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July 03, 2006



Am I the only one sick and tired of this guy pushing his own agenda?? Shut the F up and go back to kissing the trees in your neighborhood you friggen tree-hugging, ruining Somerville, Piece of Cr*p!! What's the air pollution coming from 93 and 28? Nothing? You're talking about a parcel of land that's in the middle of two HUGE highways you DORK. There's already plenty of traffic, let's at least get something from it. Go back to Wiggy and tell him to SCREW. We don't want you MVTF idiots to represent us. Most of you don't live here and won't benefit from the taxes US TAXPAYERS WHO DO LIVE HERE will get. Once again Bill...............SCREW!


To Air Pollution, to answer your question about being the only one sick and tired of hearing it, yes you are the only one. Everyone else knows what kind of story Bill is telling. One of facts, truth and knowledge.

Maybe the facts about the development of Assembly Square Mall doesn't fit well with you because your "ONE OF THEM". Maybe the truth doesn't fit well with you because your "ONE OF THEM" and you wouldn't know the truth if it jumped up and bit you in the ass. Maybe, just maybe if you had a speck of knowledge in you, you would have gone to bed instead of going to the juice mill for one last call.

Tell it like it is Wild Bill.


hey muser, who the hell r u and where do you live? you dont know shit from shine-ola.this guy bill makes up most of what he prints.he repeats conversation he never heard.has put words in two different mayors mouths.he comes to his own conclusions whenever the fairy tale hes telling doesnt have a conclusion.he doesnt speak for me, hes to much of a pussy to run for public office which would give him the right to speak for the citizens of somerville.he takes payoffs from mvtf to champion their and bill should just go away and lets build a beautiful development that will benefit all the poeple of somerville. screw you and him


To Nose Knows, Well, I dare say I’ve touched a nerve in that squirming body of yours. Facts are, Mr. Shelton is dead on from the get go of Assembly Square Mall. You just choose not to accept those facts.

A little morsel of another fact that Mr. Shelton may or may not know. Just before all this inter-mingling started going on with Gravestar and Taurus, aka ASLP, Nation Developers representative Sherry Clancy was promised something if she did what she was asked by one of the Ex-Superintendents of ISP. Evidently, National pulled several permits back then and to get them on the fast track was promised those permits without going through the zoning Board. Little did she or the Ex know, the new Superintendent wouldn’t issue them as first requested and was making National go through the Zoning board. When Clancy came to pick up what she thought were the permits, she got a big NO Deal and stormed out of ISP on Franey Road with her skirt up to her neck. Disappointed she cursed and swore off this city.

So now when you go over the bridge from Assembly Square you see that fine development at the corner of Wellington Circle. Stations Landing is a real pearl in the rough. Guess who is Vice President of National Developers these days? You guessed it, Ms. Clancy.

Chew on those FACTS for a while Nose. You may have to blow that snozz to get rid of the mucus build up.


just one question bill jr. were you at isd when this happened? probably not. so the thing is you have a second or third hand story that you are printing as fact.keep practicing and bill sr will give you a bozo button.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

This is a test of the Cambriville Emergency Broadcast System.

This is only a test.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Good Morning All.

I sure do love a good Fifth(of July)don't you?

Well anyway, I was sitting on the beach this past weekend doing my usual catch up on all the books I've promised myself to read and I came across this passage that describes the Assembly Swamp debacle to a tee. I hope it makes all sides rethink their cemented to the sidewalk stance.

".......where the item up for discussion becomes like a car stuck in a ditch. Some passengers are helpful, getting out to push, while others, fearing exposure, stay huddled within the vehicle. The driver, whose finesse wanes with waxing frustration, puts the pedal to the floor, miring the car farther in the ditch - then abondons both the car and passengers and walks home. Neither passengers nor pushers are interested in salvage rights, so the car is left. The driver, now a pedestrian, fumes, then pouts, and eventually blames not the ditch but those who were anxious to accept a ride yet were hesitant to push. Nasty letters are written and people stop talking."

Just couldn't help but make the connection to all the parties'(elected officials, MVTF, the developers and us)actions related to Assembly Swamp.

And no, to those who inquired, St. Anne's(Lincoln Park School Northwest)was not lucky enough to have this ass warm any of those splintered chairs. There was more than one Sisters of Saint Joseph school of torture in Somerville. And while I'm at it, why the hell did they bolt the chairs and desks to the floor? Did they think 10 year olds had some kind of black market operation running? Ads running in the back of Marvel comic books like,

"Almost like new. Chewing gum stuck on bottom included. Pornographic grafitti can be easily removed. $10.00 or Best offer. See Georgie in the schoolyard during recess. No dealers please."

Still makes me chuckle.

Before I forget, those slackers at the Cambriville News will be back in action this summer covering my travels with a new feature, "Where in Cambriville is Dr. Mrs. McCarthy?" Should be a hoot. Look for it in Sunday's edition in the Travel Section.

With a tanned Hide(thanks Armando),

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

P.S. Many thanks to my friends on Isle au Haut, Maine and to Linda for letting me "borrow" the above passage.

The Perfect Storm...

Dearest Dr. Mrs. McCarthy...

Did you ever finish reading "The Perfect Storm?" That book is a good metaphor for Assembly Swamp as well. It is a hungry ocean out there for sure with sharks, barracuda and swordfish everywhere.

L. Greenlaw

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


For Christ's sake you old lesbian. Will you stop hanting me????? I gave you credit for the quote. And no I will not go lobstering with you this weekend. The drive down the coast nearly kills me with the arthritis and loose bowels from those damn steamers.

And yes dear, I did finish reading Jungers book "The Perfect Storm". A little known tid bit about that for the viewers. As YOU know Linda, that bitch Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio played the part of you in the movie. You also know I had my heart set on cuddling up to George Clooney for the six months of shooting in Gloucester. But could you keep your lobster claws out of it?
Noooooooooooo. You had to suggest to Wolfgang Petersen(the director) that someone younger should play you. Remember Linda? Well sweetie, what goes don't ask me again to help you haul in those fuckin spiders of the sea, and this is my web site. Go get your own!

With Much Love and Affectation,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

One Naughty Lady...

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy:

You are SUCH a Naughty, NAUGHTY LADY!!!

It amazes me how all these city folk and midwesterners fall all over themselves to buy my bugs. When I went to school here on the Isle, if you brought a lobster sandwich for lunch, it meant you were poor. Poetic justice, served up daily from the scrounge of the ocean like a silk purse made from a sow's ear (and don't you ever, EVER say the word "Pig" on MY boat, you magnificent, demented dowager you!

Here's to a million lobsters on your piano!


Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


Right back at you Sweetie!

Loaded with Eggs, a Notched Tail, Nut Crackers and Drawn Butter,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

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