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July 27, 2006


Wake Up

That because you dumb asses let developers turn basket ball courts and other parks into parking lots. It is called over crowding. So as JN would say, Now deal with it.

But seriously if I hear of that happening in my neighborhood, I would go for walk in that park everyday. No teenager from outside of my town is going to kick my ass or intimidate me. Surely there are some like minded citizens in that neighborhood who could use a walk. Deal with it.


Maybe Sullivan can catch some rats and release them in the park when the punks gather there with their foul mouths and shit jive talk.

I bet half these punks will go running like scared little girlies down Florence Street while holding up their droopin pants.

This may not be the best solution to the problem, but I give Sullivan an A for effort.

This park is my park, this park is your  park...

Whatwould be the punishment when a mother shows up with 11 year old and (gasp!) her 13 year old? Will they need forged documents or simply try to 'pass' for a younger child? Actually, I might support this if someone would get the toddlers off the basketball courts at some parks! The tots and their parents will stand all over the basketball court, with their toys scattered everywhere when my son and his friends try to play ball. Parents of young children in this city are causing divisiveness everywhere, and when they don't cause it, the politicians do when they try to cater to them! Let's worry about the stolen money and jewels, and let everyone use the parks, as they were intended!


I agree let's remember teenagers are not the enemy. They are not evil, they are young people going through a difficult time in life. I can't stomach the predudice that people have against teenagers. Just for the record I'm in my sixties and I don't have problems with teenagers.

I would like to know more

How about actually talking to the people who complained instead of the getting it from a politician. He says “I have received about a dozen calls in the past six months from people saying they feel intimidated by older teens hanging out by the swing sets at Florence Park and mothers and grandmothers feel like they can’t take their children over there,”.

That statement needs to be qualified and verified before a discussion can take place, don't you think? Maybe not though.

And I'm sure we don't need more laws. We already don't enforce and use the laws that we have in place. More than half of them were put on the books to deal with one particular issue like this, or just to address something some alderman wanted but does not apply to the rest of us.

The real big problem here is that city just does not work. In another city, something like this would never have to go through the alderman. A call or two to the police station would do it. Police in other citys are involved and empowered in the community and handleing issues like this is routine. A normal part of their job; here, we can't trust them to not get the city sued? why not?
A broken stop sign or traffic light should just take a call to the traffic department or whatever. But not in this town.

The ole Somerville blow-off is what you will get if you call one of the city departments directly. Everything has to go to a alderman and then go through committee meetings before a simple light can be fixed. What a huge waste of our dollars and our resources!


Parks are teenage hangouts like they have always been...but the new breed of teenagers in this city have no respect for anything or anybody. I am not saying that all teenagers are bad but for those who are, there should be no toleration of their attitude towards the neighborhood children.

Last summer a bunh of punks threw my 12 and 10 year old daughters off of the basketball court while they were playing hoop with their friends. A mother up there requested very nicely to them that they should be fair and play half court and let the girls use the other half of the court. She was told in no uncertain terms to go and F&%k herself and mind her own business. She had someone go to my house and get me and when I arrived I stood at half court and would not let the "boys" continue their game. I asked them nice at first to allow the girls to play half court and was met with a lot of swearing and threats. I stood my ground and would not let them play ball. They circled me thinking that they would scare me off (fat chance) but I told them it would be in their best interest to think twice before things got out of hand. Then one of them said and I quote " this white boy is either a cop or F%$#&*G crazy". With that they hopped back into their "CARS" and left calling me every name in the book.

That is only one story I have over the past two years....and it is gettin worse.

matt mclaughlin

firstoff, brickbottom, that is the exact way you deal with the problem. Good job. Most of the time you have to show people you're not afraid of them and that will be enough.

But this "law" is just plain stupid. How could they possibly enforce it? Are they going to arrest people if they don't have id's? Are they going to kick parents out at potluck dinners? After all, they're over 18.

The truth is this law is just the politician's way of making it legal to harass teenagers. It will give officer O'malley the right to say "move along now" without having to prove the teens aren't doing anything wrong. If teens are doing illegal activity at the parks, the cops should do their jobs and take care of it. But don't take it out on any teenager who LOOKS like they're up to no good.

