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July 11, 2006




Bridge Man

Today is Day 11

The Mole

Somerspeak, I hate to correct you but the games hd begun a long time ago relative to the up-coming use of the Lowell Street Bridge by KSS Developers.

Let’s sit and think about this parcel of land of which the developers are so dead bent in using as an egress and fjord to the soon to be developed MaxPak site. Who owns the section between the two bridges? Once you establish that then you can address the issue as to who can issues the permit request.

City Solicitor John Gannon was asked just that same question back in 2003/2004. His seven (7) page opinion was that it was the City of Somerville who owned that stretch of land between the two bridges and that any permits to be issued would have to come through the appointing authority made by the Mayor. Hmmm, so the City Highway Superintendent would determine the factors in issuing said permit just like any other curb cut request made from any other resident or commercial body. Then why is the State issuing the permit?

Oh did I fail to tell you that along with the City Solicitor’s opinion were the Deeds to this stretch of land filed with the Registrar of Deeds in Cambridge clearly showing ownership as the City of Somerville? I did, didn’t I! So why is gods name is Mr. Lynch and Rep. Jehlen’s office not checking into this? It is clearly a backdoor deal for the State to issue this permit rather than the City.

Unless, somehow the City transferred ownership of this stretch of no mans land to the State. But wait, if they did that there should have been BOA approval right? When did that session of sending this parcel of land to the State occur? I haven’t seen it on any BOA agenda. I haven’t read any notice of land transfer to the State. The reason why the City has asked that State to be the author of the permit is probably because none of the Alderman want to receive the phone calls from the Cedar Street residence saying not in my backyard are you putting in access to Cedar Street nor do they want to receive them from the Lowell Street residences either. Easy out is to let the State issue the permit.

The person who has most to gain from this will make themselves known Thursday evening at the BOA meeting. The author of a new zoning proposal will emanate as the sole benefactor in the MaxPak development. Not only will this Alderman get the ordinance passed or sent to Committee regarding the 5 acre rule but the Mayor will perform his smoke and mirror show by showing disinterest in the proposal and take a back seat, not wanting this zoning to go through, faker. But when these units go up, this Alderman will be opening his doors in Ball Square to let the proud new owners of their $500,000- $700,000 condo units, offering them a warm drink and a cushioned chair to sign the Mortgage documents. What a life, what a country, WHAT A CITY!!!!

The City Solicitors opinion is a public document and is available too anyone that requests it. I strongly suggest to those that are truly opposed to this action taken by the State, follow through and ask how is the State able to issue the permit if it is City owned property and if the land is not City owned, who and when did the State acquire this land.

Backdoor deals are closing all around us. It is when you open those backdoors do you find the two-legged rats hiding behind them. I wonder if these two-legged rats are on the Rat Patrols hit parade list. If they aren’t, they certainly should be at the TOP of the heap.

The Mole

Between the Bridges

This is a golden opportunity for a new task force to be created, bringing into question the legality of the state issuing permits for city properties. Surely there must be at least one benevolant lawyer out there living close by the Lowell Street bridges (maybe on, say, Albion Street?) who also happens to have an in at the state house who could do the front work for such a new group, being as it seems to directly involve an interaction between the state and the city.

Hmmm, it might even be better if that same person were a member of the BOA. It couldn't be that easy though. Better to just fly it through the BOA as Mole suggested (and I agree that they are going to do it exactly in the way you said, with the mayor acting with te usual mock righteous indignation.)

How much you want to bet that the same Alderman who didn't understand the zoning at Assembly but voted for it anyway is going to be REAL, REAL, familiar with the zoning variance needed here?

put the cart in front of the horse

Here is why we are going nowhere. The last time I got into an unregulated Somerville cab I was headed to the airport with my wife. The Cab arrived 30 minutes late, the engine light was lit up on the dashboard and then half way there the steering went out and the cab veered into the oncoming traffic. Luckily we were not hit and we jumped and out and flagged a Boston Cab. From then on I have been using Cambridge cabs.

Until the comic book aldermen and this city learns how to regulate such things this city is going to suffer. Now they are trying to pass laws to ensure Somerville cabs get business which is not a bad idea except that they have not regulated and ensured Somerville cabs are up to standards.

"By Ald. Trane and Gewirtz, That the Chief of Police initiate an operation to ensure that non-Somerville cabs do not pick up fares in and around the Davis Sq. area."

So Trane and Garrets what is the big idea of forcing sub standard taxi cab service on the good citizens of this community? I say let the Cambridge Cabs do the Job!!! They are safer!

Curt and Tony

Time to call Bergantino. Anyone got his number?

Matts Message!

Hi this is Matt Amerello. I'm taking applications from Hack contractors for bridge repairs. If you are interested please give me a call at 1800 fix my bridge!

The Mole

How many of the four hundred residence of this city can identify themselves that participated in the recent STAGED survey? I wonder if the consulting group that conducted the survey is on the Mayor’s Contribution list. Sixty ($60) per call to find out that 70% of the residence think the city is going in the right direction.

Increased taxes increased parking fines, increased fees for everything that you do at your house, proposed purchasing of special trash barrels to keep the four legged rats out. What can we buy to keep the TWO-Legged rats out of our pockets?

