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July 16, 2006


Good Riddance, Someday

I was at the meeting tonight and personally, I'm happy to see the someday cafe go. Try asking for a cup of coffee in this joint and some dreadlocked hipster will role his/her eyes if you're not wearing petchule or have showered in the last 3 days. Bring back Mr. Crepe! Down with the Someday, up with regular hygeine!

Whatever Happened to...

Whatever happened to Delusional? Guess JN must have scared the little punk away from the blog.

Ron Newman

I posted some notes from the meeting to . Others will probably follow with their own notes.

Jimmy D. on Someday

When you think of all te problems we have in this city and all of the issues that could use a little personal touch from City Hall, odes anyone realy think that this is one of them? The Mayor and the Ward Alderman are getting involved saving a business in a market with a glut of local coffee shops, and the only reason it needs saving is because an idiot owner FORGOT to renew his lease. What a sorry state of affairs in this city.

Jimmy D. on Someday

When you think of all te problems we have in this city and all of the issues that could use a little personal touch from City Hall, odes anyone realy think that this is one of them? The Mayor and the Ward Alderman are getting involved saving a business in a market with a glut of local coffee shops, and the only reason it needs saving is because an idiot owner FORGOT to renew his lease. What a sorry state of affairs in this city.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Jimmy D.,

My thoughts exactly my boy. These two camera hogs would try and save a stinkweed tree if they thought it would get their mugs in the paper.

I suppose the slow news days bring this out in all elected officials.

And is it just me that thinks Gewirtz needs to be more selective when she opens her mouth at the BOA meetings. She's really starting to annoy the crap out of me.

Just my thoughts.

Sweating like Somerville Pols at a FBI Convention,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

No, it's not just you Dr.-Mrs.

Dear Dr. Mrs. McCarthy;

You never cease to astound me with your wit and wisdom. Jimmy D., the same goes for you. Any business that is so poorly managed that its owner can't even get their lease dates down, deserves to fold. Personally, I'm not shedding a tear for the clientele, who'll simply fold the tops down on their laptops, pop them in the backpacks, and go on to the next place. Frankly, I'm amazed that this business has lasted even this long once the 900 lb. Gorrilla of Starbucks showed up. I've been inside Reed Drug Co., oops, I mean "Someday Cafe" exactly once in the last 5 years. That's all it took. It may as well have been the bar at Moss Isley Spaceport. Sorry, but I just don;t see this gathering as being an integral part of the "fabric" of Davis Square.
I can see the freshman (oops again, I mean freshPERSON) alderPERSON from Ward 6 taking up this cause. These liberals love that sort of thing. But the Mayor????? What's up with that? He should be spending time with the little guys at home. The kids grow up fast.
Oh well, like you said, they got their mugs in the paper/electronic media. And yah, I'm getting really tired of our new alderperson's rants and popcorn causes. She should be all over the parking meter situation like white on rice, but so far I haven't heard a word about it. Try getting in and out of Harvard Health in 15 minutes!
Dr. Mrs. McCarthy rules! Don't worry big mama... We've got your back.

I weep for the future

I agree with your comments about the ward 6 alderman, but guess get what you vote for! People voted for 2 similar progressives for school committee and they're even worse than Rebekah. THe only good thing is that school comm doesn't have much power! Watching both meetings now ranges from the comical to the absurd to the really scary. The next election could be disastrous!

if these guys are so bad

If RG and these other progresssives are so bad then tell me what the other aldermen are doing that is so much better? You can't. can you? Because they are not. Meters should go up, if you live in Somerville get a parking permit and work to ensure that people with permits can park here. Reserve 10 meters or so in a few lots and make them free to people with residentential permits. Anyone from outside of town should pay more to park here. If parking is a problem quit giving all the parking spots away.

Jimmy D. on Bad Guys

You may not have noticed, but I started my post by purring the provernial boots to the Mayor for his involvement here. Others agreed with my criticism and then basically said how they don't respect Rebekah's intelligence, wich I can't help but agree with.