Fred Sullivan

Hey Brickbottom,

Call me the next time you want to do something crazy like that. I will join you. Who knows the "Somerville Miracle" can happen. Lets give these jokers along with any other trouble makers a clear and consistent message and put real faces and people behind it. I am going to make sure all my neighbors have my number and that they call me anytime something like this is happening. There is no reason for you to be out there alone cowboy.


Matt McL,

I've read and observed your statements and actions over the last few years and I have only two words for you: Nice Job.

I wish this City had more young people like you that is willing to put your money where your mouth is. On several occasions you've had the balls to speak up about the life and times of kids growing up in Somerville. While sometimes I think you tend to see things through rose colored glasses, I hope that you intend to stay right here and continue speaking up for the youth of this City.

Matt, understand this. You and I both know that there are some 100% pure assholes out there that think nothing of disrespecting you, me, our mothers, and anybody else that even looks at them the wrong way. Then there are the youth that simply act out what they see others doing and are, however, basically good kids. And then there are guys like you. You've got a good head on your shoulders, you're not perfect, but people admire you because you are trying to make a difference.

While some of us want to put all of the reponsibility of keeping these assholes in check on the police and new laws governing their behavior, everytime I read about your efforts I'm reminded that peer pressure and standing up for what's right(as in one of the above posts) is one of the best ways of deterring these jerks.

Know this young man. Your efforts are appreciated.


i live on charnwood- it's 1 block north of summer and off of hancock. someone tried to break into my boyfriend's car last night (he used to live in the back bay in boston; this is the FOURTH time his car has been broken into or attempted to be broken into) and broke both the locks. anyone else around here have something happen?

City parks for everyone

Just like any other group, some teenagers are respectful and just want to play hoop, others are not. The problem is, there are many parents of young children out there who are also not respectful. They don't want teenagers in the park...why? reason, they just don't like or trust them. The parks are for them, too, and if they're thrown out, where do you think they'll go?

Frank Pearce

They won't just get thrown out for nothing, they will get asked to get off of the swing or off of the see-saw or to share the court. What they choose to do after that decides the actual outcome.

Solh Zendeh

When I was 13, I got a job after school and during the summer.

It used to be that working class meant just that.

Frank Pearce

they go play ball in Cambridge. or they can join the sailing club on the charles, there is plenty of things for them to do. If they are not from the neighborhood and they are driving around to find open courts or parks let em keep driving. If they are local they will be respectful.

Teens are People Too!

Teenagers in the parks. Teenagers on street corners. Teenagers in stores. Teenagers in malls.

Some people complain about teenagers wherever they go. What are the teens supposed to do? Should we have a law that teenagers must go directly home after school and must stay in their houses unless accompanied by a parent until school starts the next day?

If you have a problem with a particular teenager harrassing you, then fine, call the police. But there is no reason to create ridiculous new laws banning teens from being outside. PUBLIC PARKS ARE PUBLIC. Teenagers are part of the Public.

We shouldn't criminalize everything because a few grandmothers called Aldermen Sullivan.

Rather than create a new law or ordinance for everything why don't we enforce those that we already have. If a group of teens is in a park doing something wrong, the police can come in and suggest they leave. If they aren't doing anything wrong, they should be allowed to be there just as much as that grandmother.

The Sunsetters are teens. In fact they are a group of teens that hang out together on streets and in parks. Perhaps we should use the gang ordinance to split them up. After all they are playing that loud Broadway music all the time.

See how ridiculous!

I'd like to ban Alderman Sullivan next time he comes up for relection.

Get a Grip

"they go play ball in Cambridge. or they can join the sailing club on the charles, there is plenty of things for them to do. If they are not from the neighborhood and they are driving around to find open courts or parks let em keep driving. If they are local they will be respectful."
Why should somerville kids have to play ball in cambridge? What about the parents who are driving to our newly-renovated parks and tot lots from other neighborhoods or even other towns? Why aren't they asked to leave? No, they're welcomed and they then become the reverse and sometimes harass the teens!

