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July 19, 2006


Rebekah, Rebekah, Rebekah.......

So first Rebekah wants to convince a business owner to change his plans to accomodate the Someday Cafe, and now she wants to tell a privately-owned parking lot that they need to open it up to the public! The Progressives just don't get it! She must think that the city controls all private enterprise! Maybe she should walk across the street to Orleans, where people parked at night in the Comcast lot, until Orleans took it over for their 'al fresco' dining!

Ron Newman

It's not a privately-owned parking lot. It is owned by the city and leased out.

to the Rebekah fan

I am not sure what your point is? Are you saying that buisnesses should be providing parking to their guests that use fossil fuel, polluting modes of transportation? Or are you saying Somerville the city should take away residential parking from residents and provide turn it over to provide parking so that the businesses can continue to get a free ride without paying taxes? What is your point?

Ron Newman

Neither. The Buena Vista Garage was built by the city, then leased to a private operator. It is closed to the public at night, for no obvious reason.

The issue has come up repeatedly at Davis Square Task Force meetings, without resolution, long before Rebekah even lived in Somerville. (Ask Jack Connolly about it some time.)

to the Rebekah fan

I was not talking to you Ron; I was talking to the Rebekah Fan that is so eager to allow businesses to operate for free in our city. We are tired of the businesses controlling our city government with back room shady deals. We can't wait to get more politicians who are responsive to the neighborhood and citizen needs. I don't think this person has a clue.

Somerville is tired of John the auto dealer parking his inventory all over our streets. But we are mostly mad because the city did not do anything about it until it had already ticketed all the residents in the city two to three times. It was only after that, that the city was forced to solve the John the auto dealer problem. Well we want these problems solved first from now on.

So what was the point of the Rebekah fan's post?

Funny Thing

"Naughty Girl" isn't, or ever was, the name of the Skipper's boat. I guess that's why the State Ethics Commission sent him a letter clearing him of the whole incident. Look into it. You'll see.

Some One Who Knows

"The Skippers'" boats' name was changed to "Cha-Ching" when he was appointed as Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds.

The Mole

To the Writer of “News Talk for the week of July 19”, I have made mention of this certain Project Manager, retired from the MDC, JOD, that he had been a no-show for months. I have sent pictures to Mr. Norton but he chose not to use them. I suspect now, that I may have sent them to the wrong person which is why they were not use.

So if the author of this article would like the pictures, with dates and times, I would be more than HAPPY to supply them. That very noticeable Red Pick-up was parked in front of his garage on numerous occasions and continues to be at the same place, unless of course he is down the Cape.

Say the word and those pictures will be in your mail box.

The Mole

Ward 6

Alderwoman Rebekah. Like they say 3 strikes and you are out in the old ballgame.
best wishes
Ward 6

Max Warwick

I was waiting for the other shoe to drop on this proposed condo development in Ward 5.

Politically connected developer overpays for a piece of crap land in the middle of a densely populated neighborhood. Local pols give them the wink that the fix is in, zoning will get changed, wine and dine the locals, promise the neighbors everything they want and then under the cover of darkness, sell the property fully loaded with permits for a nice profit.

Yes Somerville News, this does sound very familiar.

Can you say "Somerville residents get srewed again?"


The IRS is raiding Foss Park? Good, now I know where to go when I have questions on my 1040EZ. I'll wait at Dunkin's with my 1099s.

proposed condo development

you know if you limit the condos coming from existing rentals( with say something like a condo conversion ordinance), that new development becomes a whole lot more feasible and profitible(at the expense of current owners). Wink... Wink...

Max Warwick

wink....wink.... do you think our local pols are smart enough to manipulate the condo market like this?

what i mean to say is that by making it harder to convert apartments to condos from existing housing stock and thereby screwing the longtime homeowners it gives the upper hand to deep pocket developers for the new larger condo developments like maxpac?

sounds illegal to me.


That inspector at the "Big Wedding" Is he the one that is a racist? That the city takes care of?

The Mole

Immigrants aren’t as stupid as some make them out to be, or is it their ringleader that should take the credit? This is a sophisticated alliance of people that want to work where everyday Somervillians do not.

