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July 29, 2006


Ron Newman

Good editorial, but the headline should say 'July 26', not 'June 26'.

Sleepy Backwater

If you want your city to spend a lot of time in court, elect a Lawyer as Mayor.

If you want to build a better city for everyone, elect an Architect to lead.

"It was a good thing that Jaime Lerner had grown up loving the mix of people in Curitiba. Because through a chain of political flukes, Lerner found himself the mayor of Curitiba at the age of 33. All of a sudden, his friends and colleagues were pulling their plans out of the cupboards. All of a sudden, they were going to get their chance to remake Curitiba-not for cars, but for people."And so the story of Curitiba begins

The Mole

“Ask not what you can do for the City, Ask WHAT the City can do for you”.

You would think in today’s world the above would be enriching for anyone. To even think that it would be applicable here in Somerville is just out right wrong. This City could never do for you since it DOES for the Mayor, BOA, contractors, developers and Boss Hog. It will never do for us until this Administration has a substantial number of changers made to it.

It appears, the individual that posted about Mike B’s house off of Central St. had his their mark. These people within the Administration think they are immune to City Ordinances and that Somerville owes “THEM” for living and working here. It doesn’t work that way Mike B., Tommy B., Jimmy C., Boss Hogg nor the Mayor, and I for one will try my BEST to disrupt that line of thinking with these few individuals.

My first start, and I can’t believe I am doing this, will be to continue my trek in notifying!!! Hold on Mole, don’t do it. You almost gave it away. It wouldn’t be right to give them the edge when you’re trying to bury them. Keep that to yourself and do what you need to do. Why enlighten them as to your agenda?

Phew, I think I was having a moment that I may have regretted later. I thank God I have that recent photo of Drs. Mrs. McCarthy sitting right beside me here on my desk. Just one glance at her picture brought me back to reality. Hell, most people would have thrown up. What is up with me, why am I thinking like this today? Drs. Mrs. McCarthy please excuse me for my misdirected thought above. You’re the BEST…

Hold on Curtatone Administration. You're about to endure an adventure you'll always remember. Mark tomorrow's date in your palm pilot ladies and gentlemen. For that be the date to "RUMBLE".

The Mole

not scared

Bring it on, take your best shot. Just remember one thing. Pay back is a bitch.

People have their opinions on who you are or should I say what you are. only a few of us really know the moles true identity. Keep digging your hole. WE will get you! It's all a matter of timing.

PS.... Do you like apples?

to: not scared,

Don't be scared then, Don't be embarrased either, and don't think standing in the unemployment line is going to be unbareable. Change is hard, but will help most of you guys get through this.

We ALL like the mole and he is not going anywhere. Get used to it. maybe you can run fruit stand at the farmers market. Sell some apples.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

A thought for today:

Those that blindly support the abuse of power are human at best, subhuman at their worst.

The Frozen Hotdog

The penalty that good people pay for not being involved in politics, is to be governed by people worse than themsleves.

Who gave MacCarthy Doctor status? This guy is a joke. Get a life! HYPOCRITE!!!!!!!!!!

The Joker

What is worser than finding a worm in your apple? A vein in your hot dog.

Jimmy D. on not scared

I keep a close watch on this heart of mine
I keep my eyes wide open all the time
I keep the ends out for the tie that binds
Because you're mine, I walk the line

Walk the line, my friend, walk the line. The Mole owns you so I wouldn't threaten him, because your HIS.


Well.. today is the BIG day and I am ready for the "rumble".. Is there anything or is this a typical Mole threat with nothing behind it?

The Mole

To: Waiting;

Let the games begin. Or shall I say, they already have begun? You won't have to wait long, I promise.

The Mole

Mole Fane

drop the bomb Mole, your fans are behind you...the party is over !!


There is no bomb Charlie... oops I mean the mole is a lying loser. Go back in the history of the blog and you will see this is the third time he's done this. How about you tell us who you got something on as an act of good faith

The Mole

Let's just say that Phil C. and Joe B. know which side Bob K.'s bread is buttered on. Also, G.J. knows what K.W. is hiding from Big D. The mole knows, too.

When this breaks, Ted G. and J.F. are in big trouble. Boss Hog and Roscoe Peco-Train are not going to take kindly to this type of shenanigans.

The Mole

The Mole

Well, well, well! I must be making some kind of impression among the bloggers out there. The above post by the mole was not by “The Mole”. Someone has to always step in to where they are not wanted.

To the imposter blogger, it would be nice for you to step on your own set of toes rather than tangle the web your own agenda. Find yourself your own screen name and stop clouding the issues with “THE MOLES’" screen name.

This also could be a set-up from those that are feeling the pressure. Anyone can do what you are doing, using someone else’s identity. So get a life.

The Mole

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Your Weinership,

The interesting thing about frozen hotdogs on a day like this is that when thawed, they lose all their juice and taste.

By the way, Lance Armstrong bestowed the Doctor of Letters Honorary Degree upon me at the Tufts University graduation. Where have you been?


DOCTOR Mrs. McCarthy

P.S. Just so you don't get all hot and bothered you freak, it IS a joke!

City Hall Nose

Gezzz us.... Damn Tom Champion, the City's mouth piece, just spent about $8,000 on reverse 311 to tell me to turn my F'n AC off and go to school to cool off.

Why the hell would I want to go back to school when I am as comfortable as a bug in my nice AC'd home? How stupid is this Administration? Spening our tax dollars like it comes from a water spicket.

Did I really have to ask that question?


Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


I hate to bother you sweetems. But uh, Not Scared?

You know what to do my little lotus flower.

Many Thanks and Miss You,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

My Dear Francis,

I see you have finally made it back to the mainland. Now I know why you are such an ardent supporter of the four day work week.

Now Francis, to which list are you referring? The list of most fashionable, most witty, most beautiful, most wealthy?

Or perhaps you are referring to the list that I hear the upper eschelon of the mental midgets that run this city have been keeping these days?

I would be honored to be on that list. Let me know what the qualifications are and who I see for the nomination papers.

And Francis, you never cease to amaze me. It was just two years ago that you mastered the TV remote and now here you are on the World Wide Web. Did you attend college or are you self taught? In any event, technology is a great information tool, don't you think?

You can learn the most interesting things about peoples past. Like credit history, defaults, prior arrests and maybe even some tidbits on illegal drug use. Well that's a subject for another time.

Good Night Francis,

Dr. Mrs. MCarthy

James Norton

Wow - don't even get me started on why some of your comments today were deleted and at least one of you was banned. As said many times, have any amount of angry discourse you want to, but try to stay within the realms of good taste, semi-reasonable behavior and of course, JN's Rules.

If any of you don't like that your comments were deleted, feel free to email me.


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