Getting away from the Progresives (which is my goal in life) for a moment, it makes me laugh to think that the Mayor went into a frenzy to stop the Olive Garden in a market (the Assemby Sq. Strip Mall) where there is no comparable restaurant, yet he wades into this loser of an issue fighting for a stinky coffe shop in a market with a glut of coffee shops.

I somehow have the feeling that my exhorbitant water is being used to fund the "Save the Someday" campaign being waged by the Mayor and his comrade from the BOA. Dr., what do you think?


The meter situation seems to be largely over, isn't it? And if you are not a Somerville resident and don't have a sticker... well, frankly, tough.

The potential demise of a local business is stirring up passions and support that I wish we would see for more of these types of places. Without this type of resistance, Davis Sq - already in danger of encroachment by major national chains such as CVS and Starbucks - could turn into just another strip mall. No thanks. (Mr. Crepe is also a local business, so I would welcome them too, however)

And the poster who had a good time making fun of Gewirtz's title is clearly one of those people who has a problem being "politically correct," where what it really means is being a decent, respectful human being. Or are you just still upset that women got suffrage?

It's always amazing to me how people complain and complain about how useless the government is, but get upset when their own personal long-time entrenched establishment politician is challenged by someone else.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


I assume you don't want me to call you Betty, so I'll stick to Davis.

Listen lovey, don't go ranting about every little thing. Jimmy's acidic Alderperson comment is nothing more than a stab at humor. As an old dame who marched with Susan B. Anthony and the rest of the sufragettes, I took no execetion to his rant. Actually, I prefer all members of the BOA be called Alderspersons. In this age of confusion over gender, it is probably a very good thing to address them this way. Eliminates a potential lawsuit in this lawsuit happy town.

Now, let's stay on point here my friend. The point I made was very simple. The Mayor and Alderperson should be very carefull when it comes to lending their voices to a private enterprise. If this were a case of something very wrong being done to a local business, I could see Geewiz getting involved. But sweetie, this is a case of a businessperson not paying attention to business and letting his lease lapse. If the Mayor and Alderperson gets involved in every little snafu like this, well we'll be in quite the pickle now, would'nt we?

Come to think of it, we ARE in quite the pickle.......................

Someday Over the Rainbow,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Ron Newman

The 'Save the Someday' campaign was generated by customers and employees of the business in question. The alderman and mayor had nothing to do with creating it, and came into the picture only in response to their constituents.



First off, I don't give a rat's ass about PC or any of that curent-day stuff. As far as I'm concerned it's a fits all excuse for people who are on some sort of self-loathing, self-inflicted guilt trip.

For the record, I never voted for the former Alderman from Ward 6, although I like him personally, but I felt he was a little too cozy with certain of his contributors for my taste. Rebekah seems to be well educated and well spoken enough, but a little too starry-eyed for my taste. Doesn't make her a bad person though. She somehow managed to put together the money (what was it, like $30K or something?) to unseat a well-entrenched incumbent, so she must have something on the ball.

In 5 decades hanging around the square I've seen a lot of changes of businesses and storefronts. Some were good and some were not. Some of them I was sad to see leave. Ask anyone who used to work for MW Carr what a great place that was to work. Family-owned, profit sharing, good morale, generations of people worked there. But times changed and they folded. No whining, no grandstanding from politicians, none of that other than a nice little remembrance in the Farm team paper. That's life. If it makes you feel any better, I was bummed out when Yees Village closed. The place that replaced it didn't last too long.

There will always be Someday Cafe's and joints like that. And they'll run their courses and then fold up the tent, and we'll go on. Most small businesses fail because they are basically mis or poorly managed. Same for the "family" farmers back in the 80s (remember the FarmAid Concerts?). They made basically bad business decisions, then had it painted as if they were driven out by ConAgra and ADM. Not so. The smart family farmers survived and continue to thrive even today. That's how business is in the real world.