"They won't just get thrown out for nothing, they will get asked to get off of the swing or off of the see-saw or to share the court."
Why should teens who are using a court be asked to share it? What happened to waiting till it's free? And why can't a kid who's 13, 14, even 15 sit on a swing? It's OK for parents of toddlers to use them, though! By your logic, is it OK if I show up with my toddler and ask another kid to get off the see-saw, or is that only OK based on the user's age? These comments are showing the disrespect from many adults that these teenagers have been facing. They're supposed to leave their park because someone with toddlers doesn't want them there. Meanwhile, I can't find a place to park because of all the cars filled with toddlers coming to use my 'neighborhood' park!


For crying out loud if they can desingate a park for dogs to shit in I'm sure this city can designate parks for older teens to play hoop in like Conway or Trum. Anytime these older teens use the park that is in my neighborhood I hear nothing but profanity around the younger kids, disrespect to parents bringing their children to play there and an ultimate mess of garbage made by them. So get real, I live there and see it on a daily basis. There are tons of wonderful kids in this city but there are those who are giving them all a bad name. And for some reason they seem to gravitate to my neighborhood. Also, from what I hear from the younger kids that know some of these kids don't even live in the city.

While we are on the subject of kids coming from outside to use our parks, how about the hundreds of kids that are coming from outside the city to use our schools. They should post a Truant Officer (if there is such a thing anymore0 at each major T Station to see how many of these kids are coming in from Boston, Cambride etc. Or will that upset the morons that don't have a CLUE!!!!


Because get a Grip,
The teens will play for hours and do you think that's fair? And do you really expect a 13, 14 or 15 year older to play on swings.

Gat a Grip I think it's time you get a job!


To Fred S,

Thanks for your offer to help. That's the problem nowadays, no one has any balls to draw a line in the sand. When I was growing up as a teen in this city we were not angels but believe me we protected our neighborhood and the families that lived in it and no scum would dare intrude into our neighborhood.

Ron Newman

Public parks are for everyone. Not just for people who live near them, not even just for people who live in the same municipality. I can freely go to the Cambridge Common and Danehy Park, and Cambridge people can freely come to Seven Hills and Nathan Tufts Parks.

That's the way it should be, too.

get a grip

Get a Grip

You’re absolutely right. I made those comments assuming that the kids are being disrespectful and harassing other people. I should not have made that assumption. But if they are? And if local parents are instead? As JN would say “Deal with it”.

And why would you assume the kids had the court first? And the others had to wait? Assuming could get is all no-where! The way the relevant story sounded was that young kids were playing there and were kicked off the court by the Kids who drove up in their cars? So what would you do then? Ask the big kids to wait? You are being ridiculous!

I also made the comment about actually qualifying the situation before we could have a discussion. Are you willing to go to the parks and then report back to us on which party, or if both are actually wrong here before we discuss this any further? Or should we continue on with opposite assumptions about what we are discussing?

Oh yes anyone else notice that there is no Dr Mrs. McCarthy around? Anyone know of someone on vacation or someone who has a broken computer right now? We can start narrowing it down.


That's all well and good Newman, but let these same kids who act like complete morons enter into your "sanctuary's" and we'll see how you feel. I could care less if the kid is from Iraq, as long as he is respectful and not a prfanity ridden piece of scum that likes to berate young mothers and the elderly and push little kids around.


And I am pretty sure that there are some laws about that kind of stuff that would also back you up brickbottom.

It is sad though because if you call the police for help with that they won't come. One of my neighbors said you have to tell the police the kids are dealing drugs or have a gun before they would come. And that is wrong too. But like I said , our town does not work. You can't call a city department without getting the Somerville blow-off or even accused of being wrong from the start. "well you should'nt be in the park" I can hear them saying that over the phone right now.

whose parks?

Good point bricks,

Now imagine if the park you have gone to all of your life, the park your friends go to all of their lives, the park that was once made for kids to actually do things besides play in the jungle gym, is suddenly occupied by a new group of people. These people want to turn the park into a "tot lot" and you aren't a tot any more. Now all of a sudden the place you called home you are looked at like a stranger and harassed by the cops because the adults around you THINK you look like you're up to no good.

