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August 27, 2006



Mr. Santos,

You said: "The true test of Alderman Gewirtz’s leadership and vision will be the resolution of the destruction of the Wall of Respect for Women."

Believe me I am all for restoring the mural. But if that is going to be the Alderwoman's true test of leadership and vision then the people of Ward six have not only been duped but short changed big time.

The mural is important but is it as important as Public Safety, Elder Care, Our Schools etc.?

Please get a grip on reality.

Dominic Santos

Dear Brickbottom,

I agree with you that public safety, issues affecting senior citizens, and the education of our children are very important issues facing us in the City of Somerville. My point in the Letter to the Editor above was that the rebuilding of the Wall of Respect for Women will provide Alderman Gewirtz with a true test of her leadership skills and her ability to convey her vision to different segments of our community.

Rebuilding the Wall of Respect for Women will call upon Alderman Gewirtz to coordinate with the Mayor's Office and other Boards and Commissions, seek input from the public, and work with the business community. If she is able to successfully accomplish this task, her work on this issue will provide her with the credibility she needs and deserves to tackle the tough issues facing many Somerville residents.

I hope this post clarifies my point for you.

Dominic Santos
80 Grant Street, Unit #3
Somerville, MA 02145


Mr. Santos,

You said; "I hope this post clarifies my point for you"

It does. It says to me that her credibility is in question to a lot of people and that she needs to take "baby steps" until she can play with the "bigboys". It says to me that she was not ready to assume a seat in the chambers but only got there because of the tremendous amount of help she received from the PDS.

It says a lot.

Dominic Santos

Dear Brickbottom,

I disagree with your assessment of Alderman Gewirtz’s credibility or her ability to serve on the Board of Aldermen.

The question of the quality of her service as an Alderman will be debated on posts in this forum and in the pages of our two local newspapers for the next year. When Election Day arrives, I am confident that Alderman Gewirtz will be reelected. The energy she brings to political and civic life and her innovative ideas have caused residents in this City (whether they disagree or agree with her) to become involved in local politics again and let their voices be heard. The amount of posts on articles mentioning Alderman Gewirtz on this web site is just one piece of evidence supporting this phenomenon.

A robust and healthy debate of the effectiveness of our elected officials is essential to the sound operation of our Democracy. The Somerville News, to its credit, created a forum that we comment in today which adds to that debate. As we proceed into the next election cycle, writers on this web site must remain active, and ask our elected officials the tough questions.

Dominic Santos

Born Here

When did they move Grant St. into Ward 6 ?
Maybe you should take some of your Rebekah enthusiasm and use it in Ward 4.


Born Here,

Nice one. Touche.

Taking papers???


It's good to see you rooting for the Ward 6 alderman. Maybe she can help you get the signatures you need next time to run for alderman-at-large or Ward 4. The alderman there can be beaten if you have the PDS behind you. You should talk with Ms. Gewirtz' campaign manager as he has a 100% track record for success with both Scirotino and Gewirtz. Rule number one in politics is "go with a winner".


Taking papers, that's a good one. "The alderman there can be beat if you have the PDS behind you". That reminds me of General Patton's famous quote; "I'd rather have the whole damned German Army in front of me than one French Division behind me"!

City Hall Nose

Rumor mill is flowing this raw day in the “Ville”. It seems as though Mr. Senesi will finally be moving out of his “Rent-A-Space” position of Veterans Director and slide down to the DPW as Operations Manager. I guess his prior background at the Mass Highway has something to do with it. I hope he had nothing to do with the "Big Dig". Watch for more details when it becomes finalized.

You may be asking what will happen to the current Director of Operations for the city. My ears tell me, from listening to the chat in the halls, that Mr. Oulette will be taking over the newly acquired land that Dilboy Field occupies. The DRC has or is going to , turn over that venue to the City and with Ricky’s background, MDC supervisor, he will be taken that task on.

This all comes at a price don’t you know. While Senesi moves along, the city now has to pay back pay to the individual that Senesi was appointed and approved by the BOA Appointing committee. This is a huge sum of money. Creating a new position for the newly acquired land at Dilboy now adds more payroll money to the line item. I wonder when the BOA will approve this new line item.

There goes are taxes once again. UP UP UP UP UP UP UP…


Are you serious?
Why would a single field need a full time worker to manage it? Unless this guy is going to be doing the mowing, sweeping, and garbage pickup, there's no excuse.. unless of course this all comes back to football, which as we know is this mayor's only interest when it comes to youth programs!

Significant other?

Isn't the new Dilboy field manager the significant other of a member of the BOA? Or was this the result of another nationwide search? Just another double dipping pension. First the state, now the city.


But there is not any City gas cards anymore is there? Even for D.P.W.bosses? man that Caddy must drink gas, but there ain't no gas cards anymore

What The F***

Did I hear correctly at the recent School Committee the other night? Dilboy Stadium being taken over by the City?

Above post states DPW taking over the right of way to the complex. Does this mean no more outside soccer games? Does this mean no more geese? Does this mean another pay slip added to the city payroll? Does this mean more maintenance dollars pours out of DPW?

How sweet it is huh Boss Hog!!! Remember how you and RW ran the MDC skating rink don't you? After hours rentals that really didn't go anywhere, other than SOUTH. Is this the way you and Rick will run this complex?

"It ain't EASY" Stanley or is it?

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