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July 25, 2006



I find it offensive that the Mayor is spending his time and our city resources to try to help people set up a business! Is he now a consultant? I have a business idea, when can I sit down with the mayor and receive his help with funding, etc.??

City Hall Nose

It is known as, "I'll scratch yours' if you scratch mine".

Votes, Votes and more Votes...

Ron Newman

Take a look here:

City of Somerville - Commercial & Economic Development Assistance Programs

Free business lessons


you want the mayor to help you? Get several thousand members of the community behind you and supporting your business. My guess is that you can't even get your own family to back up anything you do.

You want the mayor to stop helping them. Get the SPOA to send out a letter to everyone in Somerville. Have the letter tell them that their house and apartment is going to be taken over by eminent Domain so that we can build another strip mall.

Where were you when they were building Home depot? That when everyone else would of been on your side. Actually i bet you can find about 10 or so people that think the same way as you. You guys should start a club or something.

Mr. Coffee

I am one happy camper that the someday cafe is closing. i went in there 3 times and when i order my coffee the staff couldn't even get my coffee the way i wanted it. so again good to see someday going bye bye.

Mr. Coffee

I'm Not DiMaggio

Look, pal. If you want a half a double decaf non-fat triple cinnabon mocha frappucino with whipped cream, caramel syrup and jimmies on top, you're supposed to go to the joint up the street. Capisce?


If you read today's globe the mayor needs to meet with his police chief. Now along with the cash thrown out, they have also thrown out jewels! Get out of the private sector and take care of the public sector problems.

It *is* funny

Here's a link to the Globe article.

Wonder why they didn't mention the missing jewels in the first place???

Ronny Newmint

Just read about the Jewely missing at the police department in today News..they have it on newstalk. How silly to keep something like this quiet, this happened last week.


Perhaps it was a magpie that took the jewels? and a Seagull waiting for the trawl to be pulled up!

Ron Newman

The Someday's last official day of operation at its current location will be Saturday, August 12.


we will miss the someday. it was a great place to meet lesbians who don't play pool.

Davis Square: A Wonderful place for uptight yuppies/lesbians

i think the workers at the someday are friendlier and smarter than those at the diesel. i always feel the hellos at the diesel are more like: you aren't a lesbian so i'll serve you real quickly so i can get to the next person who dressed up for a photo-op.

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