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June 24, 2006


Jimmy D.

Well put, JN. The last thing we need is a jail in this city. It would be as unsightly as the strip mall at Assembly Square. The illegally zoned strip mall at Assembly Square. I don't care much for the Sheriff's opinions on law enforcement. He's a jailer and that's it. He spent 18 years on the Malden PD. All that tells me is that he couldn't handle police work. Let him handle how prisoners are jailed and the people will worry about why, for how long, and where they are jailed.

somerville old timer

Thank you! I couldnt of said it better myself!

City Hall Nose

What’s the scoop? My nose smells another loss for this Administration and the BOA since the BOA approved the appointment of Frank Senesi as head of the Veterans affairs office. This position was a Unit A position within the SMEA Union. Someone thought best to just dump the other person and slip in Senesi. This would have been approved by the BOA as the Mayor’s Appointee. Guess you did wrong once again. This will be the third mishap approved by the BOA.

First was the appointment of George Landers who does not have any type of Certificate followed by the recent appointment of Mr. Buckley who deals with Utilities and Fire Alarm issues. A non-licensed electrician trying to sort out these types of issues does not sit well with most.

Now with the recent loss of this Administration court battle, the City is about to loose bundles in back pay to the prior Head of Veterans Affairs. Bundles could interpolate into thousands. You will never get a straight answer as too how much from the Administration. Words have it the Administration is waiting to see where they can put Mr. Senesi before the reveal any information. Nice to be chums with the good Ole boys…

Some fact findings should start on this one.

Did You Expect Anything BUT?

I guess I find no surprise as to what this Administration is capable of doing. There is no regard for human life, citizens or the like. They just mow right on knocking down anyone and everyone in their paths.

We have lost thousands of $$$$ due to the incompetence of this Administration. It could be more after the Zoning issues is resolved. Law suits by the Police, the guy with the broken teeth by Hancock Street should take the City to Criminal court. Why? Because the sidewalk had been broken before for a while and two other people filed suites and no one was award damages. No damages were awarded and the sidewalk was not fixed, that shows negligence.

I guess when Boss Hogg was presented the issues down on Hancock Street the only response he gave was, “Those F*n people on Hancock Street don’t vote. Plain and simple. Why should we fix the sidewalks when they don’t vote?”

Nice way to treat the people that pay your wages Stanley.

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