And by the way, the meter situation is not "largey over". Try rushing an 80+ year old parent in and out of Harvard Health for an appointment or to the Middlesx Savings bank or Brooks sometime and maybe you'll feel my pain.

Jimmy D;
You and I think so much alike it scares me man! The Olive Garden is a perfect example. I'll bet that if the Olive Garden went in at Assembly it would have led to MORE patronage at Vinnies, and Little Vinnies, the Mt. Vernon and even Bickfords and all the other places around there. It's a weird dynamic, but it always seems that's how it ends up.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy;

I know you knew HST personally, and therefore I know you'll appreciate this... "Don't give 'em hell... just tell them the truth and they'll think it's HELL."

You go girl!

Ron Newman

All the meters that I've seen have been returned to their old rate of 30 minutes for a quarter. Are you seeing some that are still 15 minutes for a quarter?

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


Thank God you're paying attention. Now, I happen to know that not all of the meters have been adjusted to the new rates. I think it's a very well planned conspiracy by the right. You know the "non-Progressives". So you need to do me and your fellow citizens a favor. I want you to strap on that "Dora the Explorer" helmut of yours and starting at noon today, hop on your bike and circle the Square at least 28 times in search of the non-compliant meters. Now I know you'll ask why you need to circle so many times. Well Newmie, you see as part of the plot, the folks from Traffic and Parking change the rates and times in Davis every hour. That way they get to ticket unsuspecting Progressives. It's an awfull thing Butters so you see we need your help to expose them.

And don't bring any water or things like that. It will only slow you down. Your mission is vital to the future of the Planet. Now go with great haste and don't stop until you've looked at every single meter in the Davis Square area.

If you have some time later, we would appreciate if you could do Union Square while you're at it.

Mucho Gracias Comrade,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Hey now

Ron raises a good point in that the mayor and alderman were working for their organized consituents and so does Dr Mrs McCarthy in that the rest of the town likes to sue each other. I am afraid the city is going to go to the people who know how to work together for change. Is that such a bad thing? Does that mean the city will go to the dogs? Ask SomDog and they will certainly hope that to be the case.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

and speaking of the Nunziato Stinkhole......

Take a walk by there today and tell me you want one of these puppy toilets next to your property!!!!!!!!!

What a freakin smell!!!!!!!!!!

And They Call It Puppy Love,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy



If there are meters that have been changed back to .25 per 1/2 hour then I haven't hit any of them. The ones I mainly use are the Buena Vista parking lot and Grove St. depending on what I'm needing to do. Usually I try to get as close to wherever the folks are going, but they have a way of taking their time in the bank and so on. Since they've been here forever, they tend to like to actually TALK to people that they're familiar with. i guess it's an old-person thing. The 15-minutes-and-you're-ticketed PCO patrol thing doesn't blend too well with this type of social alternative lifestyle.

Hey, Ron and Davis, how's this for an idea? Wouldn't it be better for Rebekah to protect families from the predatory practices of the T&P Dept. than from the past Alderman?

Ron Newman

The meters I've seen are on Day Street and in the Day-Herbert parking lot, and these have all been changed back to 25 cents per half-hour. Or at least they are labelled that way.

If you're finding some that still aren't fixed, have you talked to Rebekah about them? She's more likely to respond to a direct phone call from you than to the comments on this blog.

To personDavis

It sounds like you have a legitate need for a parking permit or some sort of pass. The city should be flexible when coming up with new laws and changing things like rates on parking meters. It is their inflexibillity that usually causes the resulting and non needed backlashes. There is not reason the rates should not go up and no reason for you not to be accomadated at the same time. Residents and Citizens should not be the target of the rate increases...

yes man

If you are running some shuttle or other public transport that is primarily for local residents than you should have some free taxi stand or other non paying parking privilege. Especially if you are providing services for elderly or handicaped persons. Even if we have to raise the rates again to for it! What gives PersonDavis?