I'm 19 years old, I have a summer job and I hang out at the parks with my friends at the park when I'm bored. Me and my friends have been harassed by cops, searched illegally and had confrontations with know it all adults who think they're standing up for something. And all we ever hear is "can't they go somewhere else?" We were always here and we'll continue to be here! Now they want to make a law that says I can't be at the place I've been at all my life. You tell me if that sounds fair.


To Whose Parks,

You sound like an intelligent polite young man. You would be more than welcomed in the park in my neighborhood. I am not saying to ban teenagers from the parks, what I am saying is to ban the scum from the parks who think the worls evolves around them.

But also at 19 years old I never found myself bored and hanging in a park. I was working a full time job and had other resposibilities to take care of at night.

You wouldn't happen to be a student at KPU?


I meant to say "the world evolves around them"....sorry.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Get A Grip,

Grip this sweetie.

I'm enjoying the conversations on here. No need for my two cents. I think you know me by now that if anyone, be they punk, alderman, or Big Progressive Mama with babies at her breast, tries to tell Dr. Mrs. McCarthy where she can and cannot play, they'll just get kicked in the nutz anyway.

Thanks for thinking of me,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Banning scum

So brickbottom,
you want an ordinance that bans all "teenage scum who thinks the world revolves around them" from city parks? That may be difficult to pass into law.


To banning scum,

No. But what we do need is a Police Department that is effective, a board of alderman who would actually take the time and spend more than a few minutes in their local parks, a mayor who would show up at a different park each night during the summer to talk to the kids, a a program for teens that is not run by Marty Martinez, neighborhood people getting involved, an ACTING Chief of Police that actually lives in the city and really cares about the city,the School Comm. that would actually get involved with kids not just from Sep. to June but also during the summer months. I could go on and on....but things will never change in this city because people are always looking out for themselves, not their neighbors or city or if they are involved it is because of a very narrow agenda that will serve their own selfish cause.

To Banning scum


brickbottom already said that we don't need more laws. We will have to let the police make a judgement call on whether or not the kid is scum. In fact, MS-13 has already signed up for elocution lessons in order to stay one step ahead of this plan.

Some ole villen

Brickbottom, were you married with children at 19?
In the sixties and seventies not only were all the parks filled with older teenagers at night but it seemed every street corner had at least ten or so kids hanging out. Teenagers always need someplace to hang out and if the police are doing their jobs, harassment and criminal activities should be minimal or non-existent.

To Brickbottom:

"But also at 19 years old I never found myself bored and hanging in a park. I was working a full time job and had other resposibilities to take care of at night.
You wouldn't happen to be a student at KPU?"
This comment was offensive and uncalled for - you've shown your true colors!


Some ole villen,

How would you know what era I hung out at the parks? The way I kept busy at that age is really no concern of yours. That is not the issue.

What is your solution ole' wise one?


What was so offensive????


To "Brickbottom",

I have the feeling that you know me and it would be a shame if you took any of this personally. It wasn't meant that way. Sorry if I hurt your feelings.

I guess we'll talk soon......huh?

Jimmy D. on KPU

Someone wrote that brickbottom was being offensive when he wrote:

"But also at 19 years old I never found myself bored and hanging in a park. I was working a full time job and had other resposibilities to take care of at night.
You wouldn't happen to be a student at KPU?"

They wrote:
"This comment was offensive and uncalled for - you've shown your true colors!"

People should commend brickbottom for doing something constructive with his life and becoming a successful businessman. What I find truly offensive is that the the City and the citizens have 'fiddled while our youth burned out.' It IS a dirty little secret the number of KPU kids that have OD'd or committed suicide.

Now that I put that out there, people will insist that THAT is offensive. It's not. It's the truth, and I encourage everyone to look it up. Our kids need help. They don't need the help that comes with hanging out in the playgrounds untill all hours scoring drugs. They need the help that comes with jobs, mentoring, and a stable home life.

The City can start by clearing out the parks where these kids are getting into trouble. When I was 19 there was were no parks and there were no Oxy's. There was Vietnam and that was it. Drugs have killed more kids in this City in the past 10 years than 'Nam ever did but I don't see any outrage about that.

