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July 20, 2006



As a resident of the tufts area I can say the student population has definitely increased but, try getting tufts to admit to that one.

Sam Shepard

That is exactly why we need some stem cell research in the country and in this area. The biomed places would boom and take half of somerville with it.

Also, Somerville residents already live in the most densely populated city in America. A lot of them don't want to spend a lot of money to live next to businesses and I93 causeways that cause noise, garbage, smell, and other issues in their neighborhoods. So they move to Cambridge and Brookline where quality of life ordinances are taken seriously. The businesses would love to run more people out and create more parking, pollution and traffic issues. The most desirable area in Somerville right now is Davis Square. Where The Davis Square Task force ensured 50 houses were not destroyed to create parking lots. They also worked together to revitalize the square and create Bike Paths, parks, and walking areas that pedestrians can enjoy. That is why the area is revitalized and the economy is si much better there. No one wants to live all crowded up next to a polluting business; but, they all like to live next to the park and Bike paths and have access to Public Transportation. I would not ride my bike to work, and I would not walk a mile to the T station, but I would ride my bike there if I thought it was safe and easy and I had nice bike path. I bet none of you realize how important Bike paths, lanes , parks and trees are when it comes to economic revitalization.

And if you want to make the place even less desirable to live in, create condo conversion laws and rent control. That will certainly make Somerville more attractive to long term residents interested in buying a starter home or two family house.

Yorktown Street

If we had a stronger condo conversion law, then the asking price for two-families would stop soaring and maybe drop to the level where a long-term resident could afford one!


It is cheaper to buy a two family than a single or condo.

long term residents can't afford to the pay the going rent. Much less buy a two familly house.

Who wants prices to drop, raise your hand? Bueler, Bueler, anyone...

Why should control the housing markets so people who sit on stoops all day and don't work can afford to stay. Let them go sit on stoops in medford. We need the shorter commute not them.

Hey Tom, go feed the birds!!!!

With inconsiderate aldermen like one of the ones that we have here in Somerville that can't even extend the curtesy to just ask/rimind a constituent/ supporter/ citizen , may I remind you, politely to "Cut your Grass"! No instead he has to institute a board order just to gain a frigin headline! There are much more problems in the city that you could have wasted your energy on once a year. What did someone startle you when you were caught sleeping again that caused you to create an impulse concern just to say that you did something worthy this year? No wonder people are fed up here in Somerville and leaving! Hey Tom, go feed the birds!!!!

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


In response to you headline question:

You bet it is.

Completely In a Fog,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


Tom don't forget to shovel the snoww and ice this year put in a order.


This is an interesting question, and a significant problem.

Since Somerville depends on State and Fed funds to operate a decreasing population will mean less funds.

Personally, I doubt the numbers for a few reasons. First I would wager that Somerville east of Cedar/ Lowell/ Central street counts are well below the actual numbers. Many of the apartments and houses have much larger numbers than reported. In some cases its because english is not understood in others its because the apartments have more people than they should. No way the actual numbers are being reflected.

One need only look at the percentage of kids at the high school with English as a 2nd language to understand this.

Second, west Somerville has become loaded with students and short termers who dont bother to respond.

It's a tough problem and one I dont think the state or federal government have the interest to fix. That leaves city officials to get real counts which will require a lot of work and probably will take more time and resources than are available.

Its an unfortunate problem which in the end means less services for a community that will need more funding.

No Barneys

People are leaving because the City is a dump !! No kids in the parks, political appointees grabbing all the cash they can. (in plain wite envelopes) MOVE to the burbs where the streets are paved in gold.....and plowed correctly !!

jack meofe

the city of somerville has round 100,000 people in it, 20,000 or more people do not do their census either because they are illegal immigrants or they do not want to support the city which is so corrupt. Joe wants to focus his whole term on davis square so people who are smart dont do their census and it would lead to the city getting less funds

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