No, I have not called Rebekah about this. It has been all over Speak Out, on here, and around town for months. I'm sure you and Rebekah converse on occasion (at the Someday??) If she's that out of touch with what's pissing people off who live in Somerville and conduct their business in Davis Square, then shame on her. To be honest with you, the only elected person that I have ever gotten satisfaction with on anything in the last few years is Dennis Sullivan. He makes it a point to go out there along the sidewalks and so on and let people tell him what's going on. Rebekah should think about doing the same thing. The Farm Team editor in her endorsements said something to the effect that she "had bigger fish to fry" and I think that about sums it up.

Maybe some of the meters have been changed back, maybe all have been. I just haven't hit them yet. I do appreciate the 5-minute free parking for the P.O. on Day Street though. Except when the line inside is 10 minutes long.

Inflexibility is a good word for it, especially when it seems like these PCO people are waiting to pounce all the time. I used to read about them doing that, waiting for the meter to run out so they could hang a ticket, and thought it was exaggerated but it's not.

Ron Newman

If you don't even tell her something is wrong (such as a meter not converted back to the old rate), it's not reasonable to expect it to be fixed.

Politicians respond to direct contact from their constituents, much more than they do to chatter in places like this.


To yes man;

What gives? Nothing. I don't run a shuttle service or public transport, although I have been known to give neighbors, especially elderly ones in need, rides here and there. And more than occasionally.

When I take either or both of my parents places I don't drop them off at the curb. I usually get out and walk with them to wherever they go. And I'm not looking for any special treatment and definitely not any political favors. I just want to be treated and to see others be treated reasonably and not have to get into pissing contests with parking meter people. Part of that is in allowing a reasonable time frame to do things and not have to be constantly looking at your watch and running out to stuff the meter while you're doing things.

Jimmy D.

Dr. Mrs. M.,
I love it when you call me 'acidic." Be that as it may, I wasn't the one who used the "Alderperson" comment. I simply offended her inteligence based on the sitcom she broadcasts every Thursday night from the BOA chambers. To Davis, all I cans say is noe, I am not politically correct, I spend too much of my time just being plain old "correct." I didn't say anything about sufferage, or human rights, dignity, et al, so shave your legs, don a bra, and have a cup of good coffee at the Diesel Cafe or Starbucks.

The meters in Davis Sq. are back to a quarter per half hour, but the times have been extended from 6PM until 8PM. They continue to steal more and more money from us every day. Newman's bike can still be locked up for free on any post.

It *is* funny

I'm glad the Someday might work something out -- I am not a regular but I always liked the neighborly feeling of the place. But I AM curious why the Alderwoman would get involved. And why the Mayor? I mean, isn't it just a business deal that went wrong because someone didn't buy a 2006 calendar? Why does it require political intervention?

Ron Newman

If you use parking meters frequently, I believe you can now buy a stored-value card for them. When you park, you insert the card and it deducts $2 (the maximum meter fee). When you are about to leave your parking space, you insert it again and it credits back the unused time and takes it off the meter.

I don't have one of these myself, but someone showed me his at the Someday meeting. The city needs to publicize this much better, as I could find nothing about it on the city's web site.

Gewirtz is hot!

man! rebekah gewirtz is hot!!!!

Ron Newman

I meant to say 2 hours ($1) for the maximum meter fee.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Jimmy D.,

Forgive me mon cheri. I'm in heat. No that's not right. It's the heat! That's what I meant to say. Sorry to screw up the attributions. But you get the point anyway. And the line about Newmie and his bike, priceless!

And Butters. Since you won't do what I asked you to, which was for the betterment of Progressives and non-Progressives alike, I'm going to out you, you bothersome, gnatlike human!

Butters, YOU DON'T OWN A CAR! What the fuck are you so damn concerned about the freakin meter rates for? Go find something more crunchy to bitch about for the love of God!

