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July 18, 2006



I was choked up when Senator Barrios announced that he would no longer seek this seat because he was campaigning so hard he missed his son's birthday. He felt he was neglecting his family. What a guy. He really thinks we are all retarded. He got his poll results back and realized he had no shot in hell of defeating Leone. Anyone who knows Barrios is well aware that he would eat his own children, along with mine, to further his own political career. But his comments and excuses were funny. He atleast deserves some credit. I am sure every progressive fell for those remarks.

Leones, he's the man!

Wow, that's great that The Somerville News interviewed Leone! He looks like the right guy for the job!

Tauro backed Barrios

I hope Gerry Leone realizes that William Tauro raised alot of money for Barrios throughout Somerville. Tauro held numerous fundraisers for Barrios. The Tauro's were big Barrios supporters. I hope that Leone realizes that Tauro is a fraud. Doesn't Tauro own the Somerville News?

They sound loyal to me you Idiot!

The Tauro's have been backing Barrios for years as a Cambridge City counselor and senator. Isn't that what devoted friends do help back each other when they need them you idiot? So then the guy decides to run for DA and the Tauro's continue to suport him but ends up dropping out of the DA's race. Big Deal! Maybe this freed up the Tauro's dedicated loyalty to the guy as a long time good friend to support someone else who deserves to be elected. You Idiot!

To Chicken of the sea AKA "The Blogger"

Hey Chicken of the Sea! I'm not Mike Buckly so cut the shit and leave your family problems at home. Stop dragging everyone in your personal life. Sounds more like He escaped from you than left you!


“I’m not into this for the politics,” he said.

I guess he did learn one thing from Reilly, how to say your not in it for the politics as you run for DA the Attorney General's office and then for the Governer's office. What a load of crap.

Did you guys bother to ask him why he left Reilly's office?? I heard it was pretty ugly.

Jimmy D. on Leone

I'm glad to see you have returned. I missed you. Don't leave us hanging... Why did he leave Reilly's office? What happend? It shouldn't come as a surprise that the guy running for an elected position is anything more than politician. Leone's father is a statehouse hack. Gerry Sr., look it up. I love your comments on things so I wish you would post more often. Later, bud.



Hi Jimmy D,

Thanks for your is much appreciated.

Leone got sick and tired of Reilly's imperial attitude and the backstabbing that is common place wherever Reilly is in charge. In Reilly's world you can't have an original thought or you would be condidered a threat to his throne.

I am not saying that Leone is some sort of breath of fresh air, as you mentioned his family is very involved in the state house.
Leone would lock up his own mother if she broke the law, another common trait he shares with Reilly. When this guy is elected the state better be prepared to build at least four more jails as this guy wouldn't give a jaywalker a break, and he'll use any means at his disposal to do so....ethical or unethical.

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