These kids should get help from the City, and if this is the means to it I appalaud the action.

enough is enough

Enough is Enough

After living here a while I soon observed that certain individuals and special interests were influencing Somerville politics and influencing the committees and boards that oversee how the city is run and spends money it to an unhealthy degree.
Our primary political goal should be to reform the city of Somerville and work to restore faith in our city by replacing United Public Workers-controlled with politicians who are honest, fair and open-minded. But it is becoming more and more apparent, however, that few candidates can survive a term in Somerville without snuggling up to union leaders and entrenched folks who actually run our city. For this reason I believe that the Democrat Party had become a closed shop for the average person but open to business as usual for connected developers.
That's why I have decided to check out the Republican Party and the Progressives. This was not easy for someone who was raised as a Democrat.
The Republicans or progressives would welcome me with open arms.
I know people will ask me, "How could you turn your back on your Democratic roots?" It's a good question.
I have nothing against Democrats. As you now know, I used to be one. Most Democrats are good, hard-working, well-intentioned people. In many cases, including in mine and my wife's, it has been a family tradition to vote for Democrats. Our parents and grandparents voted for Democrats for reasons that were good and noble ... in the past.
THE CURRENT wave of favoritism and corruption is not due to something being wrong with people like us raised as Democrats, but to one party having had absolute control for many years.
Too many officials and city workers did not have to work hard to get where they are now. They consider public service their right, not a privilege. Without the checks and balances of another point of view, they have become arrogant, self-serving and corrupt.
Single-party rule is now just as big a problem here and getting bigger.
History teaches that "power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely." The current abuse of power in Somerville is not random. It is the predictable result of one-party domination. We need competition in the political arena, and we need it now.
MY WIFE'S grandfather, from here, was a member of the Regimental Combat Team and lifelong member of one of the local Unions.
Now, her grandmother is embarrassed by government corruption. She cannot understand how the behavior of so many public officials -- all Democrats -- can be so at odds with her beliefs and core values, which she always assumed were those of a Democrat.
You don't have to be a member of any particular political party to want honesty in government, a stronger economy, better schools and a healthy environment. These are everybody's goals.
Republicans, progressives, greens and Democrats may differ over how best to reach them, but we all want the best for the people of Somerville.
I am proud to be a citizen of Somerville today. I've no doubt that many people across our city want change and are willing to work for it. From every age and ethnic group, income level and profession -- every part of our community -- they are united in the conviction that "enough is enough."

What is 'KPU' ?

What is 'KPU' ?

Some ole villen

I really don't know or care what Brickbottom did when he was 19 or when he hung out at the parks. But he inferred that 19 year olds shouldn't be hanging out at parks. But the fact of the matter is that THEY DO, because they have nothing better to do at night. I have two kids of my own around this age. There probably is no real solution, this is what the kids want to do. Many receation and youth programs have been tried with little success. I DO AGREE with Brickbottom in that there are too many administrators, public servants and other city offiials who do not live in the city and REALLY DON'T GIVE A DAMN about the youth of Somerville.
Jimmy D, there were plenty of parks with serious drinking and drugs going on in Somerville during the Viet Nam days.

Jimmy D. on  Old Villain

But they weren't dying in those parks. Thanks for helping me make my point.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

OK Kids,

OK everybody, let's take a break. The posts on this subject are for the most part worthy of thought and comment, however, it's getting to dinner time and I don't want to be late to the dining room. If I get the table under the AC my arms cramp up and I have difficulty controlling the fork. Last time this happened I had most of the mashed potato on my head and up Hazel O'Brien's nose.

Now, go get a cold cloth and .........





Parked in the Dining Room,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy
(Sullivan, you must be pretty damned pleased with yourself for causing this flap)

Teens are People Too!

So what if teens are hanging around in parks. It doesn't mean they are lazy or criminals or even that they have nothing better to do. Being in a park is a perfectly fine thing to be doing.

Its summer. People like to hang out in parks. People like to hang out with their friends. People like to hang out with their friends in parks.

Sure they could hang out cooped up in someones hot living room or go to some restaurant and have to pay for food while there or go bowling or whatever. They could go to a movie, but you can't talk in a movie. Sometimes you just want to chill out and hang out sitting with your friends talking or whatever and a PUBLIC park is a perfectly good place to do it.

