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August 17, 2006


ok gang

lets be sure to pass our big box higher than living wage living wage ordinance before these foreigners get grandfathered out of paying us a fare wage. That whole area is going to be owned by German and Swedish nationals. Talk about money leaving the community, in this case ,most of it is going to be completely leaving the country.

Is this like outsourcing our workforce to India?


It's nice to know that Tom Champion with all his legal knowledge can call a judge's ruling irrelevant.
A judge's ruling is never irrelevant because once again we go back to court for the judge to approve the move and vacate the order or is Tom going to wave Joe's magic wand and make everthing better? Sometimes I feel like I living in the land of OZ.


You know that when a man has lost his honor he will tell you anything through his puppets

To dickybird

Don't care who's name is behind it. This is the world of ideas. Either it makes sense and has merit or it is no good.

Jimmy D. on Ruling

Hey Ruling,
The Rookie probably got counsel on this issue from from that noted jurist Maria Curtatone.


Right before she went to see the wizard for a brain!


Hey guys leave the Mayor's sister out of it.
Is she a public figure anymore (after her run against our Congressman for Mayor wayback when). Does she bother anyone here?
Leave the Mayor's family out of his affairs, it not their fault he has turned into a total fake.

Isn't the Mayor a lawyer himself, maybe he is giving that lapdog Champion the information.

By the way Champion I'll take mine with two sugars!


lets be sure to pass our big box higher than living wage living wage ordinance before these foreigners get grandfathered out of paying us a fare [sic] wage.
Ikea regularly shows up on "Best Companies to Work For" lists. According to Fortune Magazine, the most common salary for grunts at Ikea is over $9 / hour ($18,300 / year) and for managers is over $50,000. With health benefits. People could do far worse. A Living Wage ordinance is a fantastic idea. Don't fool yourself into thinking it would scare away Ikea.

tom who

Dump Champion and bring back Horan,this guy Champion is a waste. Don't you just miss that Cathy O'Night?

City Hall Nose

Bring back Mark H? I don't think so. Not when the reason he was asked to leave dealt with a really close encounter with an acquaintance of someone in this Administration. I don’t think so my friend.

When Mark returned from lunch on his last day, he was expecting to see some of his friends from the 2nd floor greet him. But no one showed up to neither greet Mark nor buy his lunch earlier. Doesn’t that tell you something Mark?

Make em pay dga

Good for Ikea, do you work in advertising there? Since the home depot in assembly square is the highest grossing store in their entire fleet and this parcel is the best available retail space in the country right now. (not just retail, it would be great for condos and mixed use too) but since you are gving it to retail you need to know it is the best spot for it. That is something there are not telling you during negotiations and it is something they hope you don't know and focus on. The other retail stores in Assembly are also making records amount of money there. There is no reason we should let that money leave our economy to go to Sweden or whichever States these other stores have their business hedqurters.

So quit giving the store away and make them pay a real living wage for this area. You can'nt afford to share a two bedroom here with 4 other people even if your making 12 dollars an hour. Lets raise the bar here, managers should be making about $80,000 and the employees need to start at around $19.00 other wise we are going to be subsidizing medical and housing for their employees. Or they wont be provide jobs for somerville, they be providing jobs for Medford.

Also a lot of companies put some plan together and call it 'medical benifits' it is still a joke in most cases.

Jimmy D. on the Nose

You wrote, "Bring back Mark H? I don't think so. Not when the reason he was asked to leave dealt with a really close encounter with an acquaintance of someone in this Administration."

Can you give us some more on that? It sounds like a great story.


JN I have to say, very nice layout change on the site. I like it.

Looking at the pictures of Assembly above I have to say that I don't see a lot of green space. Looks like parking lots take up more space than either buidings or green-space. The other I Ikea has plants on their roof, hopefully ikea and the the stores here will have green roofs too.

Jack Meofe

What are we suppose to be hopeful for. Im not sure if you guys want the Ikea to be here or not?


Be very cautious Bill White when Ron Newman says he would support you for public office.

That only goes so far. Just ask Jack Connelly if those words sound familiar.


Is IKEA really that great? Shouldn't we be waiting for the best development there instead of just anything?

Carl Williams

IKEA will not save Somerville....

City Hall Nose

Let's just memtion that N.P. was seen in the company of Mark.


Make em pay,

you said "The other retail stores in Assembly are also making records amount of money there."

is this true and where did you find it out? Does this go also for the Staples and sports athority and bed n bath? IF its true I would find that VERY interesting.


I would love to see Ikea build a blue box right next to the only waterway of significance in Somerville.

No windows. No architectural integrity. No thought to how their stores fit into the location. A wharehouse. And could they find two more ugly colors in the world to announce their presence? Ya, that's exactly what that section of the city needs. Another industrial design building.

I think it will fit right in with the power plant and LNG storage tanks across the river in Everett.

Approve it quick before someone with a smidgeon of common sense and integrity gets into office and smacks it down.

Yorktown Street

I find the new color scheme hard to read.


C'mon, Ikea would be a wonderful asset to one of the larger guest demographics of our city: students and young people. In addition, the tax revenues from their building will both give the city monies to improve the schools and other municipal programs (or even just help offset tax increased to cover our future pension liabilities).

I think folks here are taking curmudgeon a little too far. Ikea is practically the ultimate case of fuzzy-bunny big box stores and people now don't like them. At this rate, we'll end up with nothing but a vacant lot and wonder why our property taxes have to keep going up.


Oh, please let me weigh in on the latest Assembly Square developments! Thank God, that Bill Shelton's Assembly Square ramblings are over. Why is it that every so-called "progressive" organization, like the Mystic Fraud Task Farce, is run by males? Doesn't sound very progressive to me. Also, Bill's and Wiggy's manifesto printed in the Somerville News is an intellectual disaster. Really, it is a polemic, sorely lacking in fact, and, more disturbingly, seems pointed in ruining people's reputations rather than celebrating how much this fine city of ours has progressed and what it has to offer.

Again, I point out that, after twenty or so versions of the same potash, Bill and Ziggy fail to tell the reader who these Mystic Farce folks really are. Who is funding them, and, exceedingly more important, to what end? Why are there out-of-town members in key leadership roles? Why don't they tell us? Instead, they say we should just listen to them. They know what's right for us. They've hired the best consultants and lawyers to fight for "us". Doesn't sound very scientific to me. In fact, it sounds alarmingly elitist. I have been attacked by some on this blog, who accuse me of "not having proof" that I think these guys are pseudo-environmentalists who are being funded by rival developers. I would love to be proven wrong, for this city's sake; however, without any proof whatsoever that Mystic Fraud is acting in an apparent manner, I have to assume the worst. I mean, really, it takes a boatload of money to hire traffic and wetlands and environmental consultants and pricey lawyers to fight the City. Why don't Ziggy and Billy at least tell us who is paying for them? At least our elected leaders have to go through a public vetting process every two years, so we can at least get a sense as to who they are and, through making them walk the campaign gauntlet, glean what makes them tick.

I have had a wonderful summer staying away from this blog and its many personal attacks, but, as the success of Assembly Square is now looking more assured, let's all participate in the planning process of this project and work together to harmonize the City's human objectives on other blighted parcels. Let's hold our elected officials feet to the smart growth fire, in the meantime.

Ron Newman

Why is it that every so-called "progressive" organization, like the Mystic Fraud Task Farce, is run by males?

Progessive Democrats of Somerville was founded by Rebekah Gewirtz and is now chaired by Kate Wallace.

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