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July 07, 2006


Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Thank God it was the Stateies that got hold of that cash. Can you imagine where the Somerville Police would store that amount?

An old refridgerator, a hollowed out sofa, up the Acting Chief's horses ass........

Going Straight to Hell,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Oh Crap! Shelton, what the hell are we supposed to do all weekend?

Well I don't know about you Billy Boy, but I've got a great bottle of hootch to keep me busy.

Looks like there may be quite a delay in the next chapter(what is it now -76?)of Bill Shelton's fantasy thriller, "Disassembled Square".

Better luck next time Bill. Give Larry a call. See if it's really all oregano in those unmarked jars in his kitchen pantry.

A Weekend Up in Smoke,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Jimmy D. on Smoked

The MVTF is holding a meeting right now crying their organic milk after this seizure. Oh the humanity! They took our weed! They've denied us our human rights!

Look at the bright side, Crunchers, you can whine some more to the Mayor about adding new members to the Human Rights Commission to address this most heinous grievance.

Doug McClure

Lets all hope that Shelly Shelton not only turned in installment #14 but wrote it before the bust. Poor Shelton and his buddies down at that hole in a wall on Somerville Aveune.

Pot Head



It's a little strange that no Somerville Police were mentioned during this bust. As a courtesy any outside Law Enforcement Agency will notify the local police that they are doing a surveillance on a possible drug dealer.

I guess this just shows you how much the Acting Chief Midget and his band of cohorts are respected. What a slap in the face!

George Hassett

Due to an incomplete release from the Middlesex District Attorney's Office, the role of the Somerville Police Department in the capture of Michael Ricketts was omitted. It was, in fact, a Somerville Police officer and a state police officer who arrested Ricketts, and Somerville Police were significantly involved in the investigation, according to the revised release.

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