Ron Newman

Part of the problem here is that Somerville simply doesn't have a lot of parkland -- especially compared to any of our neighbors, Cambridge, Medford, and Arlington. So it's not surprising that people clash over competing uses of such limited open space.

This is not an easy problem to fix, as it dates back to bad planning decisions made 100 years ago. (Read "Beyond the Neck" for a detailed explanation of this.)

Anyone concerned about this issue should be pressing to ensure that whatever is developed at KSS/MaxPak includes some public park land.

matt mclaughlin

too bad, I thought there was a good conversation going on here. But then it degenerated into name calling and turned even uglier into political parties.
Brickbottom, that guy probably thought you were making fun of KPU, which is Kelly Park United, not a gang but a group of people that identify themselves with Kelly Park. I didn't see much of an insult in what you said, but I guess the reaction (as well as the near 40 posts after one day on this subject) show how sensitive this subject is.

I want to make two points and hopefully not have to make another.
1: We (SOS) are against any law prohibiting anyone from enjoying a public area, period. I undertand arguments about individual's actions, but we will fight until the last breath against taking away our rights. (BTW brickbottom, I'm 25 years old, and work full time in the Army. When I'm on leave, I plan on playing ball at Lexington Park with my friends. I hope no one will try to kick me out.)

2: I am personally always amazed at the reaction from "the sky is falling" people who think every conflict needs a government intervention. Is a law really that necessary? Is the problem really that bad? I don't want to downplay the fact that adults are scared to take their kids to a public area, that is wrong. but as someone mentioned earlier, when we grew up things were far worse. I keep hearing the whole "kids these days are no good" argument, the same argument that has been going on since the dawn of time. But the truth is the streets of Somerville are safer now than ever. And the sheer fact that there are dramatically less teenagers in Somerville now than ever (look it up if you don't believe me), would lead me to believe there are ulterior motives for such a law.
So what is it? From our perspective, Somerville youth and native Somervillians, laws like this are the result of people who move into the neghiborhood and expect the world around them to change. Again, this isn't to say they don't have a legitimate complaint about being threatened, but how is this problem any different than what has been going on for generations? Why does it need the city's stamp of approval? If there is a problem on my block, my alderman is the last person I would call. I would call the Sullivans, the Fraziers, the Callahans, and anyone else on my street that I know. This wouldn't solve every problem, sometimes cops are needed, but I truly believe community activism can solve most of our problems. We don't need cops or politicans, they just get in the way most of the time.
But the problem is the community is, although the neghiborhood looks better, it is deteoriating. People don't even know their neghibors any more. This isn't just a Somerville problem either, this is a nation wide community relations issue.
I'm rambling now, but I think you get the point. Everyone young and old, new to the city and life long residence, take it upon yourself to solve your problems. We don't need laws and extra patrols, those should be reserved for when laws are actually broken.

Solh Zendeh

Some ole villen:

"There probably is no real solution, this is what the kids want to do."

I'm sorry, but that is pretty lame. Stop giving allowance. Stop buying cloths for them (when they get a job they can get those). Start charging rent.

Things are going to get much much much harder for people in America with oil prices going up up up. Every time I look at the smoking, swearing, "chillin" *losers* on my block and at Trum I weep for our future.

Some Ole Villen

Sohl Zendeh
Every generation has the adults "weeping for the future" because of the way kids are. Most of the kids who hang out at parks are NOT jobless drags on society. Many of them go to school and have jobs and just hang out with their friends at night. I probably should NOT have said "There is probably no solution..." Because in most cases these kids do not cause problems.
When problems occur police need to act swiftly, harassment and illegal activity should not be tolerated. Depriving allwance, clothing and charging rent is not going to keep kids this age from hanging at the park.


Matt, it means Kelly Park University.

And I am not against older teenagers hanging around in parks that they grew up in. I am against the criminal element that hang in these parks to cause trouble or sell drugs. I am against older teens trying to take over the parks when little kids are already playing basketball there or doing whatever they do. I am against any teen that disrespects parents that bring their kids to the park to play.I am against the constant profanity used while little kids are playing in the park while little kids are in earshot.Any older teen that wants to hang with their friends and "chill" in the parks are fine with me as long as they show the neighborhood they are in the respect it deserves. Is that too much to ask for?