I thought it was the heat that's got me so crabby, then I thought it was my damp panty liners, now I'm convinced it's you Butters!


All Hot and Bothered,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Ron Newman

I rent cars and have parked them at meters from time to time.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


I'm gonna park my foot up your ass if you don't stop with the meters!!!!!!!

Hot and Butters,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Ron Newman

You're cute when you get angry.


oh my god....i know i like to keep a low profile these days but is anyone else repulsed at butters attempt to flirt with mrs mccarthy????????????? eeeeewwwww ima go drink that image out of my system tonight hahahahahahaa


Tom T says cut the grass at the Masonic Temple just like he shovelld snow and ice?

good article

This is the best article i've read on the someday cafe issue -- better than the herald or the globe or the somerville urinal.

Ron Newman

Creyf said that he wants to open by November 1. September 1 is when his lease starts.

It *is* funny

Again, why would the Alderwoman get involved in a local business snafu?

Solh Zendeh

Hey all, sorry for the off topic post, but I wanted to get a read from the always level-headed crew here on a subject very near to my heart: money. Specifically my $50 that I'm about to send the city for leaving "trash" on the sidewalk in front of my house.

My tenent wanted to leave a used, but workable couch out in front of the house for someone to take and use. It never got picked up by anyone for the five days it was out there, and on trash day got taken away.

I tried calling the guy that wrote the ticket, Russel Cody, but he never called me back.

Ummm, not sure if it's worth disputing the $50, in fact I'm not sure I didn't actually deserve the ticket - any comments?

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


Sorry sweetie, pay the ticket. If the couch was usable and free, a sign on it for one or two days may have been acceptable.

But five days? You sound like a nice person, but if I was you I'd try and pass the ticket onto your tenant. If that fails, pay the ticket and chalk it up to experience. Next time, call the folks at the Someday Cafe, they're always looking for free sofas.

No Couching this One,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Davis Square is Closed for Business

Alderman Gewirtz and Mayor Curtatone have sent a clear message to the business community and commercial property owners: Davis Square is closed for business.

The facts of the Someday story are clear. Two businesses entered into a commercial lease with a provision requiring the commercial tenant to notify the commercial landowner of its intention to renew the lease period. The commercial tenant failed to notify the commercial landlord by the date stated in the lease. The commercial landlord found another commercial tenant, and that tenant made arrangement (financial and otherwise) to occupy the space at a date certain.

The result, while harsh for Someday and its patrons, is fair. Someday is well regarded business closely affiliated with Toscanni's, an equally well-regarded business. Its failure to renew its lease should not spark political intervention that smalls of anti-capitalism and left-leaning intentions. Rather, Mr. Crepe should be able to reap the fruits of its bargain, namely, occupancy of the Someday space.

The actions of Mayor Curtatone and Alderman Gewirtz have installed a new risk component in Davis Square business. For example, a commercial landlord will now fear that upon breach of a lease by a tenant, the tenant will seek political intervention to bully the landlord to waive its rights under the lease. It is an unfortunate consequence of electing of progressive liberal to govern the affairs of prominent business district in the City.

Ron Newman

If the 'intervention' works, the result will be two thriving and successful small businesses in Davis Square, instead of just one. That's good for everyone.


To PersonDavis, When was the last time you parked at a parking meter and read the information on the meter? I do have a car and I park it in Davis Square and I pay $.25 for 30 minutes. All of the meters have been turned back to 30 minutes for $.25, but some have been changed to end at 8:00 pm rather than 6:00 pm. If you come across a stray meter that is not working this way then take down the location and meter number and call 311. Frankly I doubt if you will actually still find a meter charging $.25 for 15 minutes. If your passengers are taking too long at the bank why don't you put in an extra quarter. Okay? Can we stop complaining about the meters now?

As for the Mayor and the Alderperson from Ward 6 being at the Someday meeting...Just because someone attends a meeting doesn't mean that they are on one side or the other. They were there to listen to their constituents at a community meeting. That is what elected officials are supposed to do.

