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August 15, 2006


Here we go again! Now it's MVTF Davis Squre Branch!

What the heck is going on with our newest Alderwoman Rebecca? She literally pulled the plug and put out the lights in Davis Square. The Middlesex Bank's new Time Square Style sign could have been a land mark in our city. Everyone liked it from the Mayor to the citizens of our fine city. Except for Rebecca and three nobodies that have nothing better to do but complain about other peoples success. She complained about it and put up a stink then ordered inspectional services to shut it down! Jealous people that's all they are. Stinkers. The MVTF "Davis Square Branch"! Rebecca has to go! Somebody run against this weirdo before she ruins our city with her inexperience!

Person Davis

Face it people; The moonbats and spaceshots have taken over. Look at what happened in the Connecticut senate race and you can see how, locally, the progressive socialists have seized the day and are now setting the agenda that we are all going to follow. Don't worry though, ther goal is "social and economic justice". We've been through this before, and we'll probably go through it again.

That mean old Middlesex Savings Bank!!! Who's next?!?!

Kristen Morgan

who are these moonbats they sound like a real fun bunch? I think I am going to get involved with this group since othere here feel like people like me must leave to the suburbs or something. Maybe the Davis group, The mystic view group, myself and my friends, and anyone else new to town can all join forces and welcome more newcomers. Gota go now, lots of work to do.....

francis Puertos

Hey all. My neighbor notified us that he saw 2 men jump out from behind the wall at Kidder and College last night around 11pm and try to drag a woman (who was walking about 50 feet ahead of him from the T) down Kidder. He yelled and they ran off. When the police arrived, they said a similar incident had been reported the week before on Morrison. Has anyone heard of this or similar stories? Does anyone have a description of the alleged assailants?


Cant stay home on Tax Free weekend

You guys should start making planns to be out of town on Tax Free weekend. It is really going to suck if you plan to drive around east somerville to run errands or to get things done. Plus the air is going to just kill you.

On Friday August 11th, the Stoughton IKEA predicted "smooth sailing" for the "tax free" weekend traffic in a published report in the Brockton Enterprise.

On Sunday August 12th, the same newspaper reported that the Massachusetts state police had been forced to shut-down the Route 24 off-ramp. Man what a nightmare.

How come we have not heard from smartgrowthgfan?

One shopper attempting to get from Route 24 to IKEA said he spent 90 minutes in traffic before giving up. Some, fed up with lack of parking spaces, decided to park elsewhere and walk.

Nanette Van Horn of Cranston, R.I., parked and shopped at Home Depot and then walked about a half-mile to IKEA to shop there.

She said she saved about $30.

town of heruclues

you said K’Mart’s lease prevents high-value development nearby.

Why can't we do what was done here

where is rest of series

Where can I find parts one, five, nine, and fourteen? They are not on the website.


Yorktown Street

First off, the Middlesex sign was blazing away as of yesterday. Second, in my humble opinion, it's not a landmark but an eyesore. It's way out of scale to the intersection--plus, it tells you nothing you need to know.

To York town: You should mind your own business! Bla,Bla,Bla!

To Yorktown Street: You should mind your own business. What you or I think doesn't count. Only what the bank thinks count!


Opps! Sorry for the dupes JN!

James Norton

Bla -

That's okay. It's apparent that I not only have to finally get off my ass and post "JN's Rules" after all this time, but I also need to become Mr. Wizard and explain how to use the box-sized contraption that makes the small tv like thing come on and some new fangled thing called the inernet.

Will you people please press the Post button just once...for the love of God. If you have truly pressed it, not just run your mouse along it and think you've pressed it, then I swear to everything that is Holy, your comment WILL post on here - it has to travel a long way and do a few things before it is posted.

Just give it a minute speedy.



Is that a picture of William Shelton above?

If it is it all comes together now.

I've got many stories about Shelton and the house he owns. Why doesn't he worry about fixing his eyesore up before he takes on any other developments?


It's funny how all the carpetbaggers seem to think they know what's best for lifelong Somerville residents. The vocal minority are taking control because the real natives are too lazy to get involved in the system.

Let the Mayor put out his plan and then let the carpetbaggers put out there plan and then put it on a ballot and let the people vote on what plan they would want for the city.

If it was up to the carpetbaggers (who probably live in the Davis Square area and areas unaffected by this parcel of land)we would have a bunch of stores and developments that would be of no use to the majority of Somerville residents.

I say we should sell this part of Somerville for a large sum of money to Boston and make it part of Charlestown and call it a day!

Nothing will ever get done and the weeds will continue to grow.

Kate Pointifi

the real natives are too lazy to get involved in the system.

Your on a roll brickbottom lets give the town back to the developers and all the politicians they bought with good money. You can bet they they were organized. I don't they ever realy wanted regular folks polking around in their business. less is more. The less you know the more we get away with.

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