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July 13, 2006



I agree both side need to be represented. For the first time that I can remember we have a mayor who rents and does not own his house, does this explain his bias?

Martin Edin

You know how much you care for something that you actually own as apposed to something you rent? That is the difference between renters and owners in Somerville. I love it when I rent a rent-a-car, you can drive the damn thing over everything. Floor it, hit the gas throw it from reverse to forward without using the brakes to fully stop, letting the transmission reverse the momentum so you can get going faster. They're great in the snow too! You don't really care that the things you are doing today are going to ruin the car with ware and tare over time. Renters don't care about long term plans for Somerville either. Lets pass this crazy law because it is going to help us now. lets get a 24 hour pharmacy because we want one now. We don't care if our kids need a park because we don't have any kids yet. and when we do, we will be living somewhere else.

We all know what happened with the welfare system. Free give always. Low income renters should be required to put a certain amount of money away each month into an escrow account for living and moving expenses in order to actually qualify for any of these benefits. If they are not proactive enough themselves they should not get any assistance from others. Lets only help the folks who are helping themselves. No freebies here!

People who want to buy a house know they have to save. People who rent need to know that they will eventually have to move. Most do. Unless you want to build them some permanent rental housing. But you don't, you want to unfairly pass that burden on to landlords only. This Burden should not be theirs alone. Have renters pay a rent tax that funds moving and renting expenses for other renters. Wouldn't it be ridiculous to make this the rich renters against the poor renters? In most cases It is not the landlords fault that people are getting pushed out. Landlords have to pay higher taxes and expenses to keep up their properties. They have a right to charge more or sell their property as a condo. Hey, I am with you though. If there are some terrible landlords that are trying to force people out before their lease is up or perhaps they are renovating one apartment while trying to rent out the one right next door and are putting tenants through hell because of the renovation. Then, go after these guys. Do something about it. You have noise laws and other laws on the books that you can enforce if you want. But you don't do you? You don't do your job and you think you can pass all of that burden on to property owners. Why should all property owners pay for your inability to enforce laws and ordinances that are being broken by a few bad people? Well probably more than a few but that is because you don't enforce quality of life laws.


The state should pass a law that you need to live in a place for a least five years and have some sort of personal stake in a community that guarantees you will be their to run for office. It seems that Somerville has becoming a testing ground for young people to move and run for office in the hopes of advancing their own political careers. This is such a shame since number one, without owning a home, having a kid at the schools, etc these people are just pushing their own ideologys and ivory tower policies on others. These people put on the act like they care but when you catch them off guard you will see that its all about building a resume. They push policies on the rest of us that ruin our quality of life for what reason, ambition. The tech economy has made Boston such a transient place that regional cities like ours have an influx of people moving in and out. They drive out natives with higher home costs and then put in Resume oriented local politcians because its trendy to vote that way. Masachusetts is falling apart and I really don't care what school you went to, or where you work for. If you can't demonsrate any personal stake in my town such as owning a home or having a kid in the school system you are being selfish taking over the political system. I was born in Latvia and the one thing I remeber as a child were people from other places coming to my homeland and telling me what to do. After 50 years here, I can say I have that same feeling.

Who is Qualified

In an ideal world for StaysBorys....

If you haven't lived in Somerville for 5 years, you do not qualify to run for office.

If you are infertile and can not have children or afford to adopt children, you do not qualify to run for office.

If you are unmarried, you do not qualify to run for office.

If you can not afford to buy a home, you do not qualify to run for office.

If your kids go to private or parochial schools, you do not qualify to run for office.

According to his rules, Mayor Joe doesn't qualify to be mayor if he rents an apartment and because although he has kids, they aren't old enough to be in school yet.

Gee, I wonder who StaysBorys is referring to in his post as those in office who aren't qualified.

Maybe he should go back to Latvia and run for office there. I don't think 50 years is enough time for him to have been in Somerville. Afterall, he wasn't born here. Maybe only lifetime residents should be allowed to live here in Somerville and participate in public life.


I was born in Latvia and the one thing I remeber as a child were people from other places coming to my homeland and telling me what to do. After 50 years here, I can say I have that same feeling.

It takes real balls for an immigrant to come here and then complain about people moving in and trying to change a place. My grandfather came here from Lithuania 40 years before you left Latvia (you read that number right) and even today he is grateful to America for giving him a home and doesn't get high up on someone else's horse to bash newcomers who are just a little newer than he is.


And a newsflash: someone else owned your home and lived there with his family before you moved there. Odds are he went to a different church, worked different jobs, and he almost certainly didn't speak Latvian. I wonder what your neighbors would have said about your family when you moved in, if they only looked at what they hated about change and what's different instead of the good things you went on to bring to the community and the neighborhood. Which I assume you did.

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