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August 13, 2006


Mole Fan

just what the City needs. another strain on city resources. Just park an ambulance, fire truck, and police car at the site. Just like the Lowell st location......Assisted Living.....huh !!!


Kudo's to Rep. Sciortino and Senator Jehlen who actually had a Republican Governor sign on to this bill.

If we as a society can't find the resources and compassion to help those in need, especially the elderly, who find themselves losing more and more services and health care then we as a society will destroy ourselves a little bit each day.

Anyone who could possibly be against this bill is a bitter, heartless selfish pile of rubbish who better hope someday that they don't find themselves in the unfortunate situation these people find themselves in.

Francis Puertos

not to mention each town has to have its share of subsidized housing or it does not quallify for more state and federal money.

why we need more money in our Human rights budget

What is the The Sophir Prize

* What kind of change of consciousness is needed?
* What is sustainable wisdom?
* What qualities of life are the most important?
* What important alternative measures must be implemented now?
* What kind of mobilization of people is needed in the “global village”?

And as Ron would say what does any of this have to do with Somerville?

michele phelan

kudos carl!
as our parents age, it becomes obvious that they need some assistance, but have a strong desire to remain independant. places like the proposed VNA can provide an environment and services that many seniors will benefit from - without taking their dignity from them.

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