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July 24, 2006



Mr. Shelton, you never mentioned the trip the entourage made from your fine city to the wonderful picturesque country of my, CUBA. There was a bit of shacking up going on don't you know!

NH Parque Central, Havana, Cuba

Ya’all come back ya’hear

Bill Shelton

Truths should not be told when they accomplish nothing but hurting innocents. Let go of it.

Typical Shelton

Typical Shelton. I love how he uses the Soemrville News to push his agenda. I honestly feel that Shelton is a talented writer, but I think its about time he starts writing about other topics. He should use his talent to write about more positive topics. Assembly Sq. is starting to get old. Why is he so obsessed with Curtatone and Assembly Sq. Is this guy a nut?


hey bill....argumentum ad nauseum.a technique that repeatedly saturates with misleading statements and untruths until they are accepted as fact.....and i know for a fact you were standing next to the alderman who was offered money and gave it back and heard and saw the whole episode. i know there is no way you would print second or third hand information as fact....right bill?

It is funny

It so funny watching these dweebs get so angry at Bill. I know there are people who are not interested in the square story and just aren't into reading it anymore. It is not hard to miss, "Same Title, part 15 or whatever, ok , so I will skip that part today and move to the next story. By now, I know pretty much where everyone stands, so naturally there is no need read anymore". But then Bill adds some part that has been missing. Dots are connected. And in the end you are glad you read it. If you did.
Then there are these guys, that are hanging around after each segment. They comment about every phrase and accusation, trying to discredit it all for some unknown reason? They get more and more upset every time Bill writes an addition to the story. Just like the person who said the SPOA founder owned thousands of properties in Cambridge and then the founder herself replies with the fact that she and her son own only a few properties. It is easy to figure out who to believe. You know the facts and that the anonymous posters are bluffing. But why? I can't figure out what keeps these clowns going? How do they start to believe their own comments so piously? Are the gaining something or losing something that compels them so? Or are they just crazy with nothing better to do?
Keep up the good work Bill. We need more truthsayers in this world.

The Mole

To It Is Funny, Mr. Shelton certainly can get the facts out, even back 30 + years ago. He has a mind of a camera. Bill is telling the story, how Assembly Square evolved and seemingly how the elections of 2003 where a catalyst in getting Assembly Square moved to the fast burner.

Posters’ throwing in their 3 cents certainly shows how scared some are and how the facts hurt. The stupidity of some like the first shows how mean some can also be. Bill is right. Leave the innocent out of it and deal with the real issues.

I myself did a lot of research into the donations of the 2003, 2005 Mayoral campaign of now Mayor Joseph Curtatone. I too questioned how so many Attorneys, Developers, Contractors and Realtors and their families contributed so much to his campaign. Money came in from places like California, Ohio, New York, Georgia and Maryland. Astonishing grips would have reached so far out of Somerville.

There is a tier structure that has been formulated by this Administration. The layers used to form that tier are MONEY, POWER and CONTROL. This Administration enabled the latter two by first accomplishing their first objective. If anyone followed the progress of this Administrations actions during the first year of office, you would have seen all of the three evils come together in such a short time.

The money aspect was built by this Administration starting with the DPW. The DPW started to take control of areas not under their jurisdiction in the past. This brought people and their budgets to the DPW budget. There is a two fold reason for that. The first obviously being the money and then there was the personnel that went along with the money. Their biggest accomplishment was to take over the control of $2 million dollars from the Schools. Then they added more project managers and levels of authority while their project list had dwindled. If you looked back to the fiscal year 2005 and 2006, DPW has added 25 more bodies to the DPW staffing than they had in prior years. These individuals are relatives, friends and contributors to this Administration and other Elected Officials. Not your every day Sam off the street. Plus with Commissioner Koty at the helm, you now have a person that has many, many contacts at his disposal from his prior employment with the late Senator Shannon. It would be nothing for Koty to pick up the phone and call Birmingham, Bulger or even the recently questioned VP's at Aggregate Cement to get things done. They started to build their Empire.

Funny how there have been several resignations and terminations of Appointed Officials along the way. They were not only at the DPW but even at City Hall and the OSPCD offices. Someone that doesn’t “Play Ball” is either set up or is thrown into a situation which becomes overwhelming with frustration. The likes of Vitello, Stevens, Voutour, Horan, Grecco, 2 employees of the Water Department, several employees from OSPCD and many more were among the casualties.

So money has been established along with the start of power, by having your own personnel behind you. The next step was to take the Chief of Police out of Civil Service making that position answer directly to the Mayor by Appointing him/her. Now you have control of the law enforcement branch of the City. DPW and OSPCD controls the infrastructure of the City by awarding, or not awarding, contracts to those that contribute, Millennium Sweeping, Newport Paving and Testa Demolition are good examples. By the way, a new employee was recently hired that has ties to Millennium Sweeping and is currently on the payroll as the second shift highway report man. It will be interesting to see when the snow comes who he plows for. Will it be Millennium Sweeping or the city? Why not both? I am sure it will be with the one who pays out the most. What section of this city will be next to get the claws of Joe? Will that be the Fire Department? What about that Chiefs’ position?

So you have the money and power under your thumbnail. With those two elements you can get anything accomplished which translates into power. Power to do what you want, when you want and most importantly WHERE you want. Will this Administration continue to build on that Empire? Only time will tell.

The Mole


Perhaps clean Gene should question his puppet before the trawl is lifted

Bob Dole

Enough is enough. This column is a waste of space.

Thanks Mole

It also funny watching Bill be so perplexed with how cut throat polotics can be. Man, think of how great assembly square would be right now if Bill had a bad bone or two.

Elio Larusso's Famous Quote, Enough is Enough

Enough is Enough. My good friend used to say that Somervile politics is getting outa control..... Elio Larusso was correct!

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