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August 16, 2006


Farm Team?  You guys are crazy.

The Somerville News reported Mural Gate on August 2, 2006, in its News Talk column.

The Somerville Journal reported Mural Gate on July 20, 2006, in an article titled, "Mural honoring women painted over." (available at

It seems, on this story anyway, the Somerville News was reading the Somerville Journal for headlines.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

That's four candidates for Mayor.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy for Mayor in 07.
"What's Old Is New Again"

This has been an unpaid political announcement.

My name is Dr. Mrs. Mary McCarthy and I approve this message.

Steve Glines should run in Ward 4

Steve Glines would make a great canidate for ward 4. I like Walter Pero, but i think its time for a new face. Steve Glines would be a great canidate. Hopefully Walter will pass the torch to Steve. If not, I hope Steve runs. What a great guy he is.

Planet Somerville

I know some of you have visited the "other" media blog in town, but for those of you that are loyal "News" junkies, take a quick peek at the Mayor's Blog on the Somerville Journal site.(sorry Somerville News).

First, absolute shameless self-promotion by this egotistical, immature, home grown punk.

Second, by allowing this guy to have his own blog site, using it almost exclusively for his own political agenda(not the City's), the Journal has sunk to new depths in the hopes of reviving it's readership and once proud reputation.

And third, what planet does this guy live on? Read the propaganda he has been spewing from all his posts about how wonderful our community is. Is he really that psychologically unbalanced that he disregards anything anyone says that does not fit his perception of Planet Somerville.

I wish someone from the mental health community would give us residents a psychological profile on this man.

He needs help. And so do we.

Another Barney chimes in???

Why did you find it necessary to refer to the Mayor as a 'home grown punk'? This appears to be another blatant, yet subtle dig at life-long Somervillians. If you think he's a punk, so be it, I won't disagree, but I think you renew divisions when you find it important to note that he's 'home grown'! Just my two cents.......

Planet Somerville

Another Barney,

I thought about what you wrote. I thought about what I wrote. I should have thought twice about the use of "home grown".

You are correct. The impression I gave was not in the best interest of our city's reputation.

Please allow me to retract the "home grown".

He's just a punk.

And as for "barney". You could'nt be farther from the mark. Born, raised, educated, live, own property, pay taxes, send the kids to school, and worship. All right here in Somerville. And I'm not leaving.

It just pisses me off that the City has come so far from the bad old days, we now seem to be sliding faster and faster into that cesspool of "dirty politics".

Somerville style. And everyone is watching.

The Barney Report

zero spin and zero Blarney

Over in my neighborhood on School St, someone broke into an apartment and stole a bunch of jewelry. Just a friendly reminder to keep your doors locked and an eye out for suspicious characters.


Overnight our two bicycles were stolen from our front porch on Prichard Ave (south of Ball Square). We recovered them in the driveway next door -- presumably they were ditched when the Kryptonite locks locking the front tires to the frame were discovered.

The fact that both were taken at once suggests to me that this was an operation by at least two people to sweep up unsecured bikes in the area.

No Thanks in Ward 4

Several times over the past year there have been several posts about what a wonderful guy Steve Glines is and how he should be Almerman At Large or Ward 4.

It's obvious that all of the posts are from the same person and its probably Norton. We didn't want Glines last year. We won't want him this year or any other so knock off the propaganda.

He's little more than a new Tony Lafuente who moves to the City seeking office and eventually moves on. More like Kim Foster now that I think of it.

Don't bother to ban the IP address when you delete this. It's a library.

Autistic in Ward 4

Hey there "No Thanks"...not all the posts regarding Glines were by "Norton", stupid. I see you, like me and the rest of the mentally challenged in Ward 4, are happy with Dumb and Dumber in the two elected positions in our ward and wouldn't want to consider someone with an IQ higher than a houseplant...that's awesome. By the way, I want jello with my pb&j sandwich, mommy. You're a special person, remember that.


another ward 4

look totally agreeing with the last post, combinde the two elected officials from Ward 4 don't have and iq higher then a plant. Steve Glines whoever he is would be better, lets hope he and someone else will run in the school commmittee race.

Ward 4, Thurston ST.

Steve Glines would make a super canidate. I heard that he is a really nice guy. I hope that he considers making a run.

Cambriville News

93 Cambriville Avenue
World Headquarters
Little Sisters of the Poor
Cambriville, Ma

Dr. Mrs. Mary McCarthy
Editor In Chief
Mayoral Candidate - 2007
Cunning Linguist

Dear Mr. Brock Parker:

It has been some time since our last communication concerning a job for you here at the world renowned Cambriville News.

