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July 20, 2006


Norton in '07!

James Norton for Mayor in '07: You know where I stand

James Norton For Registry Of Deeds

James Norton would be a great canidate for Registry of Deeds. I hope that he would consider making a run for that position.


community action groups? r u on drugs? why dont you take the mvtf and stick it up your ass. what the hell kind of advise is that? r u trying to stop all progess now and in the future of our wonderfull city? run for mayor? why dont you just run...and run and run and run till you get to vermont

James Norton

Hey nose -

First of all, I'm no MVTF fan, you should know that. Second, the thought of having community action groups isn't a bold new idea around here and it certainly shouldn't be viewed as the standard bearer of "liberal" or "progressive" ideas.

By the way, I'm running for my life - certainly not for Mayor. Ever. Now the Register of Deeds thing when Gene Brune is done - hmmmmmmm.


Somerville Resident reporting

So my car was vandalized last night on Highland - one of the rear windows smashed out with something like a hammer. It looked liked a bullet hole but there was no exit wound... I was parked one door down/same side of the street as the music store that was ripped off a few weeks ago. Hot corner? Bust stop (hmm... I meant bus stop but bust stop is kind of cute). Do vandals take the bus? The window was on the street/driver's side. No entry and nothing else damaged.

It's annoying, of course but I have insurance. I think what bothers me more is the big chill of that sort of stuff around here. Guess I crank up my street sense. Along with calling the traffic dept. to make more sweeps of my street (one over from Highland) to ticket the non-permit cars, the park n' riders and the long term storage cars. It's grown a lot worse lately - I see people come by in the morning, dump their cars and head for the T, often with luggage. One car was parked in front of my house for 5 days.

Let them park on Highland... ;-)

(oh - while I was discovering my busted window, there was a herd (gaggle?) of police in front of Magpie/the hair place next to it. Don't know what was going down but they were there for quite a while - long enough for me to walk to my insurance office, phone in a report and return).

we need a community based task force. The city works for union checks and only responds to huge organized groups of people who vote and cuase real trouble. lets cause some trouble and fix this place up.


oh.... sorry jn first thing in the am b 4 my espresso. but you never answered me... r u on drugs???
but really gene would be nuts to leave ...came run against bonumbnuts instead..ill stand on a corner with yur sign day and night..rain and shine....feast and well you get it

Huckaroo Redux

I think Norton is off his rocker, funny as a bastard and obviously a smart guy, but on drugs? No way. Think about it, Brune won't stay in that position forever and Norton did say when he was "done". I'd hold a sign for him too, any day.

Huckaroo out.

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