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July 09, 2006



I enjoyed this article. For anyone interested, the Beverly Historical Society's Walker Transportation Collection has a sizeable collection of diner photos and ephemera as part of its transportation-oriented collections.

The Walker group meets on Wednesday evenings from 7-10PM. They are located at the Cabot House, 117 Cabot Street in Beverly. Additionally, there are a number of other transportation-related photos from all over New England including Somerville.


Ron Newman

it's Worcester. Not "Worchester".

Ron and JN

Ron and JN are like two peas in a Pod. I store my yatch in Worchester.


There's a Worchester, Vermont.

Again Ben

Gee Ron he's right there is a Worchester Vermont guess your not always right are you?
Porter was the orginal name of the diner on Washington Street across from the Holiday Inn, its still there. Up to the early 1960's it was called "Porter's Diner" a very popular truck stop, not to mention in and area at the time of Hood's, United Farmers and Whitings Milk, all three milk companies plus Tower Root Beer was right across the street.

Jim Smith

I am not positive but the diner at McGrath was it the Star Diner ? I sort of remember Somerville Lumber in a small building next door and there was a wild bar there as well. This diner could have been the one in Davis Square where the t-station is now, does anyone remember?

Ron Newman

There is no "Worchester" in Vermont, either. That state also has a Worcester.

In any event, when the subject is diners, the only Worcester that counts is the one in Massachusetts.

Snowflake is just asking about the relic and her relic!

Is that the original beach chair in front of the dinner with the barrel for a headrest the same one Sister Dr. Mrs. McCarthy used to sit in on a daily basis sipping her XXX Holy Water?

Zoom in and see!

If you take a close look at the pole in the background behind the dinner in the photo. You will see the silhouette of Ron Butters swinging from the pole at his first attempt and founder of the then new sport of "bungie jumping"!

The easiest way to get out of paying fines

How would like to get out of paying fines? How would like to have the freedom to store as much garbage as you can on your own property without anyone telling you otherwise? Or how about the ability to hose off dumpster scum and wash it into the street and watershed drainage system? And have the freedom to create terrible smells, Or perhaps you would like to grow an infestation of RATS and mice in the middle of a residential zoned neighborhood. Or have a bunch of noise and people who make noise and break beer bottles on neighborhood streets come over to your place every night for a loud head banging party?
Well I have great news for all of you who would like to do this and stay out of trouble at the same time. All that is required is a Somerville business permit. It is virtually a license to treat your neighbors like dirt! The great thing about Somerville is that you can even get a permit that is normally not allowed except in a business or commercial zone even when your business is located in the middle of a residential zone and surrounded by homes. Think of the freedom. You don't even have to respect the community. Don't you just love this beautiful city? It is not hard to get the permit either. IF parking spaces are required you can easily get a waiver or move your dumpster and spray paint a while line around it. Then simply put your dumpster back, you don’t actually have to allow people to park there. There are lots of other tricks like this. If you like to learn more about them and other shady ways to get your Somerville permit so that you can treat your neighbors like dirt too just ask the rest of the Somerville business community.

right on

Yes that person is right. It easier to get a business permit for that sort of stuff than it is for someone who buys a house without a driveway to get permission to get a curb cut so that they can park at their own home.
what gives?


Google hits:

"worcester lunch car" = about 18,700
"worchester lunch car" = 3

Advantage Newman.

Can't get theyah from heeyah...

Vermont has a "Manchester", a "Colchester", a "Rochester" and a plain-old "Chester". Nowehere, however, is there a "Worchester" shown, unless it is some little known burg or subdivision or neighborhood (like Podunkville near Worcester, MA).

Newman's da man!!!

Gabe W. McNeil

The Somerville News should buy the lunch car and turn it into its new office. Then you'd really have one up on the Farm Team!

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


What an observant human you are!!!!!!!!

It IS the very same chair.

Good for you Snow. Maybe you can offer your investigative services to the Somerville Police. I heard they are in dire need of someone with keen observational powers.(or at a minimum, someone who can see what is right in front of their nose!)

Thanks for the mention,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

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