As I sit in Dunkin donuts parking lot @ 5 AM in the morning, I noticed a large Club van idling in one of the parking spots. Through the smoked windows are silhouettes of several individuals. Paying attention to the local news via the morning paper and as I sip my coffee, out of the side of my eye I see a figure walking towards the Club car. The side of the Club car slides slowly open and consumes this individual as he climbs in and goes to the back of the van.

Again I notice another individual walking towards the van from the opposite direction. Once again they slip in behind the smoked windows. Once again another individual emerges from behind CVS’s parking lot and is swallowed up as if he walked into a black hole. It appears to be a scene out of the movie, “The Walking Dead”. One after one, they walk directly into the van.

I sit and ponder the actions of these individuals and I draw the conclusion that, people are not as dense as some make them out to be. These people are the same people that use to sit and wait to get picked up before all this tumult about Illegal Immigrants and IRS watching. They have taken away the daily flocking and hovering around waiting to be picked up and resorted to indiscrete assembly, one by one, being engulfed by the run down Club van as their haven of safety.

They bring this type of assembly into a community that is split on the “Illegal Immigrant” issue with some ingenious plan and subtle assemblage to seek work. Pretty sophisticated if you ask me. Are they beating the system that is trying so desperately to conquer them? For now it seems to be that they are.

The Mole


Sorry to burst your bubble, Donald. Neil W. McCabe will work for the Somerville Journal the day they decide to stop being a newspaper and start being a right-wing soapbox. Take a look at his North Cambridge dog trainer, The Alewife, and you'll get why it will never happen.

Jimmy D. on Neil

God forbid we should have any diversity of opinion. You might want to look a little deper into the 'dog trainer." You might learn something. If we were speaking about Dan "the Dan" Rather, you would be chiming in with reverence. Just look where all th phony left reporting got him. He leaves disgraced to join Benard Law in the exile of the frauds. Good luck, Neil.

Petey Yz

I'm sure it was a typo there - the Norton's must have meant write again for The News. Neil's writing prowess is missed, but I know I read The Alewife every day and twice on Sundays - before and after services.

Peace be with you, brother.

Father Pete

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Jimmy D.,

What in the name of Gawd got you all fired up today?

I happen to have liked McCabe. A little bit more sane than Butters, but a much better writer. As for his venture with the "Alewife", it was always a little fishy to me why he left the "News" in the first place.

Maybe we can ge him to do a guest editorial for the "Cambriville News"?

Hey Neilly, I know you still read this blog.

What say you? Care to discuss employment with the world's greatest newspaper under the titeladge, huh, tutalage of noneother than yours truely?

Think about it and let me know.

The Original Ale Wife,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

P.S. I'm not talking to you Tricky. Not until you come back to the fold and start writing for the Cambriville News again.


I don't know why I wasted my time. McCabe at the Somerville Journal would make the News look like The New York Times. Donald, you know I know you know what I mean.

I love the Skipper, and Naughty Girls

I love the Skipper, and all of his naughty girls. I am still waiting for an invite on the boat. Keep up the good work Skip!

Cambriville News

Saturday July 22, 2006

Cambriville Struck by High Winds, Lightening, Thunder and A Whole Lot of Hot Air...............................

A series of quick moving summer thunderstorms moved through Cambriville yesterday, felling at least three trees, blowing four planters off porches and causing an inch of water in Alderman Bob Tranes cellar. The havoc left behind prompted the Mayor to declare a state of emergency and request assistance from the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency.

The Mayor, looking like he just came out of the dunk tank at Family Fun Day(or after falling overboard from the deck of the "Naughty Girl/Cha-Ching"), told TV reporters on the scene of one of the downed trees(television reporters were summoned by mayoral spokesperson Tom Champion to come see the "devastation") that at least 35 people were without power across the City and that state funds were warranted in light of such a "monumental catastrophe".

Alderman Bob Trane, the winner of last nights improptu wet T shirt contest(runner up Tom "Man-Breasts" Champion is challenging the judges decision)was seen putting his garden hose back under the porch when TV crews arrived in ward 7, and gave the crews a guided tour of the water in his cellar. "I've lost just about everything", Trane stated. To which TV reporter Viki "The Horse" What's Her Name, responded, "You ain't just whistling Dixie Bobby."

Contacted by the Cambriville News this morning inquiring about the Mayor's request for emergency funding, MEMA spokespeople were still rolling on the floor and laughing hysterically and could not be understood when asked to comment.

