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June 30, 2006


France upsets Lafuente and the Brazilian Community!

France still has lafuente's number. It was a shocking experience for T. Lafuente and the rest of the Brazilian Soccer Team. Lafuente and team Brazil were a pretournement favorites. It seemed as if Lafuente was working all alone today as Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, and cafu' were invisible on the field. It was a shocking exit for Brazil. The party on Sycamore St. ended ubruptly. Rumor has it that the PINT SIZED PLUMBER, JOE FROM ATASCAS, and JOHN L. SULLIVAN were seen walking away from LAFUNETE's house with their heads down, mourning from the loss of BRAZIL!

Still looking for their first win

Once again, as a large favorite, team Lafuentez was a big disappointment to his fans and community. Just like the mayors race, it was Tony's to lose . With all the Brizilians flags waving like the Tony for mayor banners were,they are nothing but another lost in the lost column. Seems Tony is use to this outcome.Lafuentez to the Pint Size Plumber to Sully GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!


Hmm, either the above poster does not know ethnic backgrounds or us just plan stupid. Well it could be both.

First of all, Lafuente is Portuguese and I am sure he nor the others would be hoping that El Brazil would be in the winners circle before his homeland. Secondly, here comes the Bull**** politics from the Skipper and crew. Anything to toss out there with the Lafuente name to stir the pot. You all must be scared as shit on a stick. The one thing you don’t realize is that is your shit on the stick.

C’esta via Ole Portugale….


I thought Tony L. was from Spain.

Puerto Rico

You are all wrong. Tony Lafuentes is from Puerto Rico. His wife, Helena G., is from Brazil.

The Three Midgets

I'll bet the view of the fireworks in Boston is really nice on that big deck way up on Sycamore Street. I can picture it now... Tony Lafuentez, Joe from Atasca and The Pint Sized Plumber holding hands as they celebrate the birth of our great nation. Then, when the fireworks are over they will sit down to a nice bottle of fine Brazilian vino and think about what rumors and propoganda they can spread throughout the city. These three bald midgets are an absolute disgrace. No wonder Mr. Importante kicked them to the curb.

The Candidate for Mayor

Mr. Important, The Skipper, His Dis-Honor, Buckley, Beer Sucking Brownie, Nose whipping Bola and not to forget, Yard Foreman Tommy B will all be holding hands along the banks of the Charles in two boats come Tuesday evening. Sucking down the brewskies and chopping on the lips of their counterparts. Well, maybe each others lips.

Write all you want about anyone you can think of who might contest this Administration come next year. Your pulling out only one candidate from a pack of potentially 3 or 4 that may run. You must feel Tony L. is the strongest of those 3 or 4 or you wouldn’t be talking about him so early in the election season. One might fear the competition come this time next year. You have to admit, not only Tony L but anyone of the other 3 will have enough faltering waves to use in the conquest of seeking the front office on the Hill when debate time comes.

Can you imagine, when the question is asked, how many condo conversion units have been granted since July 1, 2005 is asked? This is not counting “New” construction. The answer would be, as of this date, 582. If you wanted to add new construction you would have to add the likes of Temple Street, Hudson Street, Willow/Morrison Ave, Max PAC and Osgood Street. WOW, all these condos and no one to fill them. What a waste of money.

Then when asked about why isn’t Assembly Square Mall bringing in the tax dollars you promised us back in 2004 Mr. Mayor. What do you suppose he would say? Probably something like well just give it time, give it time. We gave it 3 years already Mr. Mayor how much more time does it need? 20-30 years incarcerated at Cedar Junction would be my guess.

I wonder how the State Penal Systems makes room assignments? Would it be first convicted first served? Or depending on the highest amount of profit one makes? It will be fun to find out ~ ~ ~


Looks like frankie has spent another lonely staurday night at home with his friend Jim Beam

The Skipper is the Best

I love the Skipper.

Lafuente is a strong candidate

Tony is the only one with the brains to lead this city. He is a successful businessman who cares about the future of Somerville. Hopefully he decides to run so he can save us from the mess we are in.

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