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August 18, 2006


Bubblin' Crude

Whew! Glad they didn't mention the suspected underground tank at the old Hodgkins Schoolyard. I was worried at first.


The DPW yard was classified as a "brownfield" by the responsible state agency some time ago.

There have been several actions taken by that agency in the past against the City of Somerville for that site.

The City, I believe, continues to discharge some form of liquid from the site into the drainage ditches along the railroad tracks behind the garages.

Stand on the Cedar Street bridge and see if you can tell what that liquid is. If you can't tell by sight, go on down and take a whiff.

Frankie the ear

Are we fessing up to this and getting rid of these tanks to help our develpor friends who want make some money and donate to war chests? Because we still have bad drainage systems flooding basements and who know what else that is buried that you are waiting for the right opportuintiy to go ahead and tell us about, or not tell us about and let the next guy deal with. Which is next in the queue? and what else is out there? Why have'nt we heard of this before. Aliens did not just put those there!

friend of Frankie

frankie is right, we can not even begin to come up with a long term plan when these surprises keep poping up. We never know what we are deal with here. Ethics people. It will cost us less in the long run unless you don't plan on being here for the long run.

Ron Newman

If somerspeak's message is true, it will need to be dealt with before the Green Line is extended through there.


Your only concern is clean it up before the green line! If true the city is violating the law. How about we claen up the mess we call our city government.


Can you imagine what else hasn't been found or disclosed around this city?

All the old schools that were torn down under that pervert Mayor Ralph's administration, what lies underneath all those old area's.

I remember when the new schools were being built at that time (yeah, like the Lincoln Park that has been torn down, the Powderhouse that's been closed)there was a constant fleet of Somerville Lumber trucks headed to New Hampshire each day to drop supplies off to build a new house for that degenerate.

the reporter

"A source close to City Hall said the tank at the Central Library branch has been out of use for more than 15 years."

The Somerville News Source has been identified as CA (you idiots know my rule about entire names).

CA is the guy that..... to be continued.

Jimmy D. on Names

You name names and you can't come to Hop Sing's anymore!

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