But Governor Romney's office did issue this press release in response to the Mayor's request. "We've got roadways and tunnels falling down and killing people across the state and this guy wants money to fix six potholes and pay his croney friends for chipping and disposing of some fucking tree limbs.? You assholes in Cambriville will get jack shit from the state until you get rid of this phoney and his pals."

The exact nature of the weather event was called into question when it was learned that the Board of Alderman was in emergency session and could have been the source of all the hot air and wind that hit the City.


Fly fishing for rats in Union Square aboard the "Naughty Girl/Cha-Ching". Your hosts will be Ward 2 Alderperson Heuston and The Skipper.

Huckaroo Redux

Four separate phone calls this morning from friends who live in other cities and towns in the area laughing hysterically over the "state of emergency" fiasco on TV last night. Maybe Norton is right, maybe we just can't help making ourselves look like asses all the time. I want to convert to Cambrivillism, will you lay hands upon me Dr.Mrs.McCarty? Not there, you silly goose.

Huckaroo out.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


No need for any laying of hands or other body parts to become a citizen of Cambriville.

Just stand up straight, close your eyes and click your heels together three times and repeat, "There's no place like Cambrville, there's no place like Cambriville, there's no place like Cambriville." Just watch out for those twista's!

If I Only Had a Heart, a Brain, the Nerve,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Huckaroo Redux

Speaking of the Wizard of Oz, where was The Commish during the Storm of the Century (according to City Hall)? Smart money would be in Falmouth, natch, but you never know, he is a slippery one.

Huckaroo out.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


I thought you knew. The Commish IS the "man behind the curtain". He was there by way of cell phone camera. The boys on the scene would send him pictures of the devastation and he would send back word on how to proceed.

This technologial age is gonna save the day I tell ya.

Long Live Virtual Government,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

The Mole

I received my reverse 911 call about 2 hours after the storm last evening. I wonder what advantage that was since I was already in the house out of harms way. Seems like a waste of our tax dollars because every time the City initiates this procedure it costs us money. The City budgeted $100,000 to use this emergency system for our protection but when it is used after the fact, I wonder who has the heavy trigger finger.

A far worse situation occurred in Worchester last evening where several individuals had to receive hospital treatment. I understand a lot of trees had up-rooted and electrical lines were down, BUT, to have Joe call Mitt to declare a State of Emergency to get on the boob-tube seems a little over the top.

There have been several storms over the years that our Mayors felt very comfortable in dealing with those situations than this Administration had to deal with last evening. Back in 1983 during the fast moving hurricane, then Hurricane Bob and let’s not forget the ”No Name Storm” which downed several trees along Ward 7 that were handled very professionally. The DPW handled them without any assistance from the State and certainly without declaring a State of Emergency.

I guess Joe is looking to recoup some of this hard spent cash on last nights dazzling event. Can I blame him? No! Can I argue the effects of the reverse 911? I sure can. It was a waste of our tax dollars last night as it was with the announcement of the Fire Works riff raff. This system is designed for emergency notification when the residences are in extreme danger. Someone is using it for political advancements. What will this Administration do when it comes to the residences that do not speak English? What will they do when they need to update the system with new phone numbers? What will they do when 23% of the residence in this City have Cell Phones and cannot be reached by Reverse 911?

Our BOA was snow jobbed once again in providing this Administration with another play tool. The BOA cannot dig deep enough when the Mayor has these misfits up for appointment why do I expect anything more when it comes to implementing policy and procedures with a system being miss-used as Reverse 911?

The Mole

James Norton

Mole -

I must have missed something a while back. A couple of people on the weblog and in the news office seem to think you sent me some pictures and information regarding a particular person, but I can't find anything from you in any of my emails addresses. Can you do me a favor and reach out with whatever you have and I can pass it on to the news staff to look into?



Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Mole Sweetie,

It's reverse 311. If we had a reverse 911 it would mean the Police and Fire personnel would need our assistance.

Lord, come to think of it, they do need all the help they can get.

Not a bad idea.

Still looking for Me Ma,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

The Mole

JN, the mailman makes special deliveries on Saturday evenings. You can bet these are not in any of the White envelopes going around town a few months ago or even those that took a trip with in the City just before the 2003 elections.

