for once in your life be a man and tell the truth! You ban people that don’t agree with you!

The Flash

The Mole

Sorry Flash, let me show you the way at this point in time.

Unit B President tried 3 times to shove the City proposal down our throats. He went as far as calling his friends to have them cast a vote in the affirmative so as to get the plan passed. He thought he had succeeded but was short by 1/3 vote. He now knows how to count and if he gets a vote for the fourth time, he may have more of a legal battle on his hands than he would ever imagine.

Secondly, for the Administration, curve ball two came their way two weeks ago and they are all scurrying around trying to deal with that so they cannot attack us in Unit B for a while.

Haven’t you seen how QUIET it has been around town? If you haven't then you do have your head in Boss Hog's arse so deep you could probably tickle his tonsils.

Thirdly, I mention to you before "Silence is Golden". Learn from that my enemy friend. Learn from that.

The Mole


Since when did the word "progressive" become a bad word? I always thought that here in Somerville, progressive meant holding true to the democratic party's values -- and let's face it, who in Somerville doesn't believe in these core values???
Here is the dictionary definition: "Promoting or favoring progress toward better conditions or new policies, ideas, or methods" -- American Heritage Dictionary

Second, where in the News article does it say what the Progressives felt about the jail? I don't believe it said anything about NIMBY-ism. And who says that the "progressives" agree with each other on each issue. Deal with the different opinions. As JN so artfully says in so many of his posts,that's life!

Nimby Whimby

How about putting a new jail in Assembly Square? Maybe it could even house the crooks who violated zoning ordinances and stole land through eminent domain in the development of the land the jail is built on.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


You know come to think of it, I think the Progressives should have their own jail.


Dr. Mrs. McCarthy
(of course the new jail would be a "Green" building)


Dr. Mrs. McCarthy;

Have we met? Was that you back in April of '64 at the dealership? When you traded in the '37 Dodge? Then again, maybe it was a Mrs. Murphy. Everything else sounds familiar though. Do you want me to refresh your memory?

Hint; remember the guy with the Oxford shirt, narrow tie, sportjacket and thick glasses, and the button with "AuH20" on it.

If it wasn't you, please accept my apologies.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Dear Mr. O'Water,

Well bless my soul. I thought that was Ernie Boch, Sr.! That was you? Lordy, lordy, the Mayor turned 40!

I did have a '37 Dodge! I think it was the Excelcior or something like that. Damn fine car it was. Until that little misshap on Broadway. I swear to the Almighty that funeral procession cut me off. And they should have secured the lid of the casket. Poor old Dinty Mac Gregor! Did'nt stop rolling down Temple Street till he hit Mystic Ave.

Well as you may know, I don't do much of my own driving these days. (that asshole nephew of mine convinced the DMV I was nuts, can you imagine?!!!!!)

Next time you're up on Highland Ave, drop in on me at the LSOP.(sometimes known as the Jeanne Jugin Residence. well excuuuuuse me!)

Good to hear from you. Your boy does a wonderful job with the new commercials. Oh what the hell, "I'm Dr. Mrs. McCarthy, come on down!!!!!!!!!!!!" Wheee, that was fun.

Toot, toot. Beep, beep,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


It WAS you!!!!

You brought in the Dodge for a trade in. It was yours and your late husband's? You said it had too many bad memories and you were looking for something a little newer and a little sportier.

The two brothers who owned the place, Arnie and Stan (best bosses I ever had!) saw you coming. "Oh Oh, here comes widow McCarthy... wonder if she'll actually BUY something this time?!"

They always gave the "challenging" customers to the new guy, and that just happened to be me. I was fresh out of Burdett's and knew it all... or so I thought. Earlier, in March, I was up in New Hampshire knocking on doors to get the vote out for the Senator in the primary.

We thought of ourselves as a little "clan" and had these "secret" buttons with AuH20 on them so others would know we were members of the same club. I had mine on and you spotted it and said "ooooh... I see we're backing the same candidate!" Remember?

Do you remember "The test drive"? I sure do. It was the scariest test drive of my life. Glad I had on dark pants that day! I'll refresh your memory a little more if you want.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Dear Mr. O'Water,

Do I remember the car? Do I remember you? Do I remember the test ride? Do I remember the buttons? Do I remember the owners?!!!!!!!!

For Christ's sake I can't even remember how to put my undies on in the morning. How the f*%^ am I supposed to remember you?

I'm only saying I do to humor you!

Now I really gotta go. That nice reporter from NBC is on in a little bit and I have'nt finished the pudding yet.

I must say this conversation has been a laborious start to the Labor Day Weekend.

But Thanks for Remembering Me,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


My Dear Dr. Mrs. McCarthy;

I'm sorry for being so overzealous. It's just that... well... you were my first. And, as they say, you NEVER forget your FIRST!

I so hope you still have that lovely vermillion red '64 Dodge 330.

I shall never forget the way you tore through that 4 speed shifter--like a seasoned ridge runner--as you flew up Broadway. And when that kid in the Vette at the lights in front of Trum challenged you, and you left him in the dust, rubber peeling between every gear.

If only you had that car today... that redneck Georgia boy Brock what's-his-name would be haunting you for a job at Cambriville News just so he could drive you around in it and answer with; "Yer 'bout ta fahnd out" when these little pukes in their rice rockets pull up next to you and ask "That thing got a Hemi?".

You were the terror of Powderhouse Boulevard.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy, you were an inspiration to me then, as now. You showed me how to live life on the edge.

Via con Dios my darling!

efficient government

If you parked your car on Kidder Ave between Highland Rd and Boston Ave last night, it isn't there anymore. Neither is the top layer of pavement.

So yes, our munificent city officials decided to post emergency-no-parking signs on Kidder sometime last night (I didn't see them yesterday) and then call Pat's Towing bright and early this morning. On moving day, no less. Judging from the number of cars that were seen being towed around 10:30, it looks like the advance notification was... less than adequate?

People who live on Prichard Ave, reported getting a letter TODAY telling them that their street will be repaved next week and that there will be parking restrictions during construction. But I bet nobody was notified of the repaving of Kidder, because there aren't any houses on that stretch that have addresses on Kidder.

So I guess they have to tow the cars to do the work. But, they should not make these people pay for the towing. Especially if they only put the signs up at the last minute. And what happened to the reverse 911 phone system? This is one time it would have been useful! The city could of also notified people by email and mentioned it at regular city meetings or in the newspaper. I can guess some posters of these Blogs had no idea this was going to happen or they would have almost certainly posted it here or another local blog.

I would realy like to know how this decsision was made? And who made it?

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Efficient Government,

The decision to repave the streets was made at the last minute by DPW Commissioner Stan Koty.

The decision to tow the autos that did not comply with the last minute notification was made by DPW Commissioner Stan Koty.

The fee you will have to pay to get your car back was set by DPW Commissioner Stan Koty.

If I were you, I'd pay the fee and keep your mouth shut or else you run the risk of your house getting jacked up and towed up Broadway on its way to an empty lot in East Somerville and auctioned off for low income housing.

Or you could organize all the neighbors that got their cars towed and ticketed, get off your asses and march up to Curtatone's lair, barge into the office and let him know you're pissed and won't take this kind of crap anymore.

And don't forget to get your money back. In cash!

Mad, mad, mad, mad, mad, World,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

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