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June 22, 2006


Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


There is something extremely wrong with you.(that's in addition to having homes at the North and South Pole)

Why do you devote so much time and energy to defending yourself and the paper against these nitwits? This has to be the umteenth time you've tried to explain to the paranoid puppets that you are not Dr. Mrs. McCarthy, any of the strange and coo-coo contributers to that illustrious Cambriville News(I know we've been slackers lately), the Mole, SnowFlakes or any of the other bloggers on the Somerville News site.

The funny part of the whole damn thing? Neither I nor most of the Cambriville crowd have really ever said more that three words to most of the characters we sometimes lampoon. You see Jamie my Boy, some of the very people that have continued to ask you and accuse you of writing some of this stuff, profess to be your friend to your face. But behind your back? A very different story, James, a very different story.

You see my little Buttercup, friendships in this town at least, really should be limited to family.

And if any of them have recovered enough from the Birthday bash and are able to navigate their retinas on this post, listen and listen carefully to me.

Pat, Donald, and Jamie Norton are NOT members of the notorious Cambriville crowd.

We would love to have them, but unfortunately, they use their real names when they post.


The one and only,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

City is only as good as watchdogs

You say "and these knuckleheads forget you exist ten minutes after the polls close and they trash you all over town while giving business to people from another city. Wow, that’s smart."

I sure hope you don't feel alone with that sentiment...

cadburys chocolate

how can a 2 1/2 pounds box of chocolate cause you to gain 5 pounds

Bill Shelton

Hey Jamie,

You said, "This week I’m going to take another trip down sarcasm lane."

I don't think that there was anything sarcastic in what you wrote. Just a straight-ahead description of reality.


Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Oh Shelton,

For God's sake Bill. Stop sucking up to the heir apparent. It's not like all of a sudden your weekly missives will get yanked from the pages of the world's most widely read newspaper. They're much more impartial than that.

Although if I were you, make sure that they print exactly what you wrote. We here at the Cambriville News have been known to change an authors articles from time to time. We're not mean. We just want the articles to come out our way, that's all!

Billy, I've got an idea. To settle this stuff about Assembly Square once and for all, how about you and the Mayor square off with a game of Rochambeau?

That's where you each get a turn kicking each other in the nuts and the last one standing, wins!

Oh wait a minute. Both of you are already doing that.

Never Mind,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

James Norton

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy -

You know something, I honestly don't know why I bother to try to explain anything to the asses. Bad news for them is I'm not playing around anymore and they will find out what kind of "minerals" I have. Too much BBC America, sorry.

Wild Bill -

Thanks, and you're right - at the core of what I remarked about is nothing but truth.

Times they are a-changin'.



Rumor has it that the Midget is not long for the "Acting Chief's" job. He has been such a disgrace since assuming this position that the powers that be are re-thinking their idiotic decision.

Since becoming the "Acting Chief" ( and I do mean ACTING) the crime in this city has gone up dramatically, the Police departments morale has sunk to a new low (if that is possible) and his program to re-organize the department is non-existent.

It is time for this phony to take his footstool and his horse and ride into the sunset of retirement where he can dress up as Goerge Washington or Paul Revere to his heart's content! What a MORON!!!!

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