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August 23, 2006


John Smith

what's so interesting about that DPW worker parked in front of the driveway and why?

It's a joke, right?

Is Maureen Bastardi kidding, or are you? I don't think Bill Roche's coattails could possibly reach that far! She has done absolutely nothing on the school committee, and this year stopped showing up for most school events. I can't remember when I've seen her at a school event, or any other type of event for that matter. She's only where she is now because she's attached to Bill's hip. During meetings she sometimes acts as if she's just been disturbed from a nap!

Bastard   Give me a Break!

I hope that Bastardi running for Alderman at large was joke. If it was I gotta give it to you guys that was funny. If it wasn't a joke, Bastardi has some serious issues. She's lucky that she doesn't get bumped from where she is now. She's nothin but an anchor to Bill Roache.

Planet Somerville

Bastardi for Alderman at Large?

Stop it.

"Marty P" from Cobble Hill for ward one school race ?????

Rumor has it that at this afternoon's Sunsetter's performance at Cobble Hill, Marty P. the heavy set guy with the cute little poodle was overheard saying to more than one of his neighbors that if the ward one school seat opens up, that he would give serious thought to jumping in the race.
Let's hope a few other people consider a run for this seat as a primary in a school race would be indicative of a renewed interest in one of Somerville's most valuable asset , its youth !
Many agree that the incumbent has done a fine job, as she was instrumental in the process of hiring the present school superintendent and has made much progress for the school system in general.
If anyone has any better ideas , either jump in the race or put your support with someone you believe in !

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

From the Desk of the Editor In Chief
Dr. Mrs. McCarthy(Mayor in 2007)

Dear Readers,

As many of you know, the Emmys will be broadcast this weekend and the Cambriville News is sending our very own Sr. Loretta Dubie out to LA-LA Land to cover the ceremonies. She will be accompanied by longtime Cambriville correspondent Snowflakes 11 and seven members of the Middlesex Mental Health Institute Gay Mens Choir.

We are conducting our own readers contest(as we did with other insignificant award ceremonies) and need your assistance.

The rules are fairly simple and straighforward.

Name a current television show, insert the name of a local celebrity(please remember Jamie Norton's rules) for Best Actor/Actress/Supporting/Electrician/Gaffer/etc. Here's a sample:

The winner for group ensemble is;


Easy. Be nice, but let it rip. The contest will end on Sunday evening. Winners will be announced in the Monday edition of the Cambriville News.

Prizes to be awarded will include $31,000.00 in cash, over $3,000.00 in fabulous jewels, $10,000.00 in cash and cancelled checks and as a bonus, an undetermined(undisclosed) amount of illegal drugs. The winner will also have their likeness depected on the new "Wall of Shame" mural which will be painted on the City Hall Concourse.

Employees of the City of Somerville and their families are not eligible.

Let er rip kids.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy
Editor in Chief

The Anti Mole

Here Moley Moley Moley, I'm still waiting for you to drop the hammer on me. You got nothing!


Somerville Republican,

Tell me one thing that Marty Martinez has achieved to make Somerville a better place to live in?

will the real marty plese stand up,,,or sit down !

who is marty p ? is marty martinez running for something ? What if there are 2 martys on the ballot , will people get confused ???? Please tell us more !



Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing.
Why do you continue to deny that right?
You delete any post that defies your opinion. You speak of some sort of rules, which you have yet to announce and then try and ban people. You can't ban me. You have tried continuously without any success. Of course you will delete this comment because you fear me and won't address my comments here in the public eye. Show some moxie and reply. Or prove me right and delete it.

The Flash

James Norton

Flash -

If you had an opinion on an issue and weren't just making insults or trying to be an annoyance, you would have no problem with me at all. If you took the time to understand how this thing works and engaged in the conversations here I bet you'd have some fun.

While you have a point that I still haven't posted my "rules" on here (which I hope to finally introduce in a VERY funny way this weekend), for the record, I have never banned anyone from posting a comment on here merely because they disagreed with me on any issue, ever.

In the end, I hope you join in with the others on here (I try to keep my personal opinions off here these days) and contribute responsibly to the discussions, but I have no interest in engaging with you on a childish level.


James Norton

Dr.Mrs.McCarthy (Pookie) -

Could you send me a private email (obviously from an anonymous email system) - I want to enlist your help in writing something with me that is sure to be the funniest thing to hit this weblog.

This is not a joke - email me, please.



Hey JN, When are you guys going to post the weekly comic strip?

James Norton

Comicreader -

You know something, thats a VERY good question...I'll look into it today, thanks for the suggestion.


Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


Before we start privately communicating, verify your post and last email. Not that I don't trust that it is really you, but the recent "threats" and the imposters on the blog have this old broad a bit skiddish.

Use your imagination(I do everyday) and sent me something that will verify it is really you.

Yes, that is the correct email address.

More Private Than Jackie O,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

James Norton

Dr.Mrs.McCarthy (Pookie) -

I don't need imagination, darling, there are things only myself and the gardener know of you (and he doesn't speak English) and I'm sure you don't want me to kiss and tell on here.



no hard feelings, right? you can't seem to make the front page of your own paper, so we thought we'd help you out.

Grossed out

I don't mind the extreme tanning sign. It takes the attention away from the nasty lesbians making out across the street at diesel cafe. Toodles!!!

Stink Hole

What's worse.... nasty lesbians making out at the diesel cafe or mangie vagrants with their shoes off at the former Someday Cafe? Someday Cafe was an eyesore to the city. It was nothing but a health code violation and a drug den. The city is better off without it. The Bugle face from ward 6 should back off.

Gene Pool

The newstalk section keeps refering to lunches being held with the developers of the maxpak land.

Are these lunches free, are they open to the public, where are they held and how can I sign up for them?

Also, will I be able to talk with any of the city officials about this plan?

I can't seem to get anyone at City Hall to give me any answers or show me any plans.

Yorktown Street

Actually, the lesbians at the Diesel are all rather polite!

Ron Newman

A year ago, I got snail mails and e-mail from Matt O'Neil of KSS , , inviting me to one of several free dinners to discuss the MaxPak project. I think they sent these to everyone who attended any of the community meetings last year.

I did not go to any of these dinners, but I suspect he's the one to ask if they're now doing free lunches.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

FREE?.........FREE?........Did someone say FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE?

God love you Newman.

I gotta go pee.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy



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