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July 31, 2006



Curtatone did you not vote against this when you were an Alderman? Would you buy a used car from this man or John's auto sales?

Go Curtatone

While Italian architects are regularly consulted on planning and design issues in their localities, American local governments rarely call on their citizen architects for advice, even those with a national reputation for design excellence.

Cox decided the best way to gain the ears of the politicians and civic leaders who ultimately make most of the design choices for public spaces was to join them.

Barney Fife

Mayor Joe is anti-union and is lining up a buddy for the soon to be announced Public Safety Commissioner job. Can the Fire chief's job be far behind ??

Trash Talk

Please let me quote the above article,

“This is a major step forward in achieving accountability and managerial excellence at the highest level of the Police Department,” said Curtatone in a statement.

The Mayor made that statement and after 8 months of the capper at Traffic Office and the spectacular desk fiasco, there is no one accountable for not solving those two issues? How long does it take? Where is the accountability on those issues?

This is Trash Talk as far as I am concerned.


So I guess a "nationwide" search is out of the question to find the best candidate for the Chief's position? Even a half hearted one?

I guess the qualifications for this position is to be a brown nosed midget who on his watch couldn't find a bleeding elephant in a snowstorm aka Trafficgate-----
Deskgate etc. Because of the Midget a patrolman has coined the Police Department as the "House of Hate". The Police are so divided and the morale so low because of this idiot that the crime rate has shot up so dramatically it is ridiculous. What exactly has this moron done since being appointed "ACTING" Chief that warrants him being appointed as the Public Safety Commissioner?

This city has become the butt of jokes nationwide because of the Midgets complete lack of qualifications for this most important job.

The Mayor better find a good proctologist to put on the city payroll for himself and the board of Alderman if they appoint this clown.


cant see the forest thru the trees?why do you think the police are so against major changes in the department? i cant beleive i have to spell this out like you are all ten years old... who do you think is stealing money and jewelry..its not civilians,its the police!!!! they answer to no one for years and thats just the way they want it to stay.
they never like any chief,they think they are above anyone, even their boss, telling them what to do. they dont like each other,never have,never will.

Born Here

remember the book about the Medford bank robbery ?? Its title sounds familiar.....
"The Cops are Robbers" !!

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