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Get Ready People...........

IT'S McCARTHY TIME..............

This is exactly what I love about our beloved city. Opinions by the thousands. People engaged in, for the most part, healthy dialog, passionate about things that are near and dear to their hearts.

So with your kind indulgence, some random thoughts from Dr. Mrs. McCarthy.

First, I too give Alderman "Elvis"Sullivan a big sloppy kiss for his efforts in this one. A dangerous subject to tackle, but give him a high five for having the balls to bring it forward.

The question is: Is there really a big enough problem in the city parks to warrant such an ordinance? I say no. We have curfews in the parks at night. We have signs in the parks prohibiting dogs, soccer playing, skateboarding and water polo. What the fuck do you want to punish teens for? For the bad behavior of a very small percentage of punk ass shitheads that get thrown out the door every day and night by their asshole parents? Enforcement by the authorities and more neighborhood groups like friends of "KoKo Curtatone Dog Park" would go a long way to curbing some of this bad behavior of the teens.

I'm afraid the asshole parents are beyond hope.

Is there a prejudice against the teens of this City? I say no. There is however a grave concern by the parents of young children that bring their kids to the park and hear language and witness actions that would make even me blush. As for the elderly of the city feeling threatened? You've all got my email. Let me know the next time you hear of a report by these shitheads threatening a senior citizen. All I have to do is load the girls onto the bus and 68 of us will pull those droopy draws so far up their waists they'll all wind up with four balls in their eye sockets.

These parks are for everyone. Resident and non-resident alike. How would any of us feel if Boston or Cambridge passes a law that says we Somervillians can't use the Esplanade on the Charles. First, it would break the Skippers little black heart that he could no longer sunbathe in the nude and second, well that threw me off there for a second.

What these teens need is maybe a job, more guidance at home and failing that, if they are causing problems in the parks, increased law enforcement presence. But remember, it takes all of us to help the police. And I would suggest that this McLaughlin boy be put on the Police payroll as a special consultant regarding youth activities. It could'nt hurt.

And finally, as for all of us drawing the line in the sand with these troublemakers, remember the movie "Network"? The scene when Albert Finney opens the window and screams "I'm Mad as Hell. And I'm not gonna take it anymore!" And he encourages everyone watching the TV program he anchors to do the same.? Well don't do that. He died in the end.

But how about this. I know that everyone of you, teens and non teens that posted on this story could help out on this one.

All of us, except me, use a screen name for obvious reasons. It's our right. So how would you like to help the authorities and try to embarass the shit out of some of these absentee parents?

Just say to yourself: "I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore."

Tell us where the problem parks are, name the problem teens and the rest of us will be able to figure out who the asshole parents are.

You might just be surprised at the names that appear.


I'll start. A few weeks ago, 6-7 arrests were made by our Police Dept. of teens that were caught spraypainting graffiti near the newly constructed Lowell Street bridge. One of the perps was a kid named Pelligrini from Woodbine Street. Ring a bell with anyone on the City payroll?

See, it's easy if you pay attention.

Snaps To All Park Prohibition Posters,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

(and hold your indignation Mr. Pelligrini. He's your responsibility.)


enough is enough,

enough is enough. Your rambling political statement has no place in this conversation.
If you are so interested in the kids of this city, become a little league coach, volunteer to become a basketball coach, volunteer whatever talent that you may possess. But please save your political platform for those that are interested.

The Skipper

Hey McCarthy. Any time you wanna do a little "naked sunning" out on the Naughty Girl, let me know. I'd be more than happy to take you 20 or 30 miles out to sea and show you what it used to be like when you were in your 30's again. Take some Dramamine and bring the Depends,(Seems the hopper is on the fritz lately.) I'll bring the "high balls" if ya know what I mean, and you bring that one piece suit I saw you in at the Foss Park pool the other day. Oh yeah, and bring the EBT card because gas aint cheap this year on the water!

Gone Fishing.
The Skipper.

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