Mr. Crepe shouldn’t have to give up the Someday location for a different location in the Square because there is absolutely No Better location in the Square. The owner of Someday messed up in more ways than one and he is out of the picture. I trust that Mr. Crepe will have a nice establishment that can fulfill the needs of the community.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


I wish I had your name and nature today I tell ya.

Anyway, I like your post.........except, that's a microphone in the Mayor's hand. And if my memory serves me, you speak into a mic, you don't listen through it.

Progressive or not, politicians just can't help themselves in front of a crowd. A microphone is an aphrodisiac to them. So is a camera lens.

Current Temperature=My Age,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Ron Newman

The microphone and PA system were there because without them, half the people in the room would not have been able to hear anything. The place was jammed; I'd estimate a crowd closer to 150 than 50.

Rebekah ran the meeting, not the Mayor. He spoke for maybe a half-minute out of a 90-minute meeting. Had he not volunteered to say a few words, someone in the crowd would undoubtedly have asked him to do so anyway.

Davis Square is Closed for Business

This post is in response to Ron's comment: "If the 'intervention' works, the result will be two thriving and successful small businesses in Davis Square, instead of just one. That's good for everyone."

I disagree. While you paint your result in an appetizing color, the underlying fact remains: government officials are intruding upon the business affairs of (1) a long-time commercial property owner and (2) a business owner that is interested in doing business in the City. That is simply wrong.

If Someday felt that its rights in its lease were somehow violated by the property owner's failure to notify them of the renewal date, our society has provided Someday with a remedy: an action in court. To unleash the progressive liberal storm upon a property owner and a tax payer is not the solution; rather, it is an indication to the business community that Somerville is a risky place to do business.

Perhaps that is the climate that Alderman Gewirtz and Mayor Curtatone care to produce in Davis Square. I think others disagree. A return to conservative values and conservative business policy is what those residents should support, not the so-called "progressive" wing of the Democratic party that has now claimed much of our State delegation and has its eyes set on claiming a majority of the Board of Aldermen.

look bone head with the Big words

Hey bone head,

what are you missing besides a brain? First off, the owner probably let the lease expire becuase he was not interested in renewing it. It probaly was not making any money or he has other fish to fry. Big Deal. The Mayor and the aldermen are not the ones sending the "clear message" here. It is the amount of people who got involved, signed a petition, and stood together. At that point, to not get involved would be political suicide. But you are not from the crowd that works togehter. So natually you would'nt know anything about any of that would you?
In the end ,the business owners are both big boys, they will do what ever they want despite the mayor and public opinion. The city does not have any real power over them anyway (what are you afraid of?). The employees are dreaming of carying the business on, so why not give them a hand getting started? So now we are sending a clear message to small buisness owners that Somerville is great place to open your mom and pop shop.
So again, how does someone with so many big words get so lost in all of this?



The owner is not going to tell 1000 angry people that the he decided to let the lease expire. He is just playing stupid to stay safe.

again, bonehead, where did you come from?


To chill;

It's been probably a month since I fed a meter in the Square. Maybe a little longer. I'm sure they've been changed back. But the were at that time still 25 cents for every 15 minutes on the little lcd readout. Ron, your suggestion about the swipe cards was news to me. Maybe they'll let you pay a violation with that some day. Just swipe it through and they'll deduct all violation expenses off your card. How much more convenient can it get? Ron do you know who it was that finally saw to the meters getting re-set?

The thing that irked me about the article was seeing the Alderman and Mayor getting involved with a private business right away when the fiasco with the meter costs went unaddressed for so long. Maybe I'm just getting too sensitive in my old age. I probably need some Dr. Mrs. McCarthy re-education.

As far as Davis Square being closed for business, I agree with that statement. Other than enforcing the zoning and health codes and issues like that, the local municipal government elected officials should stay out of private business affairs. It will only open a can of worms that they might not be able to close again.

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