The Mole

The Mole

JN, the postman returned all my pictures to me from last night. I verified your addy and tried again this morning but also got that returned. You and Drs. Mrs. McC are going to have to come to me for those pictures or clean out your mailbox and/or lift the attachment block.

The Mole

James Norton

Mole -

For some reason, the mailserver won't allow me to respond to you through that email address. I't something I have no control over unfortunately. Try this one.




Yes, you hit a nerve, Huckaroo works for the city and does'nt want to see his paycheck\budget cut.

Mary M

For the life of me I can't believe that this newspaper still has comments to make about Carol Antonelli. When will she be able to do her job and run her department without scrutiny and insults from this paper and the people who publish it? I think she has done an incredible job by turning around an office that was in complete chaos and has worked very hard, sometimes nights and weekends to bring this department back together. After all that was said about the Water department and her credibility I think Carol shows more integrity and class than most people or elected officials in this town, and I wish you would stop dragging her name around every single week.
Mary M

Curt and Tony

NewsTalk also hit a nerve this week with the developers of the MaxPac land. Seems as though some city higher ups and the developers are exhanging harsh words about the blurb last week. Do we detect that the honeymoon might be over between the Mayor and the Kennedy connection?

Mole Fan

Hey Mole,
Any chance we can get a weekly/monthly update on Mayor Joe's public appearances ?
I bet ALL the unions without contracts would love to follow around our beloved leader.....the party is over !
Mole Fan

The Mole

As a matter of fact, Unit B from the SMEA is going to try it again tonight. Seems they fell 18 votes short last Monday Night and the Powers to Be, President MB decided to try it again while most were on vacation hoping to close the GAP. Now there is a democracy for you.

Try try again until you succeed.

The Mole

The Mole

The Vote’s in. LOOSER………………

Well, it's too bad that the President of the SMEA couldn't do what he would have liked to do when the Unit B body stood tall and rejected the recent offering brought forward by the Bargaining Committee by TWO (2) votes.

Imagine someone with in the Board wanting to call people up, that had not voted, AFTER the ballot box was opened and votes counted. How desperate are these people? How corrupted is that?

It just goes to show the rest of the Body, Unit A & Unit B, they will go to any lengths to get what is best for them and screw the hard working guy/gal for putting in a good days work for a decent days pay.

Are you going to try for a third vote Mickie boy?

The Mole

Mole Fan

what were the highlights/lowlights
of the latest proposal ??
-> Mole Fan Club <-

The Mole

Rumor around the DPW yard and City Hall is the President of the SMEA MB is trying to muster the boys and girls to have yet ANOTHER election to get the Contract passed. What kind of jerking around does it take? If you don’t get your way you go back until you do? That is so unfair and for the body of the Unit B SMEA to allow you to do that is incredible.

In any contract election when your defeated you go back to the table to try to settle differences. This guy just goes back with the same proposal, as the other two times with the only difference is threats to those that do not show up. This is the Long Arm of Boss Hog and the Mayor trying to get this passed through their mouthpiece MB.

Since they couldn't finagle the bagel after trying to call people after the second election and after the ballot box was opened, even with their Attorney present, now they are rumbling about a third election.

Keep it coming Mike. A trip to town on an unfair labor practice is just in reach. A simple call is all it will take. Once, twice, three times you’re a baby....

The Mole

To the Mole

I want to thank you for your statement. I believe there is corruption within the Union. We voted twice, why? They still did not get there way. So now they want a third vote. It will keep up until they do get their way. We pay union dues, for what? The majority should rule, but not in this union. That's because all the people that want this vote turned around are in their pocket, including the President of the "Union". He's not working for us.

The Mole

To: To the Mole, if today is any indication of what to expect, you'll have a snowballs chance in Hell. Our President and J.C. from ISD were actually calling people that did not vote to write an affidavit that IF they had voted, they would have voted in the affirmative. One can only believe.

The Mole

To the Mole

Who the hell is J.C. ?


Keep up your crap mole and company.
PS.. go have a nice day!

City Hall Nose

Come on, you know who J.C. is from our illustrious Union. Don't tell me your one of the ones that didn't vote. It is Jimmy C. from the DPW. The Presidents', Mike B, right hand man. Do as I say and don't tell anyone Jimmy. Come on, you know him.

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