As stated in our last letter, the economy, laziness by our remaining staff, gentrification, and a rampant infestation of bed bugs has taken its toll on staffing here at the News. As a relult we have been unable to fill vacancies and are now willing to up the ante to make your move to the Cambriville News even more enticing.

As our last offer of $7.75 per hour, use of my Lark Scooter, and an all expenses paid two weeks stay at the Little Sisters facility was met with deafening silence, I am now prepared to offer the following:

$8.25 per hour

one slightly used Apple laptop(circa. 1999)

Two weeks at LSOP and one week in Northampton, Ma during the annual Lesbian Lalapalooza.

Anytime use of the "Naughty Girl/Cha-Ching" (comes with it's own Skipper and mooring.)

Mr. Parker, I feel that this offer is at the very top of the scale/benefit packages within the industry and urge you to give reconsideration, leave that dead end job you landed at the New York Times and get your big Scandinavian ass over to our office pronto.

Please be advised that the bobbing head dolls collection which consists of Commissioner Koty, the Mayor, Press spokesperson Champion, activist Bill Shelton, Helen "Doby" Corrigan and Ron "Butters" Newman, will still be awarded to you upon contract signing.

Mr. Parker, we hope that this offer will help to seal the deal and I will be seeing your carrot top(among other things) here at the office in the very near future.

If you have any questions, please contact Snowflakes, Jimmy D., the Mole or in the event of an emergency, Trickey.(although that shit has once again abondonded us in favor of the lifestyle of the rich and famous West Somervillians.).

I look forward to hearing from you within the next 20 minutes.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy
Editor In Chief
Cambriville News


Dear Dr, Mrs. McCarthy,

Parker was nothing more than pond scum. His "lazy reporting" style and his total disrespect for the citizens of this city is legendary.

I say good riddance to this scum!

Cambriville News

My Dear Brick,

Now, now Dear. I know you're having a bit of a rough week, but "lazy reporting" is the bedrock of the Cambriville media. Not to mention biased, confusing, sloppy and totally and completely under the control of the town's power brokers.

That is exactly why we are in need of someone of Mr. Parker's talent and credentials.

Brick, I've got to run now. Off to the North Shore for some horseback riding on the Bradley estate.(relax Bubby, I'm kidding).

My Bad,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Jimmy D. on Real brickbottom

Is it you or has the imposter returned using your handle?

On another posting in another story you said leave the Mayor's sister alone because she's not a public figure and now you rip Brock Parker after he leaves the public eye. What's it going to be?

This is one of those rare instances where I have to part company with you on an idea. The Mayor's sister is still very much a public figure, and not a bright one at that.

You asked if she bothers anyone. Well I know what a fan of the Chief of Police you are so I'll throw this your way. I watched the public hearing on taking the Chief's job out of civil service on the TV. After the Mayor proposed it and they spoke about it, they allowed people to come up and speak in favor or against the proposal. The first person to speak in favor was Maria, who stampeded the podium in order to be first. She spouted the company line and spoke of her own longtime desire to remove the job from civil service.

She is an active contributor to this administration and I think a general bad influence on the Mayor. Additionally, she has been interviewed numerous times by different media outlets regarding regarding cases she has handled as a lawyer. She takes these interviews on with glee. She remains very much in the public spotlight.

About a week ago someone posted something about her personal life and you objected to it. So do I. "Ruling" and I didn't have anything to say about her personal life, we were just making light hearted swipes at her intelligence.

Personally, I don't think the Mayor is a fake and I think he's a great guy. He just needs to shed some of the people who he's been taking advice from, starting with her (His inspiration and his aggravation).


Why do people mention Maria, everybody knows she's not playing with a full deck. She's a loose cannon attorney. Any plantiff can tell you that......


Dear Dr. Mrs. McCarthy,

While riding on horseback through his estate see if you can any hidden trasure. :)


To Jimmy D. (if it is Jimmy D.),

Parker hurt a lot of people with his reporting, which I won't get into.

Maria is Maria, I don't think she goes out of her way to intentionally hurt people.

But Jimmy, do what you want. If it makes you feel better to make fun of the Mayor's sister which you said of,"Personally, I don't think the Mayor is a fake and I think he's a great guy." Then so be it.

We can agree to disagree. No?


Also Jimmy D.,

Parker has not left the publics eye, he has only moved on to try and destroy other peoples lives.

Jimmy, you don't realize how close I was to the Mayor until he stabbed me in the back.
I have known him and his family for years and years. I know more about him than he would probably like at this time. I have held back on a lot of information regarding the iside workings of his administration and the who's who of his administration. I am personally not so vindictive as to hurt his family. Simple as that.

So like I said we can agree to disagree and leave it at that.

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