This is a better City? I would bet a list of names were supplied by the so-called Independent Survey company that contained 70% of the Mayor’s staff, BOA relatives; Roach has 10 on the payroll, SOD has 4, and all the friends of Boss Hog down at DPW.

This is just like the set-up that entangled the Ex-Superintendent of Lights & Lines/Highway. Send out own people in to see what he’s got, then throw him under the BUS. Nice way to get treated by this Administration.

The Mole

we are not happy either Mole

Businesses should be fined a lot more. They should be held accountable for health and safety issues. And they should clean up. Instead they are the iggest litters in our city. Illegal parking should be ticketed and even towed. Resident have a right to have their parking spots availlable to them when they come home. Providing parking for strangers should not be in our plan. Let them ride the T. It is a shame if you look at the budget plan. The library fines were 17,000 but ordinance violations were only 40,000 in a recent fiscal year? Something is really wrong here buddy! No wonder it is not safe to ride in a Somerville cab. I would fear for my life to get in one and all because this lazy city would give (sell) a license to anyone. It is a good thing Somerville was not in charge of the big dig. The entire tunnel would have already collapsed. And the aldermen would be in the news calling a meeting to get to the bottom of it> what a farce!

Talpa europaea

actually the survey was done in Davis square where all the renters are happy. That part of city gets more than its share of city services, artbeats, and free flowers. even the police show up when they are called there. They beleive they are helping there local alderperson.

Mole Beater

If you know who the mole is you would understand that he is a fat no-good piece of crap who isn't happy in his city job anymore. How can you say this city isn't better? There are cities & towns from ALL over the world coming to Somerville just to see how the Mayor is getting things done. The problem is the mole is no longer getting "his way" from the administration. Can't be much longer that he will be allowed to just sit on his fat rump and do nothing all day

Talpa europaea

If that is true then the mole won't be able to explain how roach has 10 on the payroll. Show em what you got Mole. Tell us all about the ones on the take and back it up with something verifiable. Then they can't say anything.


Dear Mole, Who are the guys that work at dpw that wear gold badges on their belts and think they are cops.I saw the one that drives the big white truck chasing people with his yellow flashing lights on. this doesnt seem ethical to me. the real cops should be watching these guys.

Lime Ricky

The real cops need LIME RICKY on their side. Lime Ricky helps deter crime. If people only knew about lime Ricky's past along with his lady from ward 2.

Thelma & Louise

After watching the Bozo Show tonight, BOA meeting, it didn't surpirse me that Alderman for Ward 5 was not present. I guess things got too hot for him this week.

The interesting note would be if he wasn't in attendance tonight, why would he, MIS Director and the ex-Alderman from Ward 7 and none other than, let's leave him out of it, have a pow-wow meeting on the grounds of Trum Field early this day?

Was it to figure out how all this information is getting out of the walls of DPW and City Hall? Could it have been simply a lunch date with the Chuck Wagon parked on Broadway that serves the best Chuck Wagon food on the Strip? Only the grass blades know for sure, or are they the only ones?

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


I'm afraid you both drove the car over the cliff on that one. Alderman "I'll vote for that if I can save $750.00" Sean O'Donovan was at the meeting tonight. Although, come to think of it, I never saw him on camera the whole meeting. I wonder if Alderman Dennis "I can't afford a storefront" Sullivan was just throwing his voice to make it appear to the viewers that O'Donovan was there? Or maybe it was all pre-recorded? I'm so confused.

As for two old friends sharing a Coke at lunch, nothing wrong with that. Or is there?

Cus Yu Got Ta Have Friends,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


Sorry Dr. Mrs. McCarthy, butt, and I use that word strongly, when the roll call for votes were taken, 10 yes 0 No and 1 absent. I did not hear that squeaky voice coming out of the corner of the Shoe. And with the President of the BOA reading SOD's reports, well I presumed Sean boy was among the missing.

I think that earlier rendezvous with Halloran and unknown Guest culminated a decision of a no show due to all the crap that flagged them and a few others all this week.

I will have to watch the re-run of the Bozo show to settle my thoughts.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


Fair enough sweetie. But you know this past Christmas, my creepy nephew Stanislaw, (don't ask) gave me one of those Tvos. Somehow I got the damn thing to work. And although he was late, and unless it was a hologram, my Tvos clearly shows OD did have one or two barely audible things to mutter. Something about getting the "Powers". Not quite sure which powers he was referring to.

In any event, that's good news about our DPW Commish, huh? More on that later. Gotta get over to Castle Island for some early fishing. And those two "Italian Tenors" DiMasi and Travelini want to meet with me to discuss taking over some tunnel job or something. I think I'm too old for shovelling at this point in my life, but I'm always willing to listen to new opportunities.

Shovelling the Dirt,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Bridge Man

Has anyone seen the side of the lowell street bridge. Vandals struck already and sprayed painted a little on it. Those no good son of #$@#$!!. If i catch you i will spray paint you. you no good punks.

Bridge Man


I would like to buy or lease a licensce t operate a taxi in the city of Somerville.

I promise I